2019 13" MacBook Pro Review - 2x Faster & Cooler!


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  • Infinity Labs
    Infinity Labs   1 months back

    Lack of upgradability aside, this thing is awesome. Once this goes in the refurbished store, probably one of the best 13" ultrabooks you can buy. Thermals are just 👌. What do you think of this refresh?

    • Shaikh Harith
      Shaikh Harith  3 weeks back

      @Yousif_Al-Saif That's not normal...

    • dvxAznxvb
      dvxAznxvb  4 weeks back

      raghav gupta they all have slower nvme m.2 drives, so whether they are using Toshiba instead of Samsung ssd it's the main downside if you move massive files often

    • Vml Li
      Vml Li  4 weeks back

      Yousif_Al-Saif h

    • Super Jombel
      Super Jombel  1 months back

      Bro can you do comparison of the new 13” mbp and the ps63? Thank so much!

    • MIDNightPT4
      MIDNightPT4  1 months back

      I got the 2018 13 inch from refurbished store

  • Giovanni  Del Vasto
    Giovanni Del Vasto  2 days back

    What would u recommend the razor blade stealth or the macbook pro?

    • َyuki ِ-
      َyuki ِ-  3 days back

      Do u recommend me buying macbook air 2019 of macbook pro 2019???? Plz help

      • Beatriz Faye Tupas
        Beatriz Faye Tupas  6 days back

        Is this 128gb?

      • Mayra Sorto
        Mayra Sorto  6 days back

        I am stuck between the Dell XPS 13 and the Mac book pro (13 in) I need it for college so I need something reliable and great for school. What’s the best option?

        • Adrian Gutierrez
          Adrian Gutierrez  3 days back

          Doggo can u tell me how u get it 200 hundred dollars less, I’m gonna start college in a couple of weeks and I’m not sure which one too buy

      •   7 days back

        Can you play civ6 on this ?

        • Whatthehell808
          Whatthehell808  1 weeks back

          Would the base 13 in model be enough for Comp Science. Starting college soon

          • sharpshooter994
            sharpshooter994  3 days back

            From what I've read and the videos I've watched i think you'll be fine

          • Zane Hutchison
            Zane Hutchison  1 weeks back

            Yeah, I reckon it'd be more than enough. Most programming really doesn't need that much power anyway. Unless of course you went into game design or something of that nature.

        • Bernd Busch
          Bernd Busch  1 weeks back

          a subwoofer? really? where is the woofer located?

          • SNK Corp.
            SNK Corp.  1 weeks back

            I am waiting - Macbook 16 in black - crossing fingers.

            • GOKUL S
              GOKUL S  1 weeks back

              is this laptop good for autocad and Sketchup purposes? compared with the windows laptops? if not which one would you recommend?

              • GOKUL S
                GOKUL S  5 days back

                @Catalina Ordonez Thank You♥

              • Catalina Ordonez
                Catalina Ordonez  6 days back

                GOKUL S i use acer with 1TB!! Anything that has 1TB and 16Gb + of storage is good! you’ll need a lot of space!

              • GOKUL S
                GOKUL S  6 days back

                @Catalina Ordonez Thank You Very much Catalina ....If i may ask another more Favour..could you suggest me some windows Lap which would do well for the use..

              • Catalina Ordonez
                Catalina Ordonez  6 days back

                GOKUL S im in engineering and i prefer my windows for autocad!! My mac not so much but atill works just not as powerful as the windows

            • Pedro Jorge
              Pedro Jorge  2 weeks back

              Does it get too hot? I’ve heard a lot of complains on that, that it gets weirdly hot...
              And that on the air there isn’t that issue

              • S H
                S H  1 weeks back

                Pedro Jorge My Mac book 13” 2019 was only a day old.
                I allowed my daughter to play mincraft on it.
                It went super hot within 15 of playing.
                That’s kind of hotness is not normal.
                It’s totally crap for gaming.

                Also I noticed the MacBook shuts completely off when the battery reaches 30%

                My MacBook is only 5 days old.

