Can Jacksfilms Guess Jacksfilms Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos?


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    REACT   9 months back

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    • EMER The Janitor
      EMER The Janitor  9 months back

      Pewdiepie needs to do one of these

    • Paris Brower
      Paris Brower  9 months back

      REACT please do this with Jenna Marbles

    • Kiin
      Kiin  9 months back

      REACT to Superwog

    • Janice H
      Janice H  9 months back

      me me big boy

    • MoonChild
      MoonChild  9 months back

      Have teens react to the 2000s Rock song by the Offsprings "you're gonna go far, kid" song

  • Star Guardian
    Star Guardian  9 months back

    Do game grumps next

    • Photonic Boom
      Photonic Boom  9 months back

      Wait so jack doesn't rewatch his own video every day?

      • Zhoe Loveland
        Zhoe Loveland  9 months back

        YGS 100 was better than YouTube rewind

        • dommi doge
          dommi doge  9 months back

          YGS 100 WAS youtube rewind

        • Shady Kadry
          Shady Kadry  9 months back

          Ygs 100 is better than most videos on youtube

      • Pheobe Owusu
        Pheobe Owusu  9 months back

        10 pts

        • Kirsten Springer
          Kirsten Springer  9 months back

          Kermit sings is a classic

          • Jamesi93
            Jamesi93  9 months back

            top 10 yt vids is n9, twilight parody is n10...

            • BigMommaZiga
              BigMommaZiga  9 months back

              But deep down we all know that his best video is

              TOP TEN FARTS

              • Missmethinksalot1
                Missmethinksalot1  9 months back


                • ZenofireX
                  ZenofireX  9 months back

                  You know what, I really enjoyed this one. Awesome concept you guys!

                  • Why u always lying OOF
                    Why u always lying OOF  9 months back

                    Awww his forehead is gleaming he sooo happy !!

                    • kimmy kimkim
                      kimmy kimkim  9 months back

                      Jackfilms ranks his videos... ALEXANDER COUNTS TO 10

                      • Idofphoenix
                        Idofphoenix  9 months back

                        WTF blanket is still your best video

                        • Nate Lalande
                          Nate Lalande  9 months back

                          Fidget spinners is at 13.1 M and Flags is at 13.5M

                          • Nate Lalande
                            Nate Lalande  9 months back

                            Emily S true srry

                          • Emily S
                            Emily S  9 months back

                            They record these in advance of releasing them. So this could’ve been filmed in November for all we know

                          • Nate Lalande
                            Nate Lalande  9 months back

                            Xenotater Ik but flags passed it on dec 2

                          • Xenotater
                            Xenotater  9 months back

                            They specified "at the time of recording this", so that may have changed recently.

                        • Whale Trash
                          Whale Trash  9 months back

                          Can we all agree YGS 100 was better than yt rewind this year?

                        • CalicoKitty
                          CalicoKitty  9 months back

                          no dog review?!?

                          • anup dahal
                            anup dahal  9 months back

                            I love u and I'm form nepal

                            • Paige Mariee
                              Paige Mariee  9 months back

                              Do it with David Dobrik

                              • evashwin holmes
                                evashwin holmes  9 months back

                                My ma

                                • LiES
                                  LiES  9 months back

                                  Umm...his real name's John, John Douglass. You guys know this right?

                                  • Hello 123
                                    Hello 123  9 months back

                                    @LeJuanCa woosh

                                  • LeJuanCa
                                    LeJuanCa  9 months back

                                    he prefers to go by jack. literally no one irl calls him john

                                • Magimos
                                  Magimos  9 months back

                                  I see John, I press like.

                                  • Elizabeth nolastname
                                    Elizabeth nolastname  9 months back

                                    the beginning lol

                                    • TheMason
                                      TheMason  9 months back

                                      Jacksfilms gets his ego fueled for ten minutes

                                      • Dubbie
                                        Dubbie  9 months back

                                        Yes, more of this man.

                                        • Tiger Taliep
                                          Tiger Taliep  9 months back

                                          Why u gotta rip off pewdiepie's channel come up with your own ideas

                                          • Justamach
                                            Justamach  9 months back

                                            @Paul Smith youd get wooshed

                                          • Paul Smith
                                            Paul Smith  9 months back

                                            I would say something but I am afraid of getting wooshed.

