Dr. Umar Johnson confronted by LGBT Feminist during Xseed in Life program KC 2015


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  • She Hate Me
    She Hate Me  2 years back

    She need some dick in her life

    • Rosa Hodge
      Rosa Hodge  2 years back

      His words are evidence based....Let us all stay woke.

      • star Williams
        star Williams  2 years back

        He dropped so much facts

        • Paul Williams
          Paul Williams  2 years back

          Well if that’s the case then how do you explain myself? I knew who I was since an early age. I grew up by “the church”, I played sports, I had a pretty good childhood overall. If he is speaking on the people he has met then it is what it is... BUT HE HAS NOT SPOKEN TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THIS EARTH WHO ARE LGBTQ. I reality he’s only spoken to a SMALL percentage.

          If he doesn’t “support” it THAT is FEAR in itself so he IS afraid of LGBTQ people.

          Now WHY is it fear? Because if he went against whatever higher being he believes in or religious beliefs or whatever, then he would have a sense of spiritual conflict. So to avoid that he keeps on the non supportive side. Which is his choice. But it’s his choice out of fear that he doesn’t support the lgbtq community.

          • wilda nzinga
            wilda nzinga  2 years back


            • bgoodd
              bgoodd  2 years back

              The young lady is not and will not confuse the older generation with her pop culture notions and ideas and popular movements. She will look foolish. She picked the wrong room.

              • phylicia ferguson
                phylicia ferguson  2 years back

                She is not equipped to dialogue with Dr Umar. This man is a scholar that fact that she even dis that proves the point. I support him as a man standing up for black struggle . Further more I do not think we should put the gay struggle above the black struggle I am black first and everything else second

                • DancinJim
                  DancinJim  2 years back

                  What black struggle? Respectable black people are doing just fine, just as respectable whites. It's pondlife of all races which is in the struggle, because they act like pondlife...

                  • Effram Coleman
                    Effram Coleman  2 years back

                    somebody ask this man to produce these degrees he says he has he's in court for saying he has the degrees and he is practicing what school did he go to where are the paperwork he's bashing people saying things that he knows people like to hear creating a Prejudice towards them he says great things that I even like but then he goes too far there is a homosexual lesbian agenda that is true they are after our kids that is true genuine the singer is getting crap because he would not kiss a ugly white man in a dress what happened to me too he has a right not to kiss anyone but because the guy was transgender they called genuine homophobic he's pushing all the right buttons but he's very close and on being hateful and where's the money you took for the school you fundraising con artist

                    • Effram Coleman
                      Effram Coleman  2 years back

                      This guy's would be great if he was not crazy he's crazy like Waco Georgetown Style he's very smart and persuasive but will not let you see all the degrees he say he has and says he's descendants of Nat Turner Harriet Tubman all the stars of the past he's related to him and he will help you if you buy my pillows give me money for school that I didn't file paperwork for don't know where the school is going to be don't have a curriculum don't have teachers for my school but give me money because I secretly know how to tell you what you want to hear and what makes you feel good

                      • Chris Smith
                        Chris Smith  2 years back

                        He Don't speak the truth he just full of shit. Someone of the LGBT probably took his bitch

                        • Eighty B
                          Eighty B  2 years back

                          He murdered her!!!! Lol

                          • Deez Nutz
                            Deez Nutz  2 years back

                            Its written

                            • Reggie Shelton
                              Reggie Shelton  2 years back

                              Wrong they are not from sexual abuse and to say it is, that’s false information to a crowed that is ignorant to call himself a psychologist that must be one of the reasons his license is being checked out. Because that’s false. Hope he hits me up we can have a conversation

                              • Mr. Gonzales
                                Mr. Gonzales  2 years back

                                Where can i find the entire debate?