                The model I have has only one fan,

              • Pedro Jorge
                Pedro Jorge  1 weeks back

                @Infinity Labs :) thanks for caring

              • Infinity Labs
                Infinity Labs   1 weeks back

                Air hits 100c, this does not. Fans manually set to max, ran Cinebench R20 and prime95.

            • RASDKB
              RASDKB  2 weeks back

              RAM upgrade, no way? From 8 to 16GB?

              • Emperor TV, 임페리어TV의 GAME Factory

                Hey there, Infinity Labs. I have a mid 2014 Mac book pro basic model with 128 gb. I was considering to buy a MacBook Pro 13 inch basis model or upgrade for memory and 256 gb because I am a Engineering student and starting the major about it at Fall 2019. I will have $300 discount because I have the 2014 mid MacBook Pro. In this case, do you recommend me having a Mac book pro 13 inch 1.4 i5 with 16GB memory, 256 SSD storage? And for game's I just play Minecraft, but it was getting slow at 2014 MacBook Pro. What do you think about this option?

                • amitay ori
                  amitay ori  2 weeks back

                  Is it good for stock trading?

                  • Lypton
                    Lypton  3 weeks back

                    What about Macbook Pro 15” 2019?

                    • Michael Sandoval
                      Michael Sandoval  3 weeks back

                      I'm really digging my computer got it last week just awesome powerful 13" dude is right dangerously fast 👍

                      • Pro Gadget Review PGR
                        Pro Gadget Review PGR  3 weeks back

                        And more expensive

                        • luffy san
                          luffy san  1 weeks back

                          It's still 1299$ idiot

                      • Alberto Leon
                        Alberto Leon  3 weeks back

                        Hi can someone help so I just bought the $1499 MacBook Pro with 1.4ghz 256gb for $1199 from Best Buy brand new cause of promotions and with student discount and right now they have the the 2019 $1799 MacBook Pro 2.4ghz for $1499 including my student discount. Should I exchange or for the $1799 version which is now $1499 or keep my current MacBook Pro which was $1499 256gb and I got it got it for $1199 ?? I need help thanks

                        • xllChristianllx
                          xllChristianllx  3 weeks back

                          Best Buy has this latest model 13” Mac Book Pro with Touch ID, i5 128GB right for 1,099$ with student discount. BRAND NEW. Other wise it’s still on sale for 1,199$ new. Might get this over a gaming laptop tbh as I got a PS4 Pro new for 329$

                          • lilg00se 15
                            lilg00se 15  3 weeks back

                            would u say the 128gb version is good enough?

                            • suzieroxq
                              suzieroxq  3 weeks back

                              @Infinity Labs Everyone says this but I just upgraded from a 5 year old 128 gb MacBook Air and it still had about 50 gb left on it (used it through out university and I didn't have any external storage). It's really about what you're doing with the computer and how you manage your storage. This time around I got the 128 gb 2019 MacBook Pro and opted to buy a 1 Tb external hard drive to store any photos/videos and larger projects. The external hard drive only cost me about $60 CAD compared to what apple would have charged for upgrading the storage on the computer itself. If you're using the computer for mainly browsing and small assignments then you can probably get away with doing the same thing.

                            • Infinity Labs
                              Infinity Labs   3 weeks back

                              Never. I always recommend getting 256GB at minimum because system files, app data, your downloads and whatever else piles up and after a while you’ll constantly be deleting files trying to make room for new files.

                          • Shabih Bhatty
                            Shabih Bhatty  3 weeks back

                            Great video. You got a new subscriber. 😊 I am looking for a computer for my school. I will do video editing, photo editing, graphics, on Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop etc. Do you recommend 1.4GHz or 2.4GHz Macbook Pro? Is there a huge difference in performance? I can afford 16GB ram and 256GB SSD with 1.4GHz, but only 8GB ram with 2.4GHz. Thanks.

                            • Infinity Labs
                              Infinity Labs   3 weeks back

                              I would ignore the CPU upgrade and go for the 256GB SSD and 16GB RAM. The actual performance between the 1.4GHz and 2.4GHz CPUs is almost nil because the 1.4GHz CPU will turbo up to roughly the same speeds as the faster ones. You'd be paying a couple hundred bucks for a ~5% improvement, not exactly worth. Extra RAM will help much more with Premiere and Photoshop if you edit a bunch of raw photos.

