TESLA Solar and Powerwall: 1 Year Later!


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  • DrCognitive
    DrCognitive  2 hours back

    Quick questions, how long will that Powerall last? Also, how much would it cost to replace for and average person?

    • CED99
      CED99  2 hours back

      Thanks for the followup Paul

      • Mindful Living Michigan

        Imagine know that that would drive up the value of your house, plus the reduction in carbon footprint is priceless really. I didn't watch your initial videos so I'm not sure if your on a payment plan for this or if you paid the cost of installation up front, but I would overall consider it a good investment. And talk about a fantastic way to leverage your money if you're doing rental properties

        • Gabriele Bonetti
          Gabriele Bonetti  3 hours back

          roof looks good but what a crappy work on the wall!

          • John-Paul Hunt
            John-Paul Hunt  3 hours back

            Plugs in EV car for cross country trip as it will need at least 3 refills.

            • THE BOOK OF KENT
              THE BOOK OF KENT  3 hours back

              Not very bright. 20 years ago, I eliminated all inverters and transformers because almost everything in your house is low voltage DC. You're no Einstein, buddy.

              • JUiCED K00LAiD
                JUiCED K00LAiD  4 hours back

                Yea fuck tesla ahahahaa

                • George Mavrides
                  George Mavrides  4 hours back

                  What a Tesla advertisement. Buddy, you should have used the cash to fix the house which will collapse by the you get ROI on that system (which will be after the warranties have expired).

                  • J C
                    J C  4 hours back

                    Damn your setup and usage is increasingly wasteful. In the 12 years you take to make back your investment and just break even you could invested the money instead and actually make money

                    • kaloschke
                      kaloschke  4 hours back

                      Tesla in USA is great, in germany they suck

                      • Dave Carl
                        Dave Carl  5 hours back

                        He will still be paying on the system for 12 years, that means only 8 years of free electricity for his 20 year system.... the dirty little secret of solar systems exposed... unfortunately for me 22,000 dollars will be my electricity bill for the next 20 years....so a gas generator for back up and that's about it...

                        • THE BOOK OF KENT
                          THE BOOK OF KENT  3 hours back

                          The powerwall won't last. He'll never break even.

                      • your mom
                        your mom  5 hours back

                        VAPORWARE. Never going to happen.

                        • Catalyst - D B
                          Catalyst - D B  5 hours back

                          Great video but.. Shingles are not the only roofing material out there.

                          • Bodescu Andrei
                            Bodescu Andrei  6 hours back

                            Who can afford 23.000 dollars is my question. Sounds nice but ... you are living in another world my friend

                            • Peter
                              Peter  6 hours back

                              Oh.... Oh... Oh... Wait that's the keyboard I've been waiting for! I was about buy the cheap Hyper X keyboard.

                              • Tyrone Tripod
                                Tyrone Tripod  6 hours back

                                Im an electrician, and willing to take bets the time to recoup cost will push a hundred years. In about ten yrs either the invertor or battery bank will need replacing. that will add 5 or 10 yrs, then whichever didnt fail first tieme, it will happen again and push off recoup time another 10 yrs
                                And so on and so on.
                                the easy way to tell this is its a boondoggle whenever the gvt has to intervene financially to get this kinda thing done.
                                if it was economically feasable in the first place everyone would be scrambling to do w/o gvt help.

                                • KuraMad2000
                                  KuraMad2000  6 hours back

                                  Wow, I'm so cynical and skeptical these days, I thought for sure at 6:19 you were going to ask "So let me know if you'd be interested in helping me clean my roof...."

                                  • David Beppler
                                    David Beppler  6 hours back

                                    By my math it will take 20 years at current prices for electricity to pay off your system. On another note, electricity prices should be getting lower nationwide over the next 20 years.

                                    • David Beppler
                                      David Beppler  6 hours back

                                      Nobody gave him a check for $9,728 in tax credit. That money was a write off. Not worth $9,728. Probably not even close to 9,728. So, 20 years. Seems like a good investment to me.

