Terraria finished in only 12 achievements!

  • Published: 07 October 2019
  • Yep, as simple walkthrough as that. Beat Moon Lord with as few achievements obtained as possible.

    Achievement completion list (Spoilers!):

    You Can Do It! - 2:59
    Like A Boss - 2:59
    Boned - 7:01
    It's Getting Hot In There - 16:56
    Still Hungry - 20:15
    It's Hard! - 20:18
    Buckets of Bolts - 35:03
    The Great Southern Plantkill - 39:02
    Lihzahrdian Idol - 40:28
    Obsessive Devotion - 49:09
    Star Destroyer - 52:05
    (Potential Star Destroyer skip! - 55:52)
    Champion of Terraria - 55:22

    Full music list:
    0:00 - Ocean [Terraria]
    0:50 - Alternate Day [Terraria]
    2:22 - Ice [Terraria]
    3:40 - Rain [Terraria]
    5:18 - Guardian of the Former Seas [Calamity Mod, by DM Dokuro]
    7:05 - Dungeon [Terraria]
    8:46 - Bird Sanctuary [A Hat in Time]
    9:58 - Fungal Wastes [Hollow Knight]
    12:24 - Jungle Remix [Terraria, by Aaron]
    14:42 - Space [Terraria]
    15:37 - Mushrooms [Terraria]
    16:52 - The Underworld [Terraria]
    19:22 - Boss 2 [Terraria]
    20:21 - CHAOS ELEMENTAL [by DM Dokuro] [Terraria Remix]
    25:46 - Joy of Remembrance [Celeste, by Lena Raine]
    29:37 - Overworld Day [Terraria]
    30:20 - Playing with Firepower [by Turquoise] [Terraria Remix]
    32:00 - Eerie [Terraria]
    32:30 - Boss 3 [Terraria]
    34:05 - Boss 2 Remix [Terraria Overhaul, by Kirbyrocket]
    35:04 - Jungle [Terraria]
    36:56 - plontoro [Terraria MIDI, by wapamokapowie]
    37:47 - Plantera - Intense Symphonic Metal Cover [by FalKKonE] [Terraria Remix]
    39:08 - Lihzahrd [Terraria]
    40:45 - Underground Corruption [Terraria]
    41:50 - Martian Madness [Terraria]
    43:31 - Old One's Army [Terraria]
    45:30 - Esc (Arcade) [The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth OST] [by mudeth]
    47:10 - Eclipse [Terraria]
    48:35 - Farewell [Celeste, by Lena Raine]
    55:29 - Ocean Remix [Terraria, by NoteBlock]


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Comments • 887

  • Blastbomb2
    Blastbomb2  2 days back

    I had no idea what people ment by plontoro.. now i know

    • ducklirik
      ducklirik  2 days back

      Did u notice literally every drop that dropped from mimics had a trash reforge? Feels bad

      • Minimg
        Minimg  3 days back

        Crab has just started a whole new genre

        • Steven :v
          Steven :v  3 days back

          31:16 is that a mf jojo reference?!

          • Purple Paragon
            Purple Paragon  3 days back

            I wonder why you didnt use the Daedalus Stormbow for the Destroyer

            • Purple Paragon
              Purple Paragon  2 days back

              Oh yeah no wood means no infinite supply of arrows

            • CrabBar
              CrabBar   2 days back

              Arrows that are not holy won't do much, plus almost all arrows were finite with challenge conditions

          • Ian Schiltz
            Ian Schiltz  3 days back

            Let’s ask yrimir now

            • CrabBar
              CrabBar   3 days back

              _but nobody answered_

          • Fearghus Neary-Grant
            Fearghus Neary-Grant  3 days back

            wrong dialog at 41:10 btw

            • Murphmario Twopointoh
              Murphmario Twopointoh  4 days back

              In terms of music, shouldn't you have used Greenpath instead of Fungal Wastes since you used said song while in the Underground Jungle and not a Glowing Mushroom biome?

