NBA Film Room: Kyrie Irving's ability to close overpowers the Pacers | SportsCenter


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  • Joe Tee
    Joe Tee  4 months back

    Kyrie and AD should both go and play with Lakers. Boston said there team played better last year without him. The Pelicans had cousins, Rondo, Mirotic and were a playoff team and got rid of them.
    AD don't owe them a damn thing!

    • Rideshare Expert
      Rideshare Expert  4 months back

      Legler’s Lab, excellent analysis. Fun to watch.

      • kale 123456
        kale 123456  4 months back

        I love Kyrie

      • Obito xshinobi
        Obito xshinobi  4 months back

        1. Kobe idol/hero
        2. Kyrie all he was thinking was Mamba Mentality
        3. Klay don't play idol Kobe
        NOT Le3-6 LeToxic environment
        "come ride with me to the top" LeRecruit LeSuperstar

        • Zatora11
          Zatora11  4 months back


          People are going to put respect on Kyrie’s legacy after this playoff run.

          • Your Name
            Your Name  4 months back

            Flip that list upside down and scramble it then you're on to something..

          • Cash Chaser
            Cash Chaser  4 months back

            Zatora11 you’re everywhere

          • Tenasjay
            Tenasjay  4 months back

            Thomas Sutton this is wild

          • Jared Ferguson
            Jared Ferguson  4 months back

            that list is unintentionally funny

          • Thomas Sutton
            Thomas Sutton  4 months back

            @You tube Or maybe you are overestimating him.

        • P L
          P L  4 months back

          Celtics fans wanted this man gone. I hope he leaves.

          • Dark Limeking
            Dark Limeking  4 months back

            @Joe Tee saving this for a couple months when he re-signs

          • Joe Tee
            Joe Tee  4 months back

            @Ahmed Awad GTFOH, Kyrie is "GONE"

          • Joe Tee
            Joe Tee  4 months back

            @Dark Limeking Irregardless, careers to short to worry about those fickled fans. They best work on keeping Rozier. Because he ain't healthy either!!

          • Joe Tee
            Joe Tee  4 months back

            You Got that right!!

          • Ahmed Awad
            Ahmed Awad  4 months back

            Lmao fuck you talking about? The majority of ppl saying the celtics are better without Kyrie are non-celtics fans that want kyrie to leave. Dont try to flip the narrative now ugly ass bitch.

        • Jared Ferguson
          Jared Ferguson  4 months back

          The one thing that puts Kyrie in the top tier above many other point guards is his ability to close, his game doesn't change for the worse at all in high pressure situations. Reminds me of Kobe in those historic playoff series' against the Spurs and others.