House hearing on aviation safety after deadly Boeing crashes - watch live


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  • eduardo alex marchese
    eduardo alex marchese  1 months back

    quel amateurisme!

    • Gerry McCarthy
      Gerry McCarthy  1 months back

      Camera, sound and such personnel should dress appropriately.

      • GH1618
        GH1618  1 months back

        Gerry McCarthy — I’ve worked in A-V. They look like A-V crew to me.

    • JET A-1
      JET A-1  1 months back

      This problem started when Airbus announced it's new fuel efficient plane and it made Boeing to rush in market as soon as quickly

      • Saiah smeth
        Saiah smeth  1 months back

        The 737 max has a greater fuel efficiency then the airbus a320 neo

      • GH1618
        GH1618  1 months back

        Eyeofthetiger — Boeing do not make these decisions without input from their customers. The airlines wanted this aircraft and they ordered it in large numbers.

      • Stephanie Grow
        Stephanie Grow  1 months back

        -1 because Boeing, like any company or manufacturer, should be the captain of its own ship. No exceptions.

      • Eyeofthetiger
        Eyeofthetiger  1 months back

        Boeing has been resting on its laurels for far too long; the Max should have been a clean slate design from the get go years earlier!

    • bgregg55
      bgregg55  1 months back

      346 dead. How many management heads have rolled at Boeing?

      • GH1618
        GH1618  1 months back

        Mohamed Kamal — It’s the same thing. You don’t know the actual circumstances behind his retirement. We don’t literally remove people’s heads.

      • Mohamed Kamal
        Mohamed Kamal  1 months back

        One, wasn't fired, retired.

      • GH1618
        GH1618  1 months back

        bgregg55 — One that I know of.