PBA60 David Small's JAX 60 National Championship Stepladder Finals


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  • F N
    F N  1 days back

    Harry is a fucking cocksucker, I'm so happy he lost.I hope he has ten pin nightmares, prick douche bag.

    • Joey Serrano
      Joey Serrano  4 days back

      I’m not sure if it’s an older generation thing but I notice that so many PBA50(60) guys celebrate every shot like they’ve never thrown strikes before. Walk out every shot or over dramatically celebrate. Idk I just find it over the top and slightly annoying.

      • Metal Flyer
        Metal Flyer  4 days back

        The juniors who all want to be two handed superstars fluffing the ball all over the place and missing spares need to see these classic bowlers and their super form. These styles win you in just about every condition. If you were to put out a tough pattern in the regular tour, I could guarantee you that some of these 50 and 60+ year old shooters will make the cut and perhaps go all the way - hell Norm Duke proved that - his talent comes on accuracy and balance and the ability to change. Junior two handers who use 20 board areas will be sorry once they hit a hard PBA condition. These experienced PBA players will destroy them.

        • Cooper Gates
          Cooper Gates  23 hours back

          Don't some of them already bowl events or leagues on tougher shots?

      • Sly Hughes III
        Sly Hughes III  5 days back

        Why don't they just change the name of this tour farce [e.g. PBA60] to the Stevie Wonder Open and have done with it? You can see this shot from the parking lot for God's sake!!

        • Fake Thumbnail
          Fake Thumbnail  5 days back

          The house balls in the background look like pool balls

          • Rodney Shelby
            Rodney Shelby  5 days back

            Wow what a heartbreak Championship loss for Sullins Brian Voss wow that's all I can say about Brian Voss as wow wow wow what a gutsy performance I'm sure I'm not the only one to say this this is one of the best Championship matches I've seen in twenty something years of watching bowling

            • Mike Thomas
              Mike Thomas  5 days back

              All good matches, especially the final! Seems they needed to swap the live camera angle with the replay camera angle.

              • Ironfangzu
                Ironfangzu  5 days back

                Both guys made beautiful clutch shots in that last match, but in the end the Great Pin Action God spoke and gave the title to Brian Voss. BTW, Brian Voss is 61?!!! That man barely looks over 45! Check him for steroid, HGH, and gene engineering! lol

                • Chris Freemesser
                  Chris Freemesser  5 days back

                  GREAT final match by two great pros! One for the ages

                  • Andrew Phillips
                    Andrew Phillips  5 days back

                    Brian Voss and Harry Sullins have bowled some exciting matches

                    • Andrew Phillips
                      Andrew Phillips  5 days back

                      there were some exciting finishes in the 1st, semi final, and title matches

                      • Lyle Barnard
                        Lyle Barnard  5 days back

                        One of the best Championship matches I've seen in PBA history definitely a top-10

                        • james daniels
                          james daniels  5 days back

                          Easy shot tonight boys. Throw second arrow and it'll go right thru the pocket. High scores boys. I avg 198 and I could kill this pattern. You can't expect a strike every shot Ron. Dias has the smoothest game of any top 4. The only way the lanes will stay the same is if they strip the lanes after every game. Then they'll be really close every pair that bowls on them.

                          • joe ballard
                            joe ballard  5 days back

                            I would like 2 see that....good luck with that