Re-Issue: Everything Wrong With Back To The Future


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  • Gammon Honkler
    Gammon Honkler  11 hours back


    • Caesar [SailorNeptune]
      Caesar [SailorNeptune]  17 hours back

      What about the major error that was the wrong key that Marty told the band?
      It’s not in B it’s in B-flat!

      • Weed Man West Vancouver (BC)

        mostly shit as usual

        • Keye T
          Keye T  1 days back

          only 55sins??

          • larrysupersport
            larrysupersport  2 days back

            yeah, young Lea Thompson goodness.

            • Sandro Leandro
              Sandro Leandro  4 days back

              "Vertical opening doors"...
              Seriously? You've never heard the term "Gullwing doors"?

              • Alexander Luna-Lima
                Alexander Luna-Lima  4 days back

                Still a classic

                • Mike Schroeder
                  Mike Schroeder  4 days back

                  The anti trump ads suck ass. Trump 2020

                  • metro121482
                    metro121482  4 days back

                    How about a sin for the fact that the guy who tried to rape Lorraine in 1985 is totally cool to hang out in the McFly driveway, wax their car, and receive credit for helping Lorraine and George fall in love? I could see forgiving him for being a bit of a bully back in high school, but not for attempted rape!

                    • Mark Fried
                      Mark Fried  5 days back

                      4:53 the speed dial only goes to 80...

                      • PJ Doland
                        PJ Doland  1 weeks back

                        Booo back to the future is awesome unlike this video

                        • sirandrewmc
                          sirandrewmc  2 weeks back

                          I have no regrets for my channel being a back to the future channel.

                          • sirandrewmc
                            sirandrewmc  2 weeks back

                            Palutena & Pro-Life you did too?? I’m not alone! 😂

                          • Palutena & Pro-Life
                            Palutena & Pro-Life  2 weeks back

                            nice😎i also did a yeehaw gacha life bttf thingy

                        • Andrew Bjork
                          Andrew Bjork  2 weeks back

                          -1 sin for taking into account that Marty traveling to 1955 could have altered his camera handiwork, thereby including the visual utterance of, "Never mind that; never mind that, now."

                          • Sky Studios
                            Sky Studios  2 weeks back

                            *Marty* I am Darth Vader from the planet Falcon.. -1 sin

                            • Danny Jr
                              Danny Jr  2 weeks back

                              I’m not tryin to be a douche, I admit there are good points in here but just... enjoy the movie

                              • 60s Addict
                                60s Addict  2 weeks back

                                Another sin is the guitar Marty is playing, an ES-355 didn’t exist until 1958 and this scene takes place in 1955.

                                • Adam King
                                  Adam King  2 weeks back

                                  Not true in the car in he truck one... Just drive in, role the window in, and climb out... Then climb back into the widow and back it out...

                                  • Jaden B
                                    Jaden B  2 weeks back

                                    1.21 niggawhat!!!

                                    • FinalFirebrand
                                      FinalFirebrand  3 weeks back

                                      I just realized you're incapable of joy, and it makes me sad.

                                      • Will Garmer
                                        Will Garmer  3 weeks back

                                        * That's "Libyan Nationalists", not Nationals.

                                        Also, why was Dave in a suit, getting ready to go to the office on a Sunday morning? I mean, sure, he probably works a lot if he's a Suit, but Marty's question would be perfectly reasonable even if he knew everything that was going on. "Why are you wearing a suit on Sunday, Dave? Are you working on a Sunday morning? And even if you are, why bother wearing a suit to the office when you're working OT on a Sunday?" I'm going to go ahead and add two sins for that one.

                                        By the way - I don't think the homeless in the square is former Mayor Red Thomas. The photo of Red Thomas doesn't look like the same guy, and it always sounded to me like Marty was calling him Brett when he gets back to the future, not Red. On IMDB he's just credited as "Bum".

                                        • Cody Allen
                                          Cody Allen  3 weeks back

                                          Add another sin. Doc had plutonium under his bed. (He should have died in his sleep especially if he had it there for two weeks)

                                          • maxington26
                                            maxington26  3 weeks back

                                            crap, almost 4m views on a re-upload. you guys are doing a good job.

                                            • scratch
                                              scratch  3 weeks back

                                              Anyone else watching this in 1842?

                                              • Ronil Doshi
                                                Ronil Doshi  3 weeks back

                                                7:14 Marty's mom glosses over the fact that Biff sexually assaulted her for the cutesy story that their bully ironically made them fall in love

                                                • kwayz1
                                                  kwayz1  3 weeks back

                                                  How did Einstein get back with no plutonium

                                                  • Mr. Person
                                                    Mr. Person  3 weeks back

                                                    1:30, I think they didn't have their headlights on because they might of thought that Doc or Marty could have seen them driving past the mall sign and then try to escape. Also, When Marty is being lectured by Strickland at school, you can see it's night time outside. Also, also, when Marty first arrives home and see's Biff bullying his dad, the candy jar is full of candy, but when Biff goes to take some the jar is half empty. Also, also, also, the episode of 'The honeymooners' that Lorraine's family is watching at the dinner table in November of 1955 didn't actually first air on tv until December of 1955.

                                                    • Matt Fite
                                                      Matt Fite  3 weeks back

                                                      Really? If you really believe one single thing is wrong with one of the greatest movies from the 80’s, there is something wrong with you.

                                                      • Jono Fancett
                                                        Jono Fancett  4 weeks back

                                                        When Marty and Jennifer are about to kiss, and the fundraising lady asks for money to save the clock tower, you could have sinned her for 'clock blocking'

                                                        • .
                                                          .  4 weeks back

                                                          my upstairs neighbors would like to thank you for the super loud music towards the end of the video. I rung them out with chicago footwork and UK jungle all day only to have this come on an hour after noise ordinance hours and they fucking lost it. probably going to get shot.

                                                          • Popsii
                                                            Popsii  4 weeks back

                                                            Dave always wear his suit to the office, I guess he works on a Sunday along with the mailman who dilivered the book parcel.

                                                            • Lee Smithy
                                                              Lee Smithy  4 weeks back

                                                              Basically this guy thinks there is something wrong with every film ever!

                                                              • largol33t1
                                                                largol33t1  4 weeks back

                                                                That "sin" about the gull wing doors is WRONG. They take up far less space than a side opening door so doc could get into the car when it was in the truck. That's the purpose of having gull wing doors!
                                                                And Doc's dog didn't see the Libyans. He heard their old van putt-putting down the parking lot. Dogs can hear things humans can't.

                                                                • Ryan Senger
                                                                  Ryan Senger  4 weeks back

                                                                  OMG! to point out that the Delorean couldn't open it's doors inside the truck so Doc couldn't get into the car inside the truck is an absolutely brilliant observation!

                                                                  • Bernd P
                                                                    Bernd P  4 weeks back

                                                                    #56: Part of the camera lens front can be seen reflected in the numberplate of the Delorean while Doc Brown sets it back onto the road before departing with them into 2015.

                                                                    • RawB Rob
                                                                      RawB Rob  4 weeks back

                                                                      Its a movie it doesn't have to be accurate it just has to be entertaining.

                                                                      • nchia
                                                                        nchia  4 weeks back

                                                                        Some sins given for time travelling conundrums shows a lack of understanding of time travel, because it’s the way it’s meant to work you know, in real life! 😉

                                                                        • Miles-Rotation
                                                                          Miles-Rotation  4 weeks back

                                                                          Sin 13 is beacause the DeLorean only gets icy when going to the future.

                                                                          • NotBen101
                                                                            NotBen101  4 weeks back

                                                                            6:30 how do we know that Dave isn’t working at some telemarketing job making only a few thousand more than he’d make in fast food.

                                                                            • Greencastles23
                                                                              Greencastles23  3 weeks back

                                                                              Still better than working in the fast food industry - kind of, lol.

                                                                          • Glazier Blue
                                                                            Glazier Blue  1 months back

                                                                            So many faults and yet still one of the best movies ever. Lol

                                                                            • rick love
                                                                              rick love  1 months back

                                                                              still a great movie

                                                                              • Hamiltucky Paranormal
                                                                                Hamiltucky Paranormal  1 months back

                                                                                Marty consistently checks his watch and shakes it through the whole movie so it’s obvious his watch doesn’t work

                                                                                • ERL Pamplona
                                                                                  ERL Pamplona  1 months back

                                                                                  It took over a minute for the Delorean to reach 88 mph near the end of the move ... no way

                                                                                  • Sebastian Emery
                                                                                    Sebastian Emery  1 months back

                                                                                    2:53 He was wearing headphones

                                                                                    • Steve Palmer
                                                                                      Steve Palmer  1 months back

                                                                                      Thanks a lot idiot still a great movie asshole

                                                                                      • Rick Houston
                                                                                        Rick Houston  1 months back

                                                                                        I punched a bully in 7th grade.. he became a pussy.. plus isnt time travel linear?

                                                                                        • coooolibri
                                                                                          coooolibri  1 months back

                                                                                          i just found this, after i watched the making of back to the future part 1. and they showed how they put the flames on the street. i always thought it looked so off, and now i know why :D they put 2 different images on top of each other.

                                                                                          • mrbobsshow
                                                                                            mrbobsshow  1 months back

                                                                                            Actually a doloreans doors take less space to open than a normal car

                                                                                            • WOLFY
                                                                                              WOLFY  1 months back

                                                                                              holyshit after all these years I just realized the bum used to be the mayor