                                  • Robert Redfern
                                    Robert Redfern  7 hours back

                                    I am jealous like the thumbs down guys especially because we don't have them here in the UK but still gave a thumbs up :)

                                    • Mike Jones
                                      Mike Jones  7 hours back

                                      But when do you have to replace the batteries in the power wall and how expensive is that?

                                      • The Mighty Dash
                                        The Mighty Dash  8 hours back

                                        So basically you need to pay for 10 years of electric up front in the cost of having it all installed... it's guaranteed for 10 years? then you start to be in credit from your start point, as upto that point you've not regained your original investment... unless the system fails, in which case you are no better off... got it.

                                        • Justin credible
                                          Justin credible  9 hours back

                                          that's great... in ten years... you will want to change them out for more efficient panels... the cycle continues.

                                          • Gregory Bolton
                                            Gregory Bolton  9 hours back

                                            dirty clean us

                                            • taybtaybtayb
                                              taybtaybtayb  9 hours back

                                              Total system cost needs to include the opportunity cost of the installation expenses. That $22,000 upfront expense has a conservative 15 year opportunity cost of $23,000. And if it’s being financed then it’s opportunity cost plus finance costs.

                                              Almost no one is truly saving money on a solar installation.

                                              • THE BOOK OF KENT
                                                THE BOOK OF KENT  3 hours back

                                                I am because I cut out all inverters & transformers.

                                            • Corey Morreale
                                              Corey Morreale  10 hours back

                                              did they have a recommended cleaning method? checmicals or soap and water?

                                              • Simon Zhao
                                                Simon Zhao  10 hours back

                                                No, if you factor in market rate of return for the 32k up front, it's not worth it

                                                • MODDED apk
                                                  MODDED apk  10 hours back

                                                  You've wasted 22k for fictional reason? That's a waste

                                                  • mpcp27
                                                    mpcp27  3 hours back

                                                    Let's see...he made 8 YouTube videos from it... With 1M subscribers.. over the year he has probably gotten that money back already... For the average consumer.. It's not worth it...

                                                • Da Ca
                                                  Da Ca  10 hours back

                                                  Don't do this if you're looking to save money because you won't, those thousands are far better off being invested if you know what to do with them because I doubt anybody who wants to save money has the money to buy these systems in the first place just seems crazy unless you've bought a Home which you plan on living in for 20+ years

                                                  • barondorado
                                                    barondorado  10 hours back

                                                    SCE is a horrible company.
                                                    They penalized me several times for using electricity.
                                                    Charging me higher rates because I use a little more than others? Wtf

                                                    • The God Emperor of Mankind

                                                      They're a bit expensive atm, I imagine with time as they become more popular and cost drops the ROI will get faster

                                                      • JP dJ
                                                        JP dJ  11 hours back

                                                        Being connected to the grid AND doing solar electrickary, in my country, means you are an electricity producer when you deliver kWh to the net, and a consumer when you consume. So there is a big difference in what you pay per kWh and what you get for kWh produced. Some households still have "old" kWh meters that run backwards or slowdown when you produce electricity towards the grid, meaning you experience your production as a discount on your own bill. "Modern" meters can measure either way and inform the electricity company.
                                                        My question, how does this work in the US?
                                                        Corollary: if you have a way to use your production in a parallel home electricity section, then you can value your kWh at the same price as your consumption kWh price. In my country, many households use gas from a gas grid to heat their houses, produce hot water and run their cooking ranges (if still on gas). In an energy home-architecture like this, you could use your solar kWh to heat water electrically (you might not need an inverter with big losses, actually!) With a couple heat-pumps and a store in the earth beneath your house, you could actually use "solar" to store heat their for retrieval in winter, or store "cold there for retrieval in summer.
                                                        It's a bit like buying a standard PC, building one yourself and modding its cooling.There may be ways to shorten the earn-back time of a solar investment. But you may have to do your own modding and DIY, just like you did with that affordable beast PC.

