Slam Your Core with this 10-Min Medicine Ball Workout | BURNER | Men’s Health


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  • Aaron Shallenberger
    Aaron Shallenberger  2 weeks back

    I did this with a 40lb ball ... was interesting

    • John Shaw
      John Shaw  2 weeks back

      Dynamax 14 lb ball. Weight of the ball is visable at 7:09 point of video, when ball is resting on feet.

      • ugga211
        ugga211  3 weeks back

        Really easy to follow and understand. Love it

        • MrDEagle69
          MrDEagle69  4 weeks back

          HI, great exercises!! Can I ask what is the weight of the medicine ball you are working with?

          • Aaron Thompson
            Aaron Thompson  2 months back

            Nice liked it

            • Danny Hurtado
              Danny Hurtado  2 months back

              You didn’t even mention the weight of the medicine ball

              • sol walker
                sol walker  1 months back

                Because its not relevant, it's going to change person to person so it's irrelevant how heavy he does it

            • TheSingularSound
              TheSingularSound  3 months back

              What weight ball are you using???

              • karmar jarkeem
                karmar jarkeem  6 months back

                Thanks You, I just started to train with a medicine ball.

                • Carol Aguilera
                  Carol Aguilera  7 months back

                  Im need educating training like this

                • Lift'N'Balance
                  Lift'N'Balance  7 months back

                  60% of the time...Med ball Circuits work every time 👊😏👊

                  • armando carrillo
                    armando carrillo  7 months back


                    • Leeks Fitness
                      Leeks Fitness  7 months back

                      Definitely going to take these tip thanks ❗️

                      • Nsuka Bula
                        Nsuka Bula  7 months back

                        Great workout

                        • Leto M.
                          Leto M.  7 months back

                          Coooool !! 🌵