RT News: On-air livestream 24/7 (HD)


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  • James Burke
    James Burke  9 hours back

    Another interesting news source censored by YouTube!

    • TM AllBest
      TM AllBest  22 hours back

      doctor : you have 9661 hours to live
      me :

      • fib notnow
        fib notnow  24 hours back

        Alternatively, you can just click the Live link at the bottom of RT's home page.

        • fib notnow
          fib notnow  24 hours back

          Get the new link by searching RT Live Now on the YT search bar.

          • Otto Drolkar
            Otto Drolkar  1 days back

            .. Please more..

            • Otto Drolkar
              Otto Drolkar  18 hours back

              большое спасибо - and greetings from Germany..

            • RT
              RT   1 days back

              We are BACK: https://youtu.be/_aqQuC7DyCg

          • Dallas Devam
            Dallas Devam  1 days back

            Youtube is ridiculous with their warning "RT is funded in part or..." do they give the same warning about CNN? "Is managed by the left"?

            • jack simper
              jack simper  1 days back

              No media mentioning about rt not streaming Have they been told to not mention it ?

              • RT
                RT   1 days back

                We had an issue with our server - but everything is back to normal: https://youtu.be/_aqQuC7DyCg

              • Tuan Le
                Tuan Le  1 days back

                Videos not available!

            • Algerian Pilot
              Algerian Pilot  1 days back

              Has anyone noticed the little disclaimer saying RT is funded by the russian government? You dont see a disclaimer like that for the BBC now do you. Typicial hypocrisy from youtube.

              • SIGNALacquired
                SIGNALacquired  1 days back

                402 days of livestream, but says "Thus live stream recording is not available" ... Sad

                • derek frost
                  derek frost  1 days back

                  Why the video isn't available?

                  • derek frost
                    derek frost  19 hours back

                    @Anarcho-monarchist I think this is the longest video in YouTube

                  • Anarcho-monarchist
                    Anarcho-monarchist  21 hours back

                    If a 24 hour stream goes down this happens, Its normal.

                    This wasn't a normal billion hour video that got censored hehe.

                  • Dallas Devam
                    Dallas Devam  1 days back

                    Maybe youtube is censoring it?

                • raglan35
                  raglan35  1 days back

                  Why isn't it available????
                  Are you being evil again youtube?

                  • BiddieTube
                    BiddieTube  1 days back

                    Awww! I wanted to download the 9661 hour long video :(

                    • Knot Gordo
                      Knot Gordo  1 days back

                      Perfect timing. I had 9661 Hours to kill!

                      • Benjamin Dépatie
                        Benjamin Dépatie  1 days back

                        Give me a C an I and a A

                        • Skankhunt 42
                          Skankhunt 42  1 days back

                          Excuse me WHAT THE F!

                          • Rey Rogers
                            Rey Rogers  1 days back

                            This live stream recording is not available.


                            • RT
                              RT   1 days back

                              Our server went down - they have since fixed it now we are back online: https://youtu.be/_aqQuC7DyCg

                            • raglan35
                              raglan35  1 days back

                              Just what I was wondering

                          • Botonian Gaming
                            Botonian Gaming  1 days back

                            This is more then a years worth of free and live news

                            • Nicolas Satanson
                              Nicolas Satanson  1 days back

                              dude its 9661 HOURS LIVE
                              is it even legal???
                              thanks for your work RT. Keep on going!!