ECF Game 3 - Press Conferences

  • Published: 20 May 2019
  • Hear from the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors LIVE after their thrilling Game 3 overtime matchup of the Eastern Conference Finals.

    Bucks lead the series 2-1.
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  • Randy Barrientes
    Randy Barrientes  4 months back

    The NBA is the greatest

    • Comm Menter
      Comm Menter  4 months back

      as a raptor fan i miss Delon Wright alot

    • AL K
      AL K  4 months back

      The Bucks always talk like they played really bad every single time. Man you got the ball stolen from you by an elite defender. You didn’t play bad, the other guy just played better.

      • dpistons149
        dpistons149  4 months back

        Raptors fans always complaining about either Lowery or vanfleet. Can’t really blame them

        • RUCorrect
          RUCorrect  4 months back

          Were the French Folks asking if he ate frog legs for better jumping ability?

          • RUCorrect
            RUCorrect  4 months back

            Kawhi and A D ...quiet tough guys fit well with the Clippers.

            • PlanetZay Channel
              PlanetZay Channel  4 months back

              George Hill needs to bring back the Blonde hair.

              • Devidutta Biswabharati
                Devidutta Biswabharati  4 months back

                To everyone complaining about Fred Vanvleet's minutes, it's because Lowry fouled out and the game went into 2OT, of course FVV has to play heavy minutes. I like Jeremy Lin but please let's not pretend that Jeremy Lin hasn't been turning over the ball every time he touches it. FVV is easily the best option behind Kyle Lowry.

                • Lavar Hanchell
                  Lavar Hanchell  4 months back

                  Coaching era caused the Bucks this game.The coach stands at an eagles vantage point seeing and knowing who must be in and out of the game due to deficiency ,tiredness, work ethics, scoring,defense whatever it may be and he must make decisions base on the progress of the team feeling the teams plus on every play both offensively and defensively and I don't think coach did a good job with this tonight .Answer me this question if Pop had this team in this game you think he would of lost this game?One of the other things is Hill must start over Bledsoe due to a lack of poor decisions and scoring ability it may cause them the Championship because there's no more fine tuning after this series if you make these kinds of mistakes against the worriers its end game and they will win for every time and you'll be the victim if you don't believe me ask the Houston Rockets.

                  • Hui Zheng
                    Hui Zheng  4 months back

                    Can anyone ask him why using Vanvleet?

                    • Jay G
                      Jay G  4 months back

                      @Gurnawaz Gill 100%.... Hes breaking out of his slump tonight... he hit that one three game 3 to keep us in it. Sometimes thats all a shooter needs to see before they break out..... Danny too

                    • Ammar Alsaadi
                      Ammar Alsaadi  4 months back

                      Ya jay g vanvleet also has been smothing in our lineup

                    • Gurnawaz Gill
                      Gurnawaz Gill  4 months back

                      Jay G Kyle also fouled out so Fred was forced to play heavy minutes

                    • Jay G
                      Jay G  4 months back

                      Also, theres always the hope vanvleet breaks out of his shooting slump ... Lin there is no breaking out, hes been laying bricks since he landed north of the border.

                    • Jay G
                      Jay G  4 months back

                      We have no other option... Lin is bigger but not nearly as good defensively as vanvleet.

                  • Dope Liver
                    Dope Liver  4 months back


                    • Jaime
                      Jaime  4 months back

                      Van Fleet either has something on Nick Nurse or something cause no way is he playing heavy minutes under a good coach

                      • Midknight1124
                        Midknight1124  4 months back

                        Put Lin in!! Doesn't need major minutes, but maybe 5 or so?

                      • Anish Ahuja
                        Anish Ahuja  4 months back

                        you genius's he is getting paid 9 million case closed

                      • Jaime
                        Jaime  4 months back

                        @Gurnawaz Gill that's a good game by K Lo standards😂😂🚮

                      • AL K
                        AL K  4 months back

                        Gurnawaz Gill
                        Jeremy Lin shouldn’t close a game but he should at least get a 5 min in the middle of the game to shake things up in offense. When you only 5 min a game, you run those entire 5 min

                      • Gurnawaz Gill
                        Gurnawaz Gill  4 months back

                        Jaime Kyle fouled out and Jermey is unreliable