Brett Brown Postgame Interview | Game 4 | 76ers vs Nets | Rd1 ,April 20 , 2019


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  • Dan X
    Dan X  5 months back

    Benjamin is playing like a veteran. He step up in game 3 without Embiid. Benjamin will take them to the final. Trust the Process

    • Ted Drinkwater
      Ted Drinkwater  5 months back

      JoLe EmBeD

      • Revealing Truth
        Revealing Truth  5 months back

        Did yaw see that stat pop up about playoff leaders in scoring by team??? Warriors 1 Sixers 2.......that's why we need that matchup in the finals baby. Its been that way all year long. The potential excitement level is CRAZY

        • David J
          David J  5 months back

          Brett has 5 star players. A lot to manage. A lot. To. Manage.

          • Praying Mantis
            Praying Mantis  5 months back

            The Spirit of 76.

            • N/ A
              N/ A  5 months back

              You gotta post Joel and Jimmy's postgame interviews lol

            • MyNoseisDirty
              MyNoseisDirty  5 months back

              Fire this bum

              • PG 13PACERNATION
                PG 13PACERNATION  5 months back

                Tobias Harris lol

                • CollinsK85
                  CollinsK85  5 months back

                  Great Game, A Thrill ride from start to finish GO SIXERS!!!

                  • Raptors Nation1995
                    Raptors Nation1995  5 months back

                    Worst coach in the League behind Dwayne Casey. 😂😂😂

                    • MVP Simmons
                      MVP Simmons  5 months back

                      Celtics Nation11 hes has to change his entire playbook twice this year he’s fine he just needs to close games out with better plays sometimes

                    • Tah Adin
                      Tah Adin  5 months back

                      Keep that same energy when we in the finals bum

                    • Revealing Truth
                      Revealing Truth  5 months back

                      @Semi Correct. And thank u very much for setting him straight smh

                    • Semi
                      Semi  5 months back

                      People always living in the moment instead of looking at the whole picture. Dwayne Casey was voted coach of the year last year and the Sixers have the best record in the league since Christmas 2 years ago. Yes, Brett got out coached by Brad Stevens, but maybe another 25 coaches have been out coached by Brad Stevens as well. Brett has had to coach 3 different teams this year due to trades. Embiid missed 18 games but they still had the 3 seed. Worst coach in the league is a terrible exaggeration.

                  • pickle ell
                    pickle ell  5 months back

                    Coach of the year

                    • GG Yunis
                      GG Yunis  5 months back

                      pickle ell This dude cheeks lool

                    • Calm N' Collected
                      Calm N' Collected  5 months back

                      I'm a 76ers fan, but boi heeeeelll no.