              • CrabBar
                CrabBar   3 days back

                Idk, green path felt less fitting for that

            • Ahmet Öztürk
              Ahmet Öztürk  4 days back

              When do you make no accessories run. PLEASE DO IT. When not I will respect your answer.

              • CrabBar
                CrabBar   3 days back

                I don't know, wanted a tad more original stuff than being forced onto trap making and minecart

            • Purple Rabbit
              Purple Rabbit  4 days back

              by the way, writing mistake at 41:05

              • It'sMeVip
                It'sMeVip  4 days back

                41:03 Nice laser you've got there.

                • DoomDeathLife
                  DoomDeathLife  5 days back

                  I am offended at the prospect that maining Summoner class is desperate! It is actually quite a fun challenge! And I love doing summoner classes/playthroughs of games that allow it! D:<

                  • DoomDeathLife
                    DoomDeathLife  4 days back

                    @CrabBar I am actually doing a summoner only playthrough now of Modded Terraria. I'd looooove to see you do one too! In normal Terraria it is almost impossible unless you get lucky with a slime staff, but in Modded, there are way more options and all of them aren't that bad tbh. Like the first one you get in the mod I'm playing through, is like the bonus from the Chlorophyll armorset or whatever it is called that you get in the Endgame of normal Terraria, and summons a hovering entity that deals contact damage, and fires small projectiles at enemies if they get too close. All in all, a full Summoner only run in modded Terraria with you playing at the helm, would be awesome and fun.

                  • CrabBar
                    CrabBar   4 days back

                    Well, see, in terms of efficiency it is really underpowered most of the time, that's why it makes a good challenge. But of course that doesn't mean I don't like the class itself :o

                • TheEpicTurtle
                  TheEpicTurtle  5 days back

                  You could have skipped the pillar one I think by using 3 other fragments to craft the last fragments and spawn him in with the Sigel

                  • CrabBar
                    CrabBar   4 days back

                    Yes, I talk about that in the end of the video

                • Muntaj Gill
                  Muntaj Gill  5 days back

                  Ah yes... 41:05

                  Lasers in the temple
                  no thanks, I wouldn’t be able to survive for anything

                  • Flami ngo
                    Flami ngo  6 days back

                    I can only kill retinazer but I was so close to killing spaz. Spaz is so annoying in second form

                    • temmie chang
                      temmie chang  6 days back

                      my god is the destroyer actually a snake? i legit thought it was a worm (metallic worm is its summon item) I understand this was probaly a mistake but please somebody is it really a snake

                      • fantabulicious
                        fantabulicious  7 days back

                        10:00 is that fungal wastes I hear?

                      • Idiotic Bosd
                        Idiotic Bosd  1 weeks back

                        how you keep everything on the other map

                        • CrabBar
                          CrabBar   1 weeks back

                          What do you mean?
                          I assume it's about the character equipment, since characters work differently compared to minecraft and can visit multiple worlds with same items
                          If that's wrong assumption, elaborate a bit on what you meant

                      • plsdontfindthisone
                        plsdontfindthisone  1 weeks back

                        Can't you skip plant by using hoiks to get into the Temple? That and the celestial pillars trick would bring the run down to 10 achievements.

                        • CrabBar
                          CrabBar   1 weeks back

                          Golem summoning is hard-locked before Plantera is dead (1.3.2+)

                      • funny stone
                        funny stone  1 weeks back

                        Ok i have a challenge for u

                        do no pickaxe challebge
                        bombs allowed
                        potions that makes pickaxe mine faster is not allowed
                        life crystal can be collected
                        and thats all

                        • CrabBar
                          CrabBar   1 weeks back

                          There is some other challenge brewing that includes this one..

