The Total Divas pick Sonya’s Pride float: Total Divas, Oct. 8, 2019


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  • Alex Lucas
    Alex Lucas  6 days back

    AJ Styles left the chat

    • Derris Bynum
      Derris Bynum  6 days back

      I already knew Sonya Deville was a lesbian since the beginning when I looked it up on Wikipedia of encyclopedia, I miss Naomi right now being in the ring hope she comes back and wrestle for the women's championship also I love Charly Caruso appearing on total divas.

      • Cat Brothers Network
        Cat Brothers Network  1 weeks back

        lol this video is gay

        • Join Us
          Join Us  1 weeks back


          • pseudochef07
            pseudochef07  1 weeks back

            Bless you Sonya!!!

            • Join Us
              Join Us  6 days back

              David Stratton lmao I know

            • David Stratton
              David Stratton  6 days back

              Join Us I think they meant bless you as in like praising lol

            • Join Us
              Join Us  1 weeks back

              pseudochef07 she didn’t sneeze

          • Vladimyr Simon
            Vladimyr Simon  1 weeks back

            naomi needs to return

            • Dwight Marten
              Dwight Marten  1 weeks back

              So Charly is on Total Divas too? 🤔

              • Billy Coles
                Billy Coles  1 weeks back

                Dwight Marten just an appearance

            • Mehmet Sss
              Mehmet Sss  1 weeks back

              Ooh now i understand why she look manly

              • Tamzid Mohsin Khan
                Tamzid Mohsin Khan  2 weeks back

                I miss Naomi
                Hope she should return to WWE ASAP

              • Winsly's Vlogs
                Winsly's Vlogs  2 weeks back


                • Doshi
                  Doshi  2 weeks back

                  wait sonya is gay? omg i love her even more!

                  • munish kumar
                    munish kumar  2 weeks back

                    this total divas is full of cringe

                    • Quake: Destroyer of worlds

                      I love Sonya, she's obviously really cool. But can we just appreciate her/give her a gimmick other than just being all about being gay? She seems to be defined by her sexuality lol. The only way we would possibly want that to be the case is if you show her lezzing off with people lol. Other than that, yeahhhh, she's gay, we get it.

                      • Quake: Destroyer of worlds
                        Quake: Destroyer of worlds  1 weeks back

                        @J_J611 also, I wouldn't say having the rainbow flag as representation is the same as having the national flag, or even anything to do with anything lucha related or a mask or whatever else. People should not need to be so defined by their sexuality. If there was a guy with a "I'm straight" flag or logo on his trunks I'd find it equally as stupid. Look, I do like her, like I said she's obviously a really cool person. But there's a part of me that thinks she plays off of it too much. She needs something other than that going on for her because it really does seem to be defining her, which isn't a good idea imo.

                      • Quake: Destroyer of worlds
                        Quake: Destroyer of worlds  1 weeks back

                        @J_J611 and on total divas, in these clips? OK then.
                        Also, her gimmick is basically a pride fighter. What gimmick does she have other than that?
                        Irrelevant anyway, since I was talking about the diva show here, but I'm not exactly sold on your point either way.

                      • J_J611
                        J_J611  1 weeks back

                        @Quake: Destroyer of worlds That's the thing the ring she isnt portrayed as only that....yes she has her rainbow blanket thing on her gear but other than that she doesnt cut a promo saying "I'm a lesbo" nor does she make any flirtatious moves on any of the girls in the ring or backstage etc. Shes always been portrayed as an mma background fighter who is tough and not afraid to get her hands dirty. The pride thing came way after her debut but it's not a defining feature on her. it's just a proud thing for her to wear to represent the same way some luchador will wear their country's flag on their gear. it's the same thing.

                      • Quake: Destroyer of worlds
                        Quake: Destroyer of worlds  1 weeks back

                        @pisto30 dude, did you even read my comment? I don't have a problem, or feel uncomfortable about it. I feel like they portray her as ONLY that, and nothing else.
                        Read between the lines, or just read the comment properly before you reply to someone.
                        sOmEthInG tO THinK aBoUt. 😰

                    • Kiran Riar
                      Kiran Riar  2 weeks back


                      • wwe officall
                        wwe officall  2 weeks back

                        Suscribe my chanel

                        • YT joks
                          YT joks  2 weeks back

                          13th coment

                          • Inappropriate Name
                            Inappropriate Name  2 weeks back

                            Sonya is gay? I never would've known.

                          • Kaja Hansen
                            Kaja Hansen  2 weeks back

                            Sonya’s talented

                            • Stealth 107
                              Stealth 107  2 weeks back

                              Lol. I came out as straight, where is my float!

                              • rob lucci
                                rob lucci  1 weeks back

                                @Quake: Destroyer of worlds love him or hate him. He spittin straight fax.

                              • Quake: Destroyer of worlds
                                Quake: Destroyer of worlds  1 weeks back

                                @Mother of All Fandoms that's not fair. You can't call him a homophobe for making a joke. The joke isn't really offensive either tbh.
                                You should chill and just ignore it if you didn't like it.

                              • rob lucci
                                rob lucci  1 weeks back

                                @CyberMiddi and besides, we all know that gamers are the most oppressed group😤

                              • rob lucci
                                rob lucci  1 weeks back

                                @CyberMiddi hey you could have went on about ur day instead of going off on a guy for making an offensive joke.

                            • Mike H.
                              Mike H.  2 weeks back


                              • fabulous Maria davis
                                fabulous Maria davis  2 weeks back

                                i Love Total divas so much ❤️ my favorite a TV show ever 😍😘 😍

                                • Arthur N'z29
                                  Arthur N'z29  2 weeks back


                                  • Patti Simmons
                                    Patti Simmons  2 weeks back

                                    I love you so much no matter what you choose I am with you Sonya

                                    • israr ahmad
                                      israr ahmad  2 weeks back

                                      Yo Sonya lowkey peng uno 🤩

                                      • VIJAY MAVI
                                        VIJAY MAVI  2 weeks back

                                        4th comment 😀

                                        • Jonathan Turbide
                                          Jonathan Turbide  2 weeks back

                                          This show is more scripted than a thousand wrestling matches. Way too fake for it to be enjoyable. 😒😒

                                          • Joshua Maldonado
                                            Joshua Maldonado  1 weeks back

                                            All "reality" shows are scripted, no matter how much they say it's real.

                                          • pisto30
                                            pisto30  1 weeks back

                                            But you watch WWE which is ALSO scripted and fake?

                                          • CyberMiddi
                                            CyberMiddi  1 weeks back

                                            What’s so fake about it ?

                                        • Jaideep Singh
                                          Jaideep Singh  2 weeks back

                                          2nd comment 😂

                                          • Shyam K shaji
                                            Shyam K shaji  2 weeks back


                                            • Lila Maria
                                              Lila Maria  1 weeks back

                                              You don’t even have a picture of yourself so you’re irrelevant 😂 and boring

                                            • ivan suvorov smith
                                              ivan suvorov smith  2 weeks back

                                              Don't watch it if it's Boring