                                • Mr. Gonzales
                                  Mr. Gonzales  2 years back

                                  Shut that dumb bitch down! Don't really care for Umar but he straight destroyed this dumb bitch!!! Fighting for the right to do something biologically incorrect against our species IS NOT the same as fighting for the right to be respected, recognized and treated with dignity equally as a human being...apples and oranges are both fruit but inside and our they're like night and day!

                                  • Multiple Sarcasm
                                    Multiple Sarcasm  2 years back

                                    But that moola

                                    • Tal Has
                                      Tal Has  2 years back

                                      I feel bad for her, she have issue & I hope she get over it & see the mistake she walking into... it's okay to make a mistake, but it's not okay to stay wrong... u Ms. & people alike u need to get it to together, disease getting more & more 'Cuz of the gay & bi-s shit ppl do in the U.S.

                                      • Jack Meoff
                                        Jack Meoff  2 years back

                                        She picked the wrong Brother to F with on the topic of gay rights VS Black rights!! They were about to run her out the venue!! The LGBT use Gay Blacks to push that message. You can see a person is Black, I don't know you Gay unless you tell me!!

                                        • Dirty D Rodney
                                          Dirty D Rodney  2 years back

                                          So how is this con artist a Doctor?? Lol.. blacks give them self all this fake tittles is so pathetic !!

                                          • Dean Carter
                                            Dean Carter  2 years back

                                            LGBT a part of white supremacy! Their target is the white male. This guy is a cabbage.

                                            • Gregory White
                                              Gregory White  2 years back

                                              Apparently the revolution won't be televised, but it WILL be on YouTube 😂

                                              • Campbell Kason
                                                Campbell Kason  2 years back

                                                Modern Black nationalists are cancer

                                                • tim thompson
                                                  tim thompson  2 years back

                                                  If you a black women that's a feminist your a big joke the white feminist doesn't respect you black feminist they just used you to destroy the black family to turn your backs to the black men into the community when black American women are in trouble these white feminist are no were to be found so if you a black women stay the fuck away from feminist movement they don't respect you black women. Facts.

                                                  • Inspection Negross
                                                    Inspection Negross  2 years back

                                                    Black men need to start to put a serious choke hold down on their community. Be men. Lead. If your women fight back, breed and marry more submissive women. Leave these angry females behind.

                                                  • Woomy Michel
                                                    Woomy Michel  2 years back

                                                    She's not listening to reason 😑

                                                    • Sean Sean
                                                      Sean Sean  2 years back

                                                      Clearly she's mixed up

                                                      • CIGAR RALPHY TV
                                                        CIGAR RALPHY TV  2 years back

                                                        He should be dropped the mike and she should be ran out crying

                                                        • Renegade the Rapper
                                                          Renegade the Rapper  2 years back

                                                          "I'm very responsible with my words" yeah not so much Dr. Umar. I have proof of your deeply-rooted racism and I will leak all of it to anyone and everyone who wants to see the truth about you and your scam.

                                                          • Trace One
                                                            Trace One  2 years back

                                                            Killed it

                                                            • James Brown
                                                              James Brown  2 years back

                                                              BLACKS BOYCOTT AMERICA...Save Your Money.

                                                              • Genesis
                                                                Genesis  2 years back

                                                                *_Speak that truth Dr. Umar Johnson!_*

                                                                *_The lesbian woman just wouldn't listen because she there to represent, the gay agenda and this is what many Black people need to pay attention _**_to.Black_**_ gays see themselves as gay before they see themselves as Black... Black gays love the thought of being "included' with whites as it pertain to them having homosexuality in common...The lesbian states she protested in Ferguson but Dr. Johnson was trying to tell the fool that white gays in general are not involved in the Black Struggle._*

                                                                *_White gays can be just as racist as any other white racist person that isn't gay....I'm sick of Blacks or half Blacks like Obama that ALLOWED gays to take over the BLACK STRUGGLE for their own _**_benefit.Now_**_ you have white homosexuals as well as Black people who are either gay or those who aren't that actually support that agenda, who think thy can dictate to Black people that we MUST support their deviant behavior._*

                                                                *_The Black Feminist is a myth that was created to divide Black men and Black women because most Black women have never considered themselves feminist._*

                                                                • Jacob Yuri
                                                                  Jacob Yuri  2 years back

                                                                  I am gay and I have NEVER been sexually , mentally or physically abused in anyway. I grew up in a nice area with attentive caring parents.