                      • Craig Mcilveney
                        Craig Mcilveney  1 weeks back

                        What if you
                        wanted to listen to jungle music
                        but CrabBar said
                        "Better music"

                        • Painjusu Nashi
                          Painjusu Nashi  1 weeks back

                          My first time beating Plontoro was actually with a magic dagger from a normal mimic not biome, and yeah the axe first try. D:

                          • Ianmonty03
                            Ianmonty03  1 weeks back

                            That hollow knight music in the jungle 👌

                            • Chickenboss510
                              Chickenboss510  1 weeks back

                              You could have obtained the fiber glass fishing rod and built a house out of the walls and bricks you got to get the merchant so you can buy the bug net to get bugs for fishing crates for hardmode bars... unless ore comes with it then, whatever. Edit: the light source could be chandeliers.

                              • CrabBar
                                CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                Any housing violates No Hobo though

                            • Steel Snake
                              Steel Snake  1 weeks back

                              I think you having fun out there, right?
                              Are you sleeping?

                              • Will GRIMA
                                Will GRIMA  1 weeks back

                                wait crabbar you could get shadow armour by farming for vile mushrooms and rotten chunks for worm food to avoid the smashing poppet achievement and then you could fight the EoW but get it down to around 3 segments and then run from the corruption letting it despawn as each segment drops shadow scales and demonite and you can find natural workbenchs in underground cabins and make a furnace and make demonite bars then craft shadow armour. because if you do not kill Eow
                                you do not get the worm fodder achievment

                                • CrabBar
                                  CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                  Well, that works, but I really didn't need the armor that much given there are lots of spare variants like jungle

                              • Dark Lusare
                                Dark Lusare  1 weeks back

                                Crabbar: **loses to Moon Lord**
                                Crabbar from future that actually used 1% of his power: *Pathetic*

                                • Roker
                                  Roker  1 weeks back

                                  liiiiiiittle tiny tip for vortex pillar portals. make a small hole in the ground, so not a box but a vertical rectangle about 2x10 maybe. Then If you just sit at the bottom the portals will spawn above you 100% of the time. literally testing it right now and works fine.

                                  • Ezren Steen
                                    Ezren Steen  1 weeks back

                                    Isn't there an achievement for getting a mount?

                                    • CrabBar
                                      CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                      Yes, but you need to specifically equip it, so just keeping the item and using hotkey works around that

                                  • DoDo Donut
                                    DoDo Donut  1 weeks back

                                    Ok, so I was *going* to say that there were too many funny things about this video to say just one thing about it,

                                    But then I heard the first plantera fight

                                    (Edit): so it’s called plantoro, beautiful
                                    (Edit 2): *plontoro

                                    • Venisonn Bob
                                      Venisonn Bob  1 weeks back

                                      Did anyone notice the Fungle Wastes theme?

                                      • Adam Jeremie
                                        Adam Jeremie  1 weeks back

                                        Soon enough you will get 50k
                                        What will you do when you ge 50k?
                                        Btw you can use waterbolt inside the dungeon entrance to get an easy kill

                                        • CrabBar
                                          CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                          Would continue doing the stuff, I don't really bind anything major to milestones as they are mere numbers (aside from voice reveal I guess)

                                      • LiquidJiggy
                                        LiquidJiggy  1 weeks back

                                        Wow what a good video, watched the whole thing and it was great!

                                        • Szent Ash-Greninja
                                          Szent Ash-Greninja  1 weeks back

                                          Oh yeah you just go down and oh Plantera bulb and I need to search for it for half an hour..

                                          • CrabBar
                                            CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                            Given that I spend a few hours in other runs I think it's justified compensation from the game :p

                                        • Aidenpons
                                          Aidenpons  1 weeks back

                                          Wow, I never thought of loading a second world to bypass the Martian invasion! Shame you have to redo Plantera...
                                          Also, Vortex pillar lightning portals aren't smart enough to counter boxes - if you stand in a 2x3 box with only ONE tile on top, and you stand below the gap, you don't usually get hit & the portals will appear above you.

                                          Also if Phantasm was an anime character it would be my waifu <3 That weapon is so bonkersly powerful and syngerizes with literally anything.