                          • Son Loc Nguyen
                            Son Loc Nguyen  3 weeks back

                            Do you think we should buy mac pro 2019 rather than
                            2018 ( pls give me an advide )

                            • Infinity Labs
                              Infinity Labs   3 weeks back

                              Mac Pro is a desktop. If you mean this laptop, there are two versions. This is the cheaper one with a 15w CPU and two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and the previous model was updated in 2017. The only 13" MacBook Pro in 2018 was the one with four Thunderbolt 3 ports and a 28w CPU. Depending on if Apple will retrofit the new 2019 keyboards onto the 2018 MacBook Pros, I would probably get the 2018 with four Thunderbolt 3 ports over this new one.

                          • kamal azizi
                            kamal azizi  3 weeks back

                            does the 8gb ram is enough for photo editing ? do you recommend upgrade the RAM and or the SSD ? or just get the basic model and get third party ssd ?

                            • Adrian Trejo
                              Adrian Trejo  2 weeks back

                              I’m guessing upgrading to 16 would be best for photo editing

                            • Gabriel Paunescu
                              Gabriel Paunescu  3 weeks back

                              you cannot upgrade; what you buy, is what you get!!!

                          • Mark Schwartz
                            Mark Schwartz  3 weeks back

                            I ordered mine today from Amazon. They knocked $100- off for today only. Good review!

                            • Heqi Yan
                              Heqi Yan  3 weeks back

                              Use final cut pro x to edit VLOG in 2K resolution within 30 minutes. Which MacBook is recommended?

                              • Nikhil Chandra
                                Nikhil Chandra  3 weeks back

                                This is exactly what I needed Infinity Labs. I am gonna buy the exact version of Mac Pro 13" and was worried about the new butterfly keypad and also heard the OS has some issues. But I think now I should buy one for Graphics, Content Creation and Music.

                                • Flowing Water
                                  Flowing Water  3 weeks back

                                  I got the 2019 $1499 retail model for 120 dollars off $1379 it’s i5 8gb 256 ssd is it worth it?? Or get a windows lg gram with similar price but it has 16gb 512ssd any advice??

                                  • Skywalker Jedi
                                    Skywalker Jedi  4 weeks back

                                    Thank you for the review, could you share the measurement report of the display?

                                    • Skywalker Jedi
                                      Skywalker Jedi  4 weeks back

                                      @Infinity Labs great tip thanks again!

                                    • Infinity Labs
                                      Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                      Yep. In fact, to change the white balance you don't actually need a colorimeter. In System Preferences>Display>Color>Calibrate and you'll have a white balance slider. You'll be relying on your eye rather than a dedicated tool but it's an option you have.

                                    • Skywalker Jedi
                                      Skywalker Jedi  4 weeks back

                                      @Infinity Labs Thanks again for the info! It also didn´t seem very yellow to me until i put it side by side with the 4TB model then it was quite obvious. Great it can be calibrated..seems like a good display and laptop in general.

                                    • Infinity Labs
                                      Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                      Honestly, I don't know either LOLOL. I believe measured is what the colorimeter (physical display measuring tool) measured, and assumed is what the current display profile says is the white balance. It always seems to be exceptionally high on all laptops so I kinda just ignore it. On this display in particular, the white balance is over 9000 kelvin (very yellow) but the standard white balance for a display is 6500K, yet the screen doesn't look particularly yellow to me. Really strange.

                                      And yes, that can be calibrated. You take a colorimeter and you set what white balance and gamma you want the display to be set to. White balance is just how yellow or blue your display looks if you're wondering, really simple to change.

                                    • Skywalker Jedi
                                      Skywalker Jedi  4 weeks back

                                      @Infinity Labs Thank you that was fast! I´m not very knowledgeable about displays so if you don´t mind me asking, the Measured vs. assumed target whitepoint is really high, does it make much of a difference and can it be corrected with calibration? When I compared this model to the 4 TB model the base model seemed to be yellower.

