Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

  • Published: 29 August 2019
  • Jodi, the tallest girl in her high school, has always felt uncomfortable in her own skin. But after years of slouching, being made fun of, and avoiding attention at all costs, Jodi finally decides to find the confidence to stand tall.
    Tall Girl arrives on Netflix September 13!

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    Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

    After years of slouching through life, 6-foot-1 teen Jodi resolves to conquer her insecurities and gets caught up in a high school love triangle.
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Comments • 7 527

  • julia winchester
    julia winchester  32 less than a minute back

    Wow poor thing!!! Shes tall, white, blonde, thin, and pretty, that’s SO sad poor thing she’s so oppressed!!! Omg poor baby!!!

    This is sarcasm btw, there are much better ways to show oppression and bullying. I know that some people are unhappy about their height, but it’s ridiculous to show this as a bigger issue than things racism or homophobia.

    • LevelsOfCringe
      LevelsOfCringe  17 minutes back

      “i’m a cishet white christian girl uwu but here’s the twist!! i’m taller than average :0000 nobody likes me bc they’re ~intimidatedd~”

      • jonathan vega
        jonathan vega  20 minutes back

        I'm the tallest person in my class and my classmates call me tall girl and I don't care if I'm tall it's fun being tall cause u can reach things that are high Nd other things that are high

        • Buga Martinus
          Buga Martinus  37 minutes back

          Ur 6 feet I’m 5 feet and I’m in middle school I’m really tall but there is some people that are taller than me

          • ETN Jay
            ETN Jay  40 minutes back

            The tall girl is the same girl on dance moms who got kicked put for being to tall😂

            • Horsey Hoooman
              Horsey Hoooman  43 minutes back

              “Oh poor jodi” (skinny-tall-blonde-pretty-wealthy parents)

              • Kellyann Enright
                Kellyann Enright  44 minutes back

                Um I get realizing she has privilege and all, but not every movie has to be about something devastating. Coming from a 6’3 woman, high school was honestly the worst time. I was bullied, no guys wanted to ask me out, and to top it off everyone expected me to excel at sports but I have two left feet. It’s okay to explore a story about a girls personal struggle and self esteem. Not every freaking film needs to be filled with poverty or drug use or whatever, lay off

                • Michael O'Day
                  Michael O'Day  46 minutes back

                  I am a 6'1" man and while I believe everyone has a story I would guess that for every woman who's feels judged for her height there are 10,000 men who are judged for their lack of height. Men who take out personal adds never say "Under 6'only", but women frequently request men to be 6' or over?!?

                  • InVision_Sai
                    InVision_Sai  51 minutes back

                    Only 6”1 I expected her to be like 6”11 or something smh

                    • SH1FT- SH4DE
                      SH1FT- SH4DE  1 hours back

                      She from dance moms

                      • Sonia Vigil
                        Sonia Vigil  1 hours back

                        Half way through this movie and i was bored🙄

                        • Z3t487
                          Z3t487  1 hours back

                          Seems the haters don't realise one thing: being a tall guy? All cool. Being a tall girl, expecially taller than guys? Not so cool because at least in my town and knowledge guys prefer to date girls shorter than them. So i understand the tall girl's point of view, even if her best male friend doesn't care about this.

                          Edit: grammar error.

                          • Msp Lover
                            Msp Lover  2 hours back

                            She got kicked off the ALDC team for being too tall

                            • BackstageFan
                              BackstageFan  2 hours back

                              Bro, she’s the “perfect girl”. She’s tall, blonde, and slim. And really, she’s only 6’ 1”. They should’ve made a movie like this except about a Latina, Black, Asian or Muslim woman (etc.) who goes through daily struggles just for existing.

                              • cricket
                                cricket  2 hours back

                                Okay but how tf is there nobody taller than 6' 1" in her school that literally makes no sense??????

                                • Z3t487
                                  Z3t487  1 hours back

                                  I admit, i thought about that too. Not even one guy taller than 185 cm and half (that's exactly her height in metric system if you wonder)? Movie, gimme a break!

                              • 10k subs with no videos.

                                I feel her I’m the tallest girl in my class

                                • Z3t487
                                  Z3t487  1 hours back

                                  I understand that, even if i'm a male (178 cm), because normally guys prefer to date shorter than them girls. Sorry if my english sucks, i hope you still understood me.

                              • Michael Wyllie
                                Michael Wyllie  2 hours back

                                Problems not her height her problem is she’s a moody wee bitch

                                • The Offical Froot Loops

                                  People don't even bother me cuz of how tall I am lol

                                  • Unknown X
                                    Unknown X  2 hours back

                                    Isn’t this girl from dance moms and she got kicked out for being so much tall😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

                                    • cultcakes
                                      cultcakes  3 hours back

                                      Wow, I’m SUCH a freak because I’m attractive, tall, skinny, blonde and white. I have it SO hard!

                                      • kawaii potatoe
                                        kawaii potatoe  3 hours back

                                        Omg I can so relate I am taller than my older sister and nobody really likes me!

                                        • Z3t487
                                          Z3t487  57 minutes back

                                          How Is the weather up there? Just kidding, Just a movie's reference. I Wish i was taller and i'm a guy, so just think like a guy in this regard? You can watch people from up down, ah ah.

                                      • Keesha Franklin
                                        Keesha Franklin  3 hours back

                                        Lol imagine being the only asian kid and your 6 foot try again sis.

                                        • Z3t487
                                          Z3t487  55 minutes back

                                          What's wrong about being 6 feet tall? I don't get It. The asian part... I get It... I think... But not the 6 feet tall part.