                                                                  • Jacob Yuri
                                                                    Jacob Yuri  2 years back

                                                                    lol homophobes on the internet. You do know that the computer was invented by a gay man- Alan Turing!!

                                                                    • Bjorn Blackman
                                                                      Bjorn Blackman  2 years back

                                                                      This brother is brilliant. Let the world know

                                                                      • Caprice Walker
                                                                        Caprice Walker  2 years back

                                                                        Love It You Can Not Equate The Black Movement With The Gay Movement Lord.... Words Went Deep

                                                                        • C-Manor -Kage
                                                                          C-Manor -Kage  2 years back

                                                                          She got embarrassed. The worrying thing is she was shaking her head upon hearing facts...self conditioning is real

                                                                          • TheMightyAtlas
                                                                            TheMightyAtlas  2 years back

                                                                            He Destroyed her

                                                                            • GhetRekted
                                                                              GhetRekted  2 years back

                                                                              Where's a link to the whole meeting/lecture?

                                                                              • cookieinpalmbeach
                                                                                cookieinpalmbeach  2 years back

                                                                                The Lbgt struggle is a struggle to practice a certain BEHAVIOR! The black struggle is a struggle to be treated like a human being!

                                                                                • Berenice Chavez-Rojas
                                                                                  Berenice Chavez-Rojas  2 years back

                                                                                  White people made anything but the gender binary a perversion. So yes they are similar struggles of oppression. Also when dealing with intersectionality, the blacker, the more female or homo, and the poorer a person could very much predict the level of marginalization experienced even in this day and time. F*** You Dr. Umar Johnson.

                                                                                  • Lushi Wheat
                                                                                    Lushi Wheat  2 years back

                                                                                    thank you Lord for this man with respect he open your closet mind hopefully you get a clue lady this stuff he speaks on makes or since then you bumping clits with a female and your attacks are clear you have sided with the oppressors agenda and should not be allowed to ask another question

                                                                                    • Sarah Oh
                                                                                      Sarah Oh  2 years back

                                                                                      A phobia... a phobia...😂 I can't stand him😂.... he's so strong In his stance

                                                                                      • GSHeverything _27
                                                                                        GSHeverything _27  2 years back

                                                                                        All you BLACK WOMEN out there, feminism is not for you and was not for you in the first place...

                                                                                        • Charles R. Dears Jr.
                                                                                          Charles R. Dears Jr.  2 years back

                                                                                          IamDottieDandridge, i am so proud of what you stated. I'm glad that I watched this video and I believe it should open up so many people's eyes.

                                                                                          • Goosey
                                                                                            Goosey  2 years back

                                                                                            This guy is the worst.

                                                                                            • A. Brown
                                                                                              A. Brown  2 years back

                                                                                              I understand that the homosexual struggle is real. However it is not the same as the black struggle. Please understand, black people were killed and beaten and enslaved because they were black. Hasn't happened to the Feminist, the LGBTQ, or any other group except for the "Native Americans". The Native Americans now that they have been watered down and their numbers shrank to near endangered levels, have there own, given to them by the government, land, business, and money. So it is solely the Blacks in this struggle. LGBT and feminism are closer to the same struggle. Yes they have to be seperated because they are fighting for different things. LGBT is fighting for acceptance from other people, blacks are fighting to not be killed by the government on many levels, especially the police. It's not the same.

                                                                                              • CUT FROM DIFFERENT CLOTH

                                                                                                There's a lot of shit I don't agree with Umar on, but this is definitely not one of them.