How Brittany Starts Running in ‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ | Anatomy of a Scene

  • Published: 23 August 2019
  • “I’m broke. I’m fat. My liver’s shutting down or something.”

    That line in “Brittany Runs a Marathon” is tearfully delivered by Jillian Bell, playing the dejected title character after a failed exercise attempt. It’s a moment of honesty from a woman who often deflects serious situations with comic quips. Here, Brittany feels as if it’s an uphill climb to what she sees as a better life.

    The film’s writer and director, Paul Downs Colaizzo, took as his inspiration a former roommate of his who was also named Brittany. In an interview at The Times, Colaizzo said that the kitchen-floor conversation between Brittany and her neighbor Catherine (Michaela Watkins) at the center of this scene came from talks that he would have on the kitchen floor with his roommate. “I was hoping,” he said “I might be able to capture the spirit of that real-life moment in ways I couldn’t even consciously plan.”

    “And if not,” he continued, “it’d be a nice nod to my real-life friend.”

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  • Janet Slater
    Janet Slater  2 weeks back

    As a runner, I can so relate! I’m running in the Chicago Marathon next month. I saw this film after my 22 miler last week, and it definitely got me in the feels.

    • Biggus Dickus
      Biggus Dickus  3 weeks back

      Running is so powerful, it saved my life! Many marathon and 50K’s later and training for 50 miler in December! All you have to do is take that first step!

      • Patty J. Ayers
        Patty J. Ayers  1 months back

        I just thank God that somebody named a child ‘Brittany’ and spelled it right

        • kate
          kate  4 weeks back

          Settle down Pattie

        • Scott Harry
          Scott Harry  4 weeks back

          shut up Britainy

      • Andrew Sep
        Andrew Sep  1 months back

        I saw the movie and loved it..

        • Brenda Jordan
          Brenda Jordan  1 months back

          I really enjoyed the movie!

          • Irreverent Bard
            Irreverent Bard  1 months back

            Now I want to see this!

            • Jorge Morales
              Jorge Morales  2 months back


              • Josephine Austria
                Josephine Austria  2 months back


                How I've felt all throughout my life.

                • Mike Thompson
                  Mike Thompson  2 months back

                  You shouldn't hire bedbugs!

                  • SMAKS EM SILLIFIED
                    SMAKS EM SILLIFIED  2 months back


                    • James Rodrigue
                      James Rodrigue  2 months back

                      What does The Bed Bug Brett Stephens feel about this ?

                      • Namra Arooj
                        Namra Arooj  2 months back

                        Please raise your voice for Kashmir just for the sake of Humanity.

                        • Namra Arooj
                          Namra Arooj  2 months back

                          Kashmir is Bleeding 😢

                          • Namra Arooj
                            Namra Arooj  2 months back


                          • Michel Normandin
                            Michel Normandin  2 months back

                            Jesus Christ... Hollywood is doing movies for 'not working brain cells' audiences since the beginning. Now independent American filmmakers need a shot by shot explanation. What a bunch of morons.

                            • Adblock NYT
                              Adblock NYT  2 months back

                              Thank you NYT for Junk Journalism.

                              • Billy They
                                Billy They  2 months back

                                He said it in very good details 🤩

                                • Scarlet Styles
                                  Scarlet Styles  2 months back

                                  It's not much of a scene anatomy if I can't hear the dialogue that the director is referencing in the first place. Fix ya levels, please.

                                  • Annie
                                    Annie  2 months back

                                    Sounds AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! 👍👌💖😍
                                    🌈 South Africa 🌍🌞🐘🦏

                                    • Andy Macedo
                                      Andy Macedo  2 months back

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                                    • Eddie Hitler
                                      Eddie Hitler  2 months back

                                      spike lee still sucks

                                      • Gigi W
                                        Gigi W  2 months back

                                        will this movie be screening in Canada? I'd really like to see it!

                                        • kpaxian
                                          kpaxian  1 months back

                                          It is! I live in Vancouver, BC, and it is playing at about three theaters here - which means that it is not going to be found in very many theaters, but if you live in a larger Canadian city they will likely have it somewhere. (I hope to see it this weekend).

                                      • Captain America America
                                        Captain America America  2 months back

                                        TOO MUCH DRAMA HERE, I'M OUT!

                                        • Tbh
                                          Tbh  2 months back

                                          @Captain America America how?

                                        • Captain America America
                                          Captain America America  2 months back

                                          @Annie AND YOU'RE HERE COMMENTING, 😂😂SHOWS YOU HAVE NO LIFE.

                                        • Annie
                                          Annie  2 months back

                                          Pathetic comment / response! Go play your age-appropriate games now.

                                      • Captain America America
                                        Captain America America  2 months back

                                        LOOKS LIKE BRITTANY SPEARS

                                        • JacobHero
                                          JacobHero  2 months back

                                          DUDE I SO WANTED TO SEE THIS

                                          • aktar zaman
                                            aktar zaman  2 months back


                                            • ابو الليث قيصر

                                              😥🥀🥀🥀🥀🕊😍مافهمت شي بس احس انو شي محزن

                                              • A.B.
                                                A.B.  2 months back

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                                              • ابو الليث قيصر
                                                ابو الليث قيصر  2 months back

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                                              • Anglais Anglais
                                                Anglais Anglais  2 months back

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                                              • Anglais Anglais
                                                Anglais Anglais  2 months back

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