Handstand Tutorial for Strong Dudes | Hero Moves | Men’s Health


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  • alexis de mones
    alexis de mones  1 months back

    Excellent tutorials by a real pro! High time professional gymnasts seized their share of the gym tutorials craze and this is how it's done. Congrats David Durante.

    • justin zhang
      justin zhang  7 months back

      I have light head every time I do upside down

      • justin zhang
        justin zhang  7 months back

        His arms bigger than his thighs

        • smusick1955
          smusick1955  7 months back

          How about a follow-up on training the press to handstand?

          • mre786
            mre786  7 months back

            I love this guy’s videos! Does he put out any workout programs or have any blog or newsletter or fitness products?

            • RK calisthenics work out channel

              Hello sorry the calisthenic workout affect growth and stunt growth?🤔

              • RK calisthenics work out channel
                RK calisthenics work out channel  7 months back

                @Nicolas Araya yeah😅

              • Nicolas Araya
                Nicolas Araya  7 months back

                Nooooo, actually as being natural movements they are way better than weights if you are young, not saying weights are bad, just the movement is more natural