                                          • San
                                            San  9 months back


                                        • Fro Yo
                                          Fro Yo  9 months back

                                          I thought the one where he compares his dogs would be in there.

                                          • NAME NAMENAME
                                            NAME NAMENAME  9 months back

                                            "I gotta make another... Good video"

                                            • crappy channel
                                              crappy channel  9 months back

                                              My favorite is awful intros one

                                              • Tia King
                                                Tia King  9 months back

                                                Fix your flags was my fav video of all time I legit showed all my mates (I beg do another)

                                                • Drazen Graves
                                                  Drazen Graves  9 months back

                                                  Such a meme lord

                                                  • Martín Bruno
                                                    Martín Bruno  9 months back

                                                    Jack at the begining was too cute

                                                    • Anthony Paull
                                                      Anthony Paull  9 months back

                                                      Anyone else notice the pattern in his answers?

                                                      • Anthony Paull
                                                        Anthony Paull  9 months back

                                                        @martyn hughes all the ones he got wrong were shifted down one and the bottom one flipped to the top

                                                        C - A
                                                        A - B
                                                        B - C

                                                      • martyn hughes
                                                        martyn hughes  9 months back

                                                        Nope. What was it?

                                                    • • Brackets •
                                                      • Brackets •  9 months back

                                                      Can u do this with Brandon Rogers?

                                                      • notourz
                                                        notourz  9 months back

                                                        God i love john sm

                                                        • Mr.RedspyGaming
                                                          Mr.RedspyGaming  9 months back

                                                          Hit or miss

                                                          • Bill Steve
                                                            Bill Steve  9 months back

                                                            Cool guy

                                                          • Otto Rantanen
                                                            Otto Rantanen  9 months back

                                                            @Madison you used to work in whataburger

                                                          • Madison
                                                            Madison  9 months back

                                                            You’re on every level you’re the leader, ooh

                                                          • Anas Banjar
                                                            Anas Banjar  9 months back

                                                            you play with them ball like its FIFA

                                                          • LMMSkits
                                                            LMMSkits  9 months back

                                                            @Mr.RedspyGaming he gon' skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa!

                                                        • jack36
                                                          jack36  9 months back

                                                          Jack is such a fun guy!

                                                          • Laurence Betteridge
                                                            Laurence Betteridge  9 months back

                                                            Probably the best video on this channel

                                                          • GoodWithHands27
                                                            GoodWithHands27  9 months back

                                                            i just realized that YGS 100 was more youtube rewind than youtube rewind

                                                            • sassmos
                                                              sassmos  9 months back

                                                              It had both Shane and PewDiePie.

                                                          • Mikey the Monster
                                                            Mikey the Monster  9 months back

                                                            Mascara Maximus

                                                            • Mikey de Groot
                                                              Mikey de Groot  9 months back

                                                              It looks like he's wearing mascara

                                                              • Leah Heglas
                                                                Leah Heglas  9 months back

                                                                You should do a top 10 with Jenna Marbles!

                                                                • Gungde Wisnu
                                                                  Gungde Wisnu  9 months back

                                                                  he got more corrects in guessing his top 10 compared to odd1sout

                                                                  • Kaia S
                                                                    Kaia S  9 months back

                                                                    YGS #100 is better than any youtube rewind

                                                                    • Ângelo Costa
                                                                      Ângelo Costa  9 months back

                                                                      PEWDIEPIE NEEDS TO COME IN AND DO ONE OF THESE!!

                                                                      • headass steph
                                                                        headass steph  9 months back

                                                                        2:58 tobuscus is a face that i haven’t seen in AGES woah

                                                                      • Patrick Coyle
                                                                        Patrick Coyle  9 months back

                                                                        pause at 7:23

                                                                      • SimplySorry
                                                                        SimplySorry  9 months back

                                                                        Top 10 YouTube videos is wayy past twilight

                                                                        • Everett Caponi
                                                                          Everett Caponi  9 months back

                                                                          Flags passed spinner