trans guy responds to trisha paytas's new video


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  • Hurricane82083
    Hurricane82083  1 weeks back

    I honestly believe she is just jumping on the "being trans is cool/trendy" train. And that is so far from the truth, who would choose to be absolutely miserable in their own skin and need to "change" so much about yourself just to feel ok. Now does that mean we shouldn't be proud of who we are, and certain aspects making us who we are but that's not my point. In my opinion she is just trying to say things she's heard others say, I really think she just wants to be liked and is willing to say whatever for people to like her and get her views... But she's completely missing the mark.

    Unfortunately it only got worse, between the first video, the "apology" video and the interview she did with TMZ 🤦 As much as the videos are frustrating and we don't need anymore from her on this, it's hard to get the full scope of this shit show if you don't watch it all.

    I'm so disappointed in Gigi Gorgeous for this one, as her bestie she should be the one to knock some sense into her not endorse this madness seriously WTF 🤦 The shit spewing out of her (Trisha) mouth is so fuckin DANGEROUS... Are her and Jessica Yaniv best friends now and that's where this is coming from? 🤷 Trisha sweetie sit back down on your kitchen floor and cry about chicken tenders 🙄 yes she did come out as a black person back in the day and she's also come out as gay and then quickly followed it with "it didn't turn out very good for me so I decided to go back to being straight" and yes that's the exact quote she even compared being a lesbian to bestiality and has even said she's into necrophilia just hasn't fucked a dead person yet 🤦 And let's not forget she's also come out as a chicken nugget 🍗 watch out Ranch she's coming for you next 🤷 I can't stand this bitch!!! UGGGH she angers my FUCKIN SOUL!!!

    Everybody saying Shane should do a series on her, but she's not honest with anybody so for him to do a video or series on her would be pointless. You can't help someone that's not willing to help themselves. And honestly it just seems like she does this all for attention, she has often said any attention is better than no attention and there's no such thing as negative attention. I will be buying ALL of Shane Dawson's make-up and merch, and if there is still a Trisha shade I will be crossing it out and renaming it 🤷 #SorryNOTSorry

      MELANIE GRANT  2 weeks back

      She may be the best at trolling but to choose this where human beings within the community struggle with rights and be so blase and dismissive of the seriousness of the topic is offensive and harmful. I can't call her ignorant because she's calculated and knows exactly what she's doing....and the responses should be organic and swift....for they would be correct. Hope she learns a major lesson from this. Bad move, Trish!

      • Deadly Pouliche
        Deadly Pouliche  2 weeks back

        She previously came out as gay, bi, black, vegan, a teletubby AND a chicken nugget... she's just attracted to the idea of being part of something yet doesn't even make the slightest effort to be educated, respectful or to even make sense at all. She wants the ''power'' given more easily to men in our society. Trisha legit has a song called ''If I was a boy'' saying ''if I was a boy I would treat you like a toy...'' wow. I am so glad that as a former fan of this person I left the chat a good while ago. Love your editing btw <3

        • vityahs
          vityahs   2 weeks back

          Deadly Pouliche thank you 💕 ghivfgg a chicken nugget oh my god
          tbh i think it’s satire but tbh who knows

      • Alexander Levi
        Alexander Levi  2 weeks back

        I fucking love this video so much

      • Trae Dorsey
        Trae Dorsey  2 weeks back

        She already sounds full of sh*t no wonder ppl are angry and coming from her I don’t watch her or even know about the lady but you’ve started a war with ppl and I can totally understand why lol.

        • Sory González
          Sory González  2 weeks back

          ... Trisha wtf. I do believe this is just her trolling again. I mean, if we believed everything she said she had or felt... Like she'd be locked up in a an asylum or something. I'm glad you're laughing about this, I really think it's the correct way to address Trisha: not take it seriously at all. Because she's not serious, she just wants attention and is such a good troll.

          • Elizabeth Lopez
            Elizabeth Lopez  2 weeks back

            Trish literally wants people to hate her like her click bait needs to stop she’s insane just watch today she is gonna post a picture of her male self then tomorrow she’s gonna be all glammed up and it’s doesn’t work like that she is the most insane person I’ve ever come across one of these days she’ll have so supporters left and what is she gonna do she’s just offensive at this point

            • Christopher James Willington

              I have a feeling that she’s just trolling and she’s going back into the whole controversial trolling again

              • Jasmine Rose
                Jasmine Rose  2 weeks back

                Sadly, I don't believe that's the case. 😖

            • Christina Vega
              Christina Vega  2 weeks back

              She doesn’t do her hair and makeup daily herself bc she’s lazy. When she has someone glam her up, she’s all over social media and taking selfies in public bathrooms. So did she just figure out she transgender after she F’d every male. Majority of her money is made on Patreon so how is she gonna do that as T or Trisha, and who’s gonna pay to watch a male T play with herself? She’s delusional

              • rat bastard
                rat bastard  2 weeks back

                cis white women: hm. i do not conform to gender roles so i must be trans

                • manscoson i
                  manscoson i  2 weeks back

                  a real trans person with dysphoria (which u need to be trans obviously) wouldn't get a boob job 🤩🤪 periottd

                  • Andrea M
                    Andrea M  2 weeks back

                    She’s attracted to gay man cause they give her the attention she loves