                                  • 2.0 Lyf Pop
                                    2.0 Lyf Pop  4 weeks back

                                    The butterfly keyboard is the main reason I wouldn’t buy this just yet.. I like the design and build though. I heard 2020 MacBook will have a new keyboard technology doing away with butterfly

                                    • Hong Kong HKer
                                      Hong Kong HKer  4 weeks back

                                      So , u come back for apple again ?

                                      • Shrey Bhatnagar
                                        Shrey Bhatnagar  4 weeks back

                                        Is the i5 on the Mac any match to xps 13 with i7 processor?

                                        • solaydbak
                                          solaydbak  3 weeks back

                                          You can get the upgraded i5 for $1800. Its slightly faster than the baseline 13in MBP.

                                        • Shrey Bhatnagar
                                          Shrey Bhatnagar  3 weeks back

                                          Well we have no other option on the 13 inch than going for the i5 so 🤷‍♂️

                                        • Nikhil Chandra
                                          Nikhil Chandra  3 weeks back

                                          Good question buddy. I am worried about the i5 chip too. But as he said its better and faster than the i7 2016 mac version then we should go ahead with the current i5 one.

                                      • Vishnu Attiappan
                                        Vishnu Attiappan  4 weeks back

                                        Hi again, is it possible for you to test this with the egpu if you have one?

                                        • Anirudh Kokala
                                          Anirudh Kokala  4 weeks back

                                          Hi infinity labs,
                                          I’m planning on buying the base model with 1.4 GHz but I’m really doubtful on whether I should upgrade to i7 model or upgrade to 16gb ram.
                                          I’m really low on budget so I can only make do for one upgrade. I just started uni and I’m learning coding on various languages and deep learning/machine learning.
                                          Which one would you recommend for me?

                                          I’m new to your channel and immediately loved you content.
                                          Thanks in advance :)

                                          • Infinity Labs
                                            Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                            Personally, I get 16GB RAM because my workflow tends to max out or exceed 8GB. When I was first learning C++, I would have 20 browser tabs open googling everything because of how complicated the language is. Used 10.5GB, was insane. Same with photo editing (RAW), would often exceed 8GB. In general tho, filling your RAM just makes the OS move stuff to your SSD as swap but you can't magically get more storage so I prioritize the 256GB SSD first. DRAM prices should have dropped so $200 for an extra 8GB is excessive, agreed.

                                          • Cubei
                                            Cubei  4 weeks back

                                            @Infinity Labs Agreed, but about 16gb ram, it's hard to justify a 200 dollar price increase, unless I plan to sell in a few years, where I would assume 16 gb ram would help with a sale and could give you most of your money back

                                          • Infinity Labs
                                            Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                            Nono don't get the CPU upgrades. The only time you should ever even consider a CPU upgrade if if you get more cores. That only applies to the 15" Pro with the 6/8 core CPUs. Reason is you're paying hundreds of dollars for a couple hundred MHz bump, it's like maybe 5% at best and it's built on the same architecture. Higher tier CPUs aren't more efficient.

                                            I also wouldn't recommend going with 128GB storage, I usually recommend going 256GB SSD -> 16GB RAM -> more storage if needed. I can't really comment on machine learning but I really doubt a school would force their students to code something that requires a really powerful computer to even run. Doesn't make sense. If they do, they probably have a computer lab with Xeons and Quadros for performance.

                                          • Anirudh Kokala
                                            Anirudh Kokala  4 weeks back

                                            Cubei thanks a lot, but what should I stick to the 8gb ram itself though? I often keep hearing that you need a high/better ram for machine learning projects

                                          • Cubei
                                            Cubei  4 weeks back

                                            Buy the base, if you can upgrade to the 256gb version, do not buy the i7 model because often the laptop will turbo above the base clock, the performance increase is extremely minimal. Hope this helps =)

                                        • AmirHossein Ahmadi
                                          AmirHossein Ahmadi  4 weeks back

                                          Thank you for showing the laptop itself. I've seen reviewers filming their faces and talk the whole time, I HATE that. This is the reason I just subscribed.

                                          • AmirHossein Ahmadi
                                            AmirHossein Ahmadi  4 weeks back

                                            Well, I mean it's okay for reviewers to talk to the camera at some points in their videos, but I, as someone that is potentially going to buy this product, want to look at it and imagine myself using it, or in this case, sitting behind this laptop. If I already owned the device, or if I just wanted to know the technical information about it, it'd okay, but in most cases, users just want to look at the product and see if they like it; if you know what I mean.