                                      • Khalid Thompson
                                        Khalid Thompson  3 hours back

                                        This was a beautiful romantic movie. I teared up at the end. Idc so what lol

                                        • Z3t487
                                          Z3t487  54 minutes back

                                          The main protagonist acted good ihmo.

                                      • Kake er matete
                                        Kake er matete  3 hours back

                                        Why is Angela in this

                                        • Cécile-Blasian Ahgase/Monbebe

                                          This film really reminds me of a Japanese anime I watched.The girl had a short boyfriend at the end.I can't remember that anime name tho

                                          • Z3t487
                                            Z3t487  53 minutes back

                                            Try googling "Anime short boyfriend tall girl" and check the First page's results, expecially forums.

                                        • Vivi Ng
                                          Vivi Ng  3 hours back

                                          this is so dramatic i wanna scream

                                          • Z3t487
                                            Z3t487  50 minutes back

                                            screaM himself ( the cs:go player) watched this movie and his reaction was screaming during the whole movie.

                                            Yes, it's a very bad joke.

                                        • ethereal intoxicated canary

                                          The most ridiculous thing about this movie is that Stig is supposed to be a dork in Sweden. Like if he's Swedish frumpy that what does ingvar kruger( or however you're supposed to spell that) look like. Is he carved by michelangelo and blessed by aphrodite, adonis, and the spirit of every sexy person ever? Like who are they fooling?

                                          • Z3t487
                                            Z3t487  47 minutes back

                                            Kruger Is so beautiful even God said: "You are not made in my image, you are prettier than me".

                                        • Manahil Saleem
                                          Manahil Saleem  4 hours back

                                          Great concept! And Sabrina Carpenter is also there! Woohoo!

                                          • osamabad
                                            osamabad  4 hours back

                                            To the people complaining that she doesn’t have a real problem, this was more meant to be a lighthearted comedy, not an Oscar winning drama about overcoming adversity

                                            • Andrew G.
                                              Andrew G.  4 hours back

                                              I just finished this movie and it was such a cringe fest it was almost enjoyable.

                                              • Domagoj Stivic
                                                Domagoj Stivic  4 hours back

                                                hahaha i mean these folks must be hella trippin on some triptamine. 6'1 aint even that tall lol. Its like a casual height wtf. And no if ur tall and a chick u dont get called "shrek" or some silly ass words like that lol wtf.

                                                • Z3t487
                                                  Z3t487  43 minutes back

                                                  Would you date a girl taller than you? Her problem is guys refuse to date girls taller than them, like in the library scene, when she stands up and the guy realise she's taller than him. Yeah, being shorter than your girlfriend? A problem for some guys, i guess.

                                              • Anthony Negrete
                                                Anthony Negrete  5 hours back

                                                Literally this does not happen

                                                • RonK Gaikwad
                                                  RonK Gaikwad  5 hours back


                                                  • kris b
                                                    kris b  5 hours back

                                                    ok, realistically she's not even that tall. everyone is gassin up her height when she's pretty normal to begin with

                                                    • Nini:/
                                                      Nini:/  5 hours back

                                                      Anyone remeber her of of dance moms

                                                      • Im 2104!
                                                        Im 2104!  5 hours back

                                                        who else thought she was bhad bhabie for a sec?

                                                        • Literal Trash
                                                          Literal Trash  6 hours back

                                                          there’s a girl at my school and who’s 6”5 and everyone is nice to her so i don’t understand

                                                          • Z3t487
                                                            Z3t487  41 minutes back

                                                            It's just a movie, movies normally don't reflect reality.

                                                        • Caroline Inman
                                                          Caroline Inman  6 hours back

                                                          If she and the Swedish guy make babies, they gonna set a world record

                                                          • Z3t487
                                                            Z3t487  40 minutes back

                                                            A world record? The baby must be taller than 2,72 meters, so good luck with that.

                                                        • Ayem Althani
                                                          Ayem Althani  6 hours back

                                                          00:09 his reaction was EVERYTHING 😂😂😂

                                                          • onee
                                                            onee  6 hours back

                                                            You know that guy who is of average height and would like to date that tall girl...

                                                            This is a movie about heightism, right?

                                                            • YUI HJK
                                                              YUI HJK  6 hours back


                                                              • kim RJ
                                                                kim RJ  6 hours back

                                                                If someone say too me "How's the weather up there?" i'd say "HOWS THE WEATHER DOWN THERE SHORT STUFF?"

                                                                • Z3t487
                                                                  Z3t487  38 minutes back

                                                                  Or: do you enjoy your pollutated air down there? Or: do you have enough oxygen down there, midget? Because there are a lot of midgets like you breathing your same air.

                                                              • lia samara
                                                                lia samara  6 hours back

                                                                OMG DIARY OF A WIMPY KIDS DAD

                                                                • •Riko chanりこちゃん•

                                                                  okay...this is my life!!!! ;^;
                                                                  I get bullied for that ;^;

                                                                  • Z3t487
                                                                    Z3t487  37 minutes back

                                                                    I Wish i was taller... The irony. But i'm 1,78 m, it's ok.

                                                                • day n night
                                                                  day n night  7 hours back

                                                                  everyone has problems and their problems may affect them just as much your problems affect you. people should learn to understand that! the movie ended on a good note and it was pretty good.

                                                                  • Alexis Jade
                                                                    Alexis Jade  7 hours back

                                                                    LMAO 6’1” is a normal height😅 idk why this movie is freaking out about it

                                                                    • Rebecca Styles
                                                                      Rebecca Styles  7 hours back

                                                                      I just watched the movie and mannnn i cried

                                                                      • William Darkhölme
                                                                        William Darkhölme  7 hours back

                                                                        I was friends Tall guys since middle school and I see nothing wrong with it.