                                          • Rampage Gaming
                                            Rampage Gaming  1 weeks back

                                            I was slowly and impatiently losing my mind pausing the video for an hour straight reading the subtitles NEXT TIME DO THE SAME VIDEO BUT WITH YOU ACTUALLY SPEAKING I CANT DO SUBTITLES FOR AN HOUR

                                            • Rampage Gaming
                                              Rampage Gaming  1 weeks back

                                              CrabBar ok

                                            • CrabBar
                                              CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                              I believe that in my current speech state using voice will only hurt the quality of a video, so I stick to subtitles. it's fine to like voice more, just letting you know I don't plan to switch to it any soon ❤️

                                            • Rampage Gaming
                                              Rampage Gaming  1 weeks back

                                              Your a good youtuber i love your hardmode character series im starting to get into the chariot series as well

                                            • Rampage Gaming
                                              Rampage Gaming  1 weeks back

                                              Ok ty though

                                            • Rampage Gaming
                                              Rampage Gaming  1 weeks back

                                              Too much work my dude please do u plan on getting a mic?

                                          • iSuck
                                            iSuck  1 weeks back

                                            41:08 :thonk:

                                            • RedSheepYT 1st
                                              RedSheepYT 1st  1 weeks back

                                              Person: The 1hp hardcore challenge is the hardest!

                                              Low% Challenge: Allow us to introduce ourselves

                                              • trolling account
                                                trolling account  1 weeks back


                                                • Zachary Martinez
                                                  Zachary Martinez  1 weeks back

                                                  Anyone else noticed at 41:07 he repeats the laser cannon text

                                                  Also, couldn't you just glitch into the temple skipping the need for Plantera?

                                                  • CrabBar
                                                    CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                                    Doesn't seem too interesting to me ngl, we'll see

                                                  • Zachary Martinez
                                                    Zachary Martinez  1 weeks back

                                                    @CrabBar Can you do a boomerang playthrough?

                                                  • Zachary Martinez
                                                    Zachary Martinez  1 weeks back

                                                    @CrabBar Damn, I didn't know that, I simply believed Golem could be spawned as long as you have the power cell and the alter, good to know 👍

                                                  • CrabBar
                                                    CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                                    Shamefully Golem cannot be summoned if Plantera is not dead (1.3.2+)

                                                • Qwerty 27
                                                  Qwerty 27  1 weeks back

                                                  41:03 He’s killing skeletron prime

                                                  • EyeNeedCure
                                                    EyeNeedCure  1 weeks back

                                                    The MIDI converter Plantera theme killed me lmao

                                                    • my pop socket fell off
                                                      my pop socket fell off  1 weeks back


                                                      • Boisq
                                                        Boisq  1 weeks back

                                                        dropped items despawn if you leave the world right? you can use that to break all the ores/wood thats in the way

                                                        • CrabBar
                                                          CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                                          You can, indeed

                                                        • Boisq
                                                          Boisq  1 weeks back

                                                          @CrabBar oh, well you can still use it for the wood at least, wait, maybe you can deactivate them, not sure if you can deactivate ores tbh

                                                        • CrabBar
                                                          CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                                          Yes, but the ores instantly register an achievement on being destroyed :/

                                                      • Boisq
                                                        Boisq  1 weeks back

                                                        i thought the best weapon for the destroyer was the daedalus bow, tho you may need a lot more arrows

                                                        • Boisq
                                                          Boisq  1 weeks back

                                                          @CrabBar i forgot you needed an anvil for them

                                                        • CrabBar
                                                          CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                                          Well it is, but I can't get holy arrows without an anvil so

                                                      • Okidoki
                                                        Okidoki  1 weeks back

                                                        idk how but you keeped me entertained the whole 56 minutes (:

                                                      • Boisq
                                                        Boisq  1 weeks back

                                                        25:56 idsay around 15

                                                        • LokekoL !!!
                                                          LokekoL !!!  1 weeks back

                                                          Can't you just skip plantera by glitching in to the temple? Feels a bit easier.

                                                          • CrabBar
                                                            CrabBar   1 weeks back

                                                            Shamefully Golem cannot be summoned if Plantera is not dead (1.3.2+)