                                          • Infinity Labs
                                            Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                            Haha glad you enjoyed! Out of curiosity, how much "face cam" do you tolerate? Like what if the intro and conclusion are mostly face, but the review process is just laptop shots?

                                        • Sam S9
                                          Sam S9  4 weeks back

                                          Only 416 nits screen? Air should have 400.

                                          • Infinity Labs
                                            Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                            460 nits, not 416. Air measured in at 366 nits so it's quite a bit higher.

                                        • Peter Breis
                                          Peter Breis  4 weeks back

                                          87° and 91°C is hot. VERY HOT!!!!

                                          These are going to cook. 

                                          The battery will cook first but some of the chips and the PSU might go with it.

                                          • Peter Breis
                                            Peter Breis  3 weeks back

                                            Don't f0rget thart most PC laptops are about half this temperature and check out Louis Rossmann to see what long term fluctuating high heat does to Macbooks. Or any electronics.

                                          • Peter Breis
                                            Peter Breis  3 weeks back

                                            @Reginald Johnson Good point. This is the Land That Time Forgot! ;)

                                            But still the scale, if its Fahrenheit is that it is the same scale where Apple has said that 100° is too hot, just being underneath that is still not good for the hardware durability or safety and definitely is still uncomfortable hot in your lap.

                                          • Reginald Johnson
                                            Reginald Johnson  3 weeks back

                                            Peter Breis I think it’s in Fahrenheit

                                        • Миша Кун
                                          Миша Кун  4 weeks back

                                          Could you check the battery life while using only coding on Python 3 or C++ and have few tabs in Chrome (or Safari if it's better)? Please

                                          • Миша Кун
                                            Миша Кун  1 weeks back

                                            @Zane Hutchison thanks for your reply. Do you have a 13 or 15 inch MacBook Pro? And if it's 13", you have 2 Thunderbolt or 4?

                                          • Zane Hutchison
                                            Zane Hutchison  1 weeks back

                                            Hey, I have the 2018 MacBook Pro with TouchBar (Quad-Core), and it lasts easy 8 hours. I haven't done a very scientific test, but just from daily use it lasts for more than long enough.

                                        • Samuel Bradley
                                          Samuel Bradley  4 weeks back

                                          Do you recommend upgrading from the 2.4 ghz i5 to the 2.8 ghz i7? I have done research, and found that the performance bump is pretty small, and it costs $300 to upgrade. Debating whether to get the i5, 16 gb RAM, 256 SSD or i7, 16 gb RAM, 256 SSD. It seems weird to spend so much money on an i5, but it is a very powerful i5. What do you think?

                                          • Adam C
                                            Adam C  4 weeks back

                                            @Samuel Bradley i did the exact same thing. now waiting on delivery... fingers crossed for an exception machine!

                                          • Samuel Bradley
                                            Samuel Bradley  4 weeks back

                                            Infinity Labs Sounds good...that’s what I was thinking...I’m going to go for the Core i5 @2.4 ghz with 16 gb RAM and 256 gb SSD, plus some free headphones because its for school :)

                                          • Infinity Labs
                                            Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                            Nop, no way. CPU upgrades are the one thing I never purchase when picking options on a laptop unless you get more cores, but that only applies to the 15" with the 6 core and 8 core CPU options. The base clock is a lie because the base 1.4GHz CPU actually turbos to 2.6GHz consistently and it's not thermally restrained, it's power limited so the i7 is also limited to the ~28 watts it pulls under turbo boost. Might get like 5% better performance at best, not worth $2-300. My recommendation is 256GB SSD first, then 16GB RAM, then if you got extra cash you can put that towards an even larger SSD.

                                        • garrett starkey
                                          garrett starkey  4 weeks back

                                          I purchased the 16gb ram model with 256gb of storage and I absolutely love it. It is such a great and powerful machine and to anyone who is on the line about buying one...DON'T be. Go and pick one up today!

