Sasori 蠍 - express my feelings was a bad idea (feat. Clooper)


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  • Wasem Wasem
    Wasem Wasem  4 weeks back


    • Stoned_Sloth
      Stoned_Sloth  1 months back

      Today my fiancee..idk if I can still call her that..but she told me she hated me and hasn't loved who I have been for the past 6 years.. it definitely hurt but let me tell you why it hurt. It hurt because I realized I was never good enough for her that I was blinded to the way she needed to be loved..for ever broken for ever more excuses I'm a disease or better yet a plague..

      • Giri Raman
        Giri Raman  2 weeks back

        I think that realisation was incomplete, that very realisation shows you were good enough and more. I hope you are doing better now, don't let someone else decide your worth.

      • Magic In The Mundane
        Magic In The Mundane  1 months back

        Stoned_Sloth I’m so sorry!

    • Dafty Plays
      Dafty Plays  1 months back

      The intro sounds like a dialogue between two characters from a movie. Movie name please?

      • Devastator
        Devastator  1 months back

        Oh Belinda you were so right, Heaven is indeed a place on Earth

        • my B
          my B  2 months back

          Как же охуенно.

          • Jessica Vg
            Jessica Vg  2 months back

            Sasori and Akatsuki 💪💪💪😻😻😻 I Love Akatsuki

            • Fred Carmichael
              Fred Carmichael  2 months back

              Feels like im being controlled by an evil Puppet Master

            • i love sayori
              i love sayori  2 months back

              Me: im tired its 1 a.m.
              Goes on YouTube
              Recommended: realaxing music
              Me: YouTube knows me too well :,)

              • Филя Киля
                Филя Киля  2 months back

                Это прекрасно, спасибо за то что ты делаешь

                • Stain
                  Stain  2 months back

                  So so good

                  • Shrek
                    Shrek  2 months back

                    Wow from 10k subs to 830k subs. Almost to 1 mil. We got this my dudes

                    • Kawaii :3
                      Kawaii :3  2 months back

                      I loved <3

                      • Travis Nation
                        Travis Nation  2 months back

                        When the song came on.
                        Me:oh nice best

                        When the best dropped.
                        Me:feel off my chair when the beat dropped cause it was fire

                        • 768beats
                          768beats  2 months back

                          Me: I can't find r e l a x i n g music
                          College Music: hold my beer👏🔥💙

                          • OreoBoy
                            OreoBoy  2 months back

                            this song samples Zankyou no Terror!

                          • Zenfys GT
                            Zenfys GT  2 months back

                            I very love this channel because this channel make me feel good for the song are u uploaded
                            My emglish so bad 😂

                            • Mystic Blanket
                              Mystic Blanket  2 months back

                              No friends no problems

                              • RelaxedPanda
                                RelaxedPanda  2 months back

                                Who else is feeling all the vibes in this song!!🌧🎧😩

                                • lazar beam
                                  lazar beam  2 months back

                                  Umm boi

                                  • YOLO1 مجهول
                                    YOLO1 مجهول  2 months back

                                    Wow this is 🥺🥰🎵

                                    • Lyric Chan
                                      Lyric Chan  2 months back

                                      Oh wow I noticed that all these songs had made me feel better 👍

                                      • ChuppyDuh
                                        ChuppyDuh  2 months back

                                        What’s worse is being friends that _drifts_ to becoming a stranger once more — please appreciate and tell your friend/significant other you appreciate them :)

                                        I’ve learned my lesson, reach out, communicate, it’s important if you want them to be in your circle. it takes more courage to know when to let go off someone, it’ll suck for sure, but stay strong and strengthen the bonds that you have with others instead☁️

                                        • Prophet Profit !
                                          Prophet Profit !  2 weeks back

                                          whatever happened to me assuming I never mattered.

                                      • Tik Tok Japan
                                        Tik Tok Japan  2 months back

                                        If I want to relax and calm down I come to this channel now \(^o^)/

                                        • Irhum Ali
                                          Irhum Ali  2 months back

                                          Well I can totally relate to that title... 😂

                                          • MILHOUSE THE SAD BOY
                                            MILHOUSE THE SAD BOY  2 months back

                                            Love you college 😍💓😍

                                            • Isabella Acevedo
                                              Isabella Acevedo  2 months back

                                              It’s the perfect sad song✨

                                              • Silent One
                                                Silent One  2 months back

                                                'Im still a stranger'

                                                • Shae Delea
                                                  Shae Delea  2 months back

                                                  not sure where im headed anymore....

                                                  • Its Fatiha
                                                    Its Fatiha  2 months back

                                                    First 😍😍

                                                    • Loh -Chan
                                                      Loh -Chan  2 months back

                                                      Oh my... I love this so much! 💗

                                                      • Isaac Guzman
                                                        Isaac Guzman  2 months back

                                                        Love this stuff

                                                        • trio gacha
                                                          trio gacha  2 months back


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                                                                aɴgelˑexe  2 months back