                                                        • Plutonius X
                                                          Plutonius X  11 hours back

                                                          Pretty terrible ROI. You would have better luck just investing the money in the market.

                                                          • JP dJ
                                                            JP dJ  11 hours back

                                                            yes, please: before/after cleaning

                                                            • Whatever I Want
                                                              Whatever I Want  11 hours back

                                                              Would getting this cause your home insurance to go up?

                                                              • daa82
                                                                daa82  12 hours back

                                                                So wait, the panels have a 12 year warranty and you will recoup after 11.83 years. If they fail after 12 years just at the warranty end then you pretty much broke even right at the end of the warranty. Not worth it then... I would have liked to break even well before the warranty is up in case they fail right at warranty end.

                                                                • AKuM se-12
                                                                  AKuM se-12  12 hours back

                                                                  3:45 is That OG pixel ???

                                                                  • Mr. Flo
                                                                    Mr. Flo  12 hours back

                                                                    200$/month? Electricity?
                                                                    I pay for the whole year nearly 450€.
                                                                    I don’t need AC or too much heat, because my house was built to very high standard... not worth in Austria to install solar panels

                                                                    • phunkydroid
                                                                      phunkydroid  9 hours back

                                                                      You don't need AC because you live in Austria, not because of building standards.

                                                                    • rccsrGaming
                                                                      rccsrGaming  10 hours back

                                                                      Mr. Flo in some places in California, such as San Diego, the price of electricity can double during the afternoon to evening hours

                                                                  • Ashley Cottle
                                                                    Ashley Cottle  12 hours back

                                                                    So it will pay for itself just as all the warranties run out.

                                                                    • Gra Yorks
                                                                      Gra Yorks  13 hours back

                                                                      be very wary of these 'super special' deals as if it's anything like the UK the company then OWN YOUR ROOF !

                                                                      • MasterofPlay7
                                                                        MasterofPlay7  13 hours back

                                                                        do you get bird poo on your panels?

                                                                        • Cyahlaytar
                                                                          Cyahlaytar  13 hours back

                                                                          Does your payoff time take into account the degradation of the panels as they age? 80% at end of life is better than I have seen on other solar installations. Also, does the up front costs include the cost of the roof rebuild. Your situation was different than what others may encounter or incur. It would be interesting to see what the total costs would equate if you had to pay for the roof yourself. Thanks.

                                                                          • berniebgf
                                                                            berniebgf  13 hours back

                                                                            Very honest review, for the majority of "everyday people" the cost justification is just not there yet.....But will be eventually.

                                                                            • Natan FOURIÉ
                                                                              Natan FOURIÉ  13 hours back

                                                                              Already one year ?! My god time goes by so fast !

                                                                              • Kevin Arzola
                                                                                Kevin Arzola  13 hours back

                                                                                You should be sending your own homemade bills to your electric company. They love to hound you for money you owe, but when they owe you money, they don’t say a thing expecting you to forget.

                                                                                My energy company owed me $576 over the course of 1.5 years and they didn’t even tell me. I had to call multiple times over a month to get my check.

                                                                                • phunkydroid
                                                                                  phunkydroid  9 hours back

                                                                                  When you have a bill that goes back and forth between positive and negative, what's the point in them paying you back if you'll just be giving it back to them next month? It makes more sense to "let it ride". In your case though, over $500, they should have paid you, yeah.

                                                                              • GoldSmith
                                                                                GoldSmith  13 hours back

                                                                                invest your $2200 on the market with just 10% return will pay your bills forever.

                                                                                • Charzey
                                                                                  Charzey  14 hours back

                                                                                  >pay 20 thousand dollars to buy solar panels and power wall
                                                                                  >company owes me $57 dollars
                                                                                  >great success!

                                                                                  • Stephen Tutton
                                                                                    Stephen Tutton  14 hours back

                                                                                    I expect power companies to weasel out and increase charges. Trusting power companies is like trusting politicians.

                                                                                    • MARS ski
                                                                                      MARS ski  14 hours back

                                                                                      Do you have an electric car ?
                                                                                      ....free fuel :)