                                          • Vaibhav Thapliyal
                                            Vaibhav Thapliyal  4 weeks back

                                            Hi Garrett, in India we don't have the 16 GB model for this. Should I go with 8gb? My Main use cases are development and probably Netflix and internet browsing.

                                          • Infinity Labs
                                            Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                            Sweet, enjoy your new laptop!

                                        • dmpanis
                                          dmpanis  4 weeks back

                                          I got the 15'" 2.3 Ghz iCore 9 and it rocks! It is the best laptop I've ever had it is great working with it.

                                          • dmpanis
                                            dmpanis  6 days back

                                            @John Michael Yes base model with Radeon Pro 560X. Doing 90% of time development in WebStorm and basic Photoshop usage, about once a day some heavy xcode and android builds. I am not sure about thermal throttling and the issues around it, the machine just works like a charm.

                                          • John Michael
                                            John Michael  6 days back

                                            base model? what applications do u use

                                        • Snow Ellet
                                          Snow Ellet  1 months back

                                          what were the specs on this particular model?

                                          i’m asking because i’ve seen complaints about the SSD speeds on this Macbook Pro. this model seems like its SSD performed a fair bit better than other 2019 entry level MBP/MBA models, especially models with the 128 GB storage option.


                                          • Infinity Labs
                                            Infinity Labs   1 months back

                                            The config I reviewed was the 1.4GHz base CPU, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. I do know that a lot of NVME SSDs tend to drop performance by quite a bit on 128 and 256GB capacities so that could apply with these drives as well, can’t confirm myself

                                        • UltimatePenguin
                                          UltimatePenguin  1 months back

                                          Im getting a macbook pro 13 inch with 16 gb on new year im so exited!

                                          • sarang mahatme
                                            sarang mahatme  1 months back

                                            What really touch me is the advice at end & SUBSCRIBE NOW

                                            • Infinity Labs
                                              Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                              I hope so. I had a channel before this and at one point I pulled about 2 million views in a month, did really well. 100-300K views every video, I still watched other people's videos to see what I liked and what I would do to make my videos better. Eventually you get too many comments to reply to most, but I do try and read all of them and I'll apply any feedback I get. I'm thinking of eventually opening a Discord server, much easier to respond to questions and talk to people there.

                                            • sarang mahatme
                                              sarang mahatme  4 weeks back

                                              just always be like this even after get 1 million subscribers Youtuber kind to bee change after gain certain amounts of subscribers

                                            • Infinity Labs
                                              Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                              Haha thanks! I've been thinking lately about the conclusion at the end and I was like maybe I should say who a laptop is geared for and how much they should spend.

                                          • David Ball
                                            David Ball  1 months back

                                            Great video! Purchased this MacBook Pro a week ago, and love it!

                                            • David Ball
                                              David Ball  4 weeks back

                                              @Infinity Labs That's great to know, Thanks!

                                            • Infinity Labs
                                              Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                              Happy you enjoyed! And little tip for ya, the keyboard replacement program doesn't require you to be able to reproduce any keyboard issues when you take it in for repair. AND, to replace the keyboard requires them to also replace the speakers, trackpad and battery. Fresh batteries for 4 years, no AppleCare required!

                                          • Rodrigo
                                            Rodrigo  1 months back

                                            great review man! I want to see more mac reviews pls :D

                                            • Infinity Labs
                                              Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                              Oh don't you worry pal, I'm always on it. When the Mac Pro drops this fall, you can bet I'll have a decked out model for review. Apple stuff is pretty popular and common so it's quite easy for me to get them early. Glad you enjoyed the vid as well!

                                          • Noelyn Baquilar
                                            Noelyn Baquilar  1 months back

                                            I am looking for a new computer for back to school this year, and the new releases made me excited to want to buy a new laptop.
                                            But as a student, which computer is better?

                                            The MacBook Air 2018 or 2019
                                            The MacBook Pro 2019

                                            • Noelyn Baquilar
                                              Noelyn Baquilar  3 weeks back

                                              Thx for replying!

                                              This is just a daily use for school, no hardworking stuff on it though. I feel like the Macbook Air 2019 is the one I'm getting for school and besides an IPad for notes :D

                                            • Infinity Labs
                                              Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                              For coding, it'll handle everything your school will ask you to create. