The Decline of RadioShack...What Happened?


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  • FiveFish Audio
    FiveFish Audio  28 minutes back

    Radio Shack could have just gone big and concentrated on online sales of electronic parts, like now doing $1.3Billion in revenue. But nope... RS is addicted to freaking cell phones.

    • SevenDeMagnus
      SevenDeMagnus  18 hours back

      Hi. So sad. My soldering iron (hot knife cutter, small blowtorch and small heat gun) is RadioShack (but it's really an Iroda, rebranded to RadioShack):-) At least I have a momento of sort.

      God bless, Proverbs 31

      • jay
        jay  1 days back

        My mom used to work here and now she works in American 1

        • Lucia Fiero
          Lucia Fiero  1 days back

          Before people had the internet with which to search for what component or product they needed, and Amazon to quickly fulfill orders, RadioShack was indispensable for people who wanted to solve problems with their electronics rather that buy a whole new systems, or pay for "professional installation." When I wanted to know what dohikey I needed to make a thing work, I asked the guy (it was always a guy) behind the RadioShack counter. And my father was IN radio repair, so we always had a catalog in the house. Since we were in there all the time anyway, and they had less expensive stereo equipment, like "Realistic" brand, that's the only place we ever went for stereo equipment, never the fancy branded stores like Lechemere (That sold Pioneer and Blaupunkt) or Tweeter. (Just once in my life after working a summer job right before leaving for college did I buy pricy Japanese stereo equipment from Tweeter!)

          Amazon and Google killed RadioShack. Which is sad because every time one of these companies die, Amazon and Google have less competition, which makes them more corrupt.

          • Mike Nolan
            Mike Nolan  2 days back

            What happened 🤔 I tell you what happened ever been in the RadioShack in Bozeman mt? Well there cocky rude employees will make me never go back then they wonder why they are going down treat your customers right

            • Admiral Bob
              Admiral Bob  2 days back

              The mall store at the end was the store I started at with RS Frenchtown Square Mall (Now the Mall of Monroe) in Frenchtown Township, MI. I was moved to another store in town eventually and haven't been a RS employee at all for the better part of a decade by the time of this vid but that store did close well before the major closures. The mall rent there was insane which is why at current there are about 5 stores in that mall total and none of them anchor stores. While I was there Radio Shack actually opened a stand alone cell phone seller kiosk booth about 50 yards down the hall and much closer to the main entrance. It had an entirely different staff and store number and directly competed with the Radio Shack store in cell sales. That's right Radio Shack was actively competing with itself in the same mall. The kiosk were also allowed greater latitude in discounting than the store and they knew it. So they would wait for a customer holding an RS bag of the right size for a new cell purchase to walk past and tell them they could sell the same phone and plan for less and send our sales back as returns. We would spend the time working with the customer finding the best fit and then they would just do a quick swap. Then we would get railed at by district management for our dip in cell sales and return rates... You could kind of see the writing on the wall with that kind of idiocy.

              • thenekom
                thenekom  2 days back

                I have a lot of positive childhood memories. Those little engineer's mini-handbooks, breadboards, of course radios. It was a KICKASS place for geeky children, hell our first two PC compatibles were Tandy's. Then they decided to become a cell phone kiosk. Oh well, time keeps marching on.

                • geoff dearth
                  geoff dearth  3 days back

                  I remember seeing ads for the Tandy side of it: "Let's do leathercraft".

                  • rafael55
                    rafael55  4 days back

                    I went to RS for a lithium battery that costs under 5.00 on line. RS had it for 15.00. Never went back.

                    • R C
                      R C  4 days back

                      I felt their products were physically bigger than it needs to be, have less features and more expensive.
                      their electronic kits were decent for learning and you can actually build something that works.
                      I bought a 23 channel CB Radio from them. I returned it when I found something better and cheaper at another store called Lafayette.

                      I believe Radio Shack were one of the first to sell home computers and it cost over $2000. Too bad they didn't do much with it.

                      • wkj1970
                        wkj1970  4 days back

                        My daughter had both the Ncredible and Beats headsets. She will tell you the Ncredible is much better.

                        • JUrry3
                          JUrry3  5 days back

                          With Amazon delivering in 1 day maybe,,,,. 2 days for free. Brick and mortar stores all face this to a degree.

                          • Gavin Church
                            Gavin Church  5 days back

                            Shifty products and a rip off

                            • Jan Hoyle
                              Jan Hoyle  5 days back

                              Nerds loved radio shack, they bought supplies to make computers. I remember going there to get something no one else has. They had it. But I don’t remember what year that was. Probably in the mid to late 90’s.

                              • the.abhiram.r
                                the.abhiram.r  6 days back

                                the hilarious thing is that radioshack STILL EXISTS

                                • Sean Boundy
                                  Sean Boundy  6 days back

                                  I'm 43 and I remember going there with my dad when I was a kid to buy something he needed. By the time I started working there was nothing for me to buy at Radio Shack that I wanted.

                                  • Isaac Pizarro
                                    Isaac Pizarro  7 days back

                                    Last time put foot on a Radio Shack was to get as Sound presure meter-(SPL meter). The guy didnt even knew wtf I was looking for dispite my intensive explanation of it.

                                    • Furybeats
                                      Furybeats  1 weeks back

                                      i miss radio shack as a dj sometimes you need certain cables that day! best buy never has the cable or adapter you need!

                                      • First Last
                                        First Last  1 weeks back

                                        From 1990 on it seemed like they did everything to try to destroy the company. I'm surprised it lasted this long.

                                        • First Last
                                          First Last  1 weeks back

                                          Right, the high pressure extended warranty sales for things that cost like ten bucks, never went back.

                                          • First Last
                                            First Last  1 weeks back

                                            I used to love to go in on the 70s and 80s for hobbie electronic parts. Got my first cell phone there in the 90s when they stopped selling many parts. I remember the last time I went in to buy AA batteries they wanted my home address, telephone number so it took 15 minutes with the cashier...

                                            • Wilson Picket
                                              Wilson Picket  1 weeks back

                                              They were a great store for electronic parts, stereos, etc. Then the stupid ass cell phones came in. Poof, they were gone.

                                              • BoldWittyName
                                                BoldWittyName  1 weeks back

                                                I'm 35 and I loved going there to look at RC cars and planes. I also liked their selection of basic electronics like alarm clocks and landlines.

                                                • Jonboy I
                                                  Jonboy I  1 weeks back

                                                  Worked at the Shack many years ago. Always remember answering the phone, “Radio Shack, you have questions, we have answers!”

                                                  • Lee Walter
                                                    Lee Walter  1 weeks back

                                                    How many here had a "Radio Shack Battery Club Card"? My dad like clockwork drove me to Radio Shack so I can obtain my "FREE" battery each month.

                                                    • Lowz G
                                                      Lowz G  1 weeks back

                                                      Way overpriced on all there products

                                                      • Richard Gribble
                                                        Richard Gribble  1 weeks back

                                                        I used to buy DIY parts all the time, including computer chips (not processors, the basic ones). I miss the store.

                                                        • Darth Wheezius
                                                          Darth Wheezius  1 weeks back

                                                          I always wondered why the UK arm's stores where called "Tandy", just like the US they were everywhere, unlike in the US they didn't survive past the 90s. In the UK they were famous for giving away huge torches(flashlights) I suppose it's one way to sell batteries.😂

                                                          • Noah Carriere -
                                                            Noah Carriere -  1 weeks back

                                                            One of the last few radioshacks was in my town and when it suddenly disappeared one day I was really surprised

                                                            • Bryce Armstrong
                                                              Bryce Armstrong  2 weeks back

                                                              I remember my dad always dragging me into the Radio Shack all the time and eventually it closed down and was replaced with a Boost Mobile

                                                              • THA wayner GUY
                                                                THA wayner GUY  2 weeks back

                                                                There's a RadioShack about 5 minutes from my house that is still open, I went in looking for the RC cars they used to have for my daughter about a year and a half ago, and the second I walked in it was barren and pretty much void of anything I remember as a kid.

                                                                • Gary
                                                                  Gary  2 weeks back

                                                                  My Two Cents... I was an amateur rock musician in the 1970’s and LOVED my local Radio Shack store. I relied on that store for so many of the parts, speakers, microphones, etc. that I spent a lot of time there. I built my own speaker cabinets in installed speakers and crossover units in each speaker. All wires, cables and connectors were usually purchased there too. I find it disheartening that nobody shops there anymore. Although I haven’t spent much time there in recent years, I would still occasionally go there for parts and cables. It’s a sad thing, losing Radio Shack. I just wish they had evolved so we wouldn’t be facing their loss today.

                                                                  • Boz Fone
                                                                    Boz Fone  2 weeks back

                                                                    It seems that Radio Shack was late arriving to quite a few lucrative parties, and they came out with WAY more models than they could possibly sell. In 1964, their catalog listed no fewer than 25 reel to reel decks - and over the course of their operation, they had more than 70 different 8 track tape machines including the ones built into their all-in-one consoles. Imagine how many units they would need to sell JUST to recoup the R & D costs of 70 new products - and that's just within the 8 track format!

                                                                    • Ric Rovey
                                                                      Ric Rovey  2 weeks back

                                                                      Part of the problem was 50¢ parts for five dollars

                                                                      • Izen Rblx
                                                                        Izen Rblx  2 weeks back

                                                                        radio chack i not closed but only in indeania state

                                                                        • Bvajen
                                                                          Bvajen  2 weeks back

                                                                          As a kid in the 90's I LOVED Radio Shack. At least where I lived, there wasn't anywhere else to get those kinds of electronics. I remember getting replacement batteries for remote control cars (and even buying a couple RC cars there), parts for my computer, and tagging along with my parents whenever they needed stuff and just looking at all the different things for sale there.

                                                                          • jojo valentin
                                                                            jojo valentin  2 weeks back

                                                                            RadioShack was my favorite store back in the seventies, yes, I brought CB radio, music systems, equipment. As of 2000, RS was on its way down. This was painful to see, because I always loved RS, their staff was no longer helping customers, items were not available anymore.

                                                                            • B oyce
                                                                              B oyce  2 weeks back

                                                                              If you are going to narrate a YouTube channel, you must learn how to pronounce words like "couldn't", "wouldn't", etc. The "d" IS NOT pronounced. Get the Merriam-Webster dictionary app. It pronounces each word for you. Just because all your friends pronounce the "D" does not mean that YOU have to sound stupid along with them. Get the M-W app.

                                                                              Otherwise, good video!!!

                                                                              • Connie Rogers
                                                                                Connie Rogers  2 weeks back

                                                                                Radio shack was great but when other electronic stores came about you could really see how over priced radio shack really was

                                                                                • Chubs Fatboy
                                                                                  Chubs Fatboy  2 weeks back

                                                                                  I had fond memories, im 45 and when i was 10 you could buy cheap kits of radio's you could make ur self. And even threw 20s they always were cheaper then most places. Realistic was a good brand of sound equipment for car stereo, stuff for playing guitar, amps , etc. And i think you nailed it perfectly with the cell phone move they made . I remember more then a few times leaving cause they didnt care about my $10 need when it came 2 selling cell phones and it did take them a eazy hour plus to do so.. i still hated to see our radio shacks go out of business .. P.S. me and my friend Hank use to go there daily as kids and they tried kicking us out and we sat down on the floor in protest so they drugged us out the stor😆😅 we were 14 and really stupid

                                                                                  • Jim Bob
                                                                                    Jim Bob  2 weeks back

                                                                                    I got my first computer at a Radio Shack 1987. It was a Tandy 1000 SX.

                                                                                    • Eric Brown
                                                                                      Eric Brown  2 weeks back

                                                                                      I got a computer repair tool set there once when I was a computer tech with the Navy.

                                                                                      • Saphire
                                                                                        Saphire  2 weeks back

                                                                                        I got my first Sprint cell phone there. I also paid my Sprint bill there.

                                                                                        • Brandon Greenleaf
                                                                                          Brandon Greenleaf  2 weeks back

                                                                                          I loved radio shack. No need to watch the video. I saw it. It’s called Walmart Kmart target crap and now amazon. No need to even go inside stores anymore. The end. You’re welcome. Am I bitter? Not at all. I love it. Malls and big stores like that are nothing but cess pools for trashy ghetto people.

                                                                                          • Greg Bolin
                                                                                            Greg Bolin  3 weeks back

                                                                                            I wonder how they became so linked to shopping malls. I always attributed their high prices to their location.

                                                                                            • GilBatesLovesyou
                                                                                              GilBatesLovesyou  3 weeks back

                                                                                              I guess I have a lot of Radio Shack experience. My father would always take us as kids, and would go until the store closed, for any consumer electronic kind of thing they sold instead of Wal-Mart, just because he hated Wal-Mart and big chains. I bought a lot of random electronic components and stuff there. Honestly I really miss the store, as now even finding the simplest stuff in real life is a giant hassle. They didn't have everything, but they at least had something. Now there's one store in about my whole state with a Radioshack-esque selection in real life that charges 2+X more than even Radio Shack markup. It's actually a giant pain in the ass all around, if you want say, a single LED, or some magnet wire, or a decent soldering iron, Radio Shack could get you all those things so you could repair it that day, and see if what you wanted actually fit (big problem online). I will say as well outside of USA visiting Taiwan there were seemingly just tons of Radio Shack-esque stores on steroids that did fine, just full of resistors, IC chips, and then of course more run of the mill adapters and whatnot at prices similar to ebay from Chinese sellers. It's 1000x more convenient to have stores like that than online and waiting on stuff to get fixed for days or weeks.

                                                                                              I think what would have been most intelligent in the 2000s for Radio Shack would have been to focus on... radios. A lot of the "Realistic" stereo equipment of the 70s was pretty good and is sought after today. Now the stereo market is sorta dying too, but in the 90s and 2000s Best Buy, Circuit City, etc, went all in for car radio installations and parts and speakers, and it's a little perplexing looking back Radio Shack not caring about that market much that was a huge market at one point, it's also one that sometimes needed all the little component things radio shack sold that Best Buy didn't, like little wire connectors and the like. I think in Radio Shack's case, sticking to the old "base" of the store, or perhaps returning to it might have been ideal. Now people even buy say, tube radio kits online, something like what originally Radio Shack used to sell.

                                                                                              • Team Rewind Official.
                                                                                                Team Rewind Official.  3 weeks back

                                                                                                2040: *WALMART GOES OUT OF BUSINESS! New AI robotic technology with holographic projectors is dominating the charts!*

                                                                                                • Mark Hudson
                                                                                                  Mark Hudson  3 weeks back

                                                                                                  I would and did purchase a DJ mixer in the 80's from Radio Shack. It was always busy. I would not batteries and other parts too. Fast forward to 2K, they had nothing other than random parts (speaker wires, coaxial cable and connectors etc) for my needs and as stated in the video, they were so wrapped up with selling phones, often would walk out due to ling lines and poor service. Anything that I could possibly need from a Radio Shack is purchased online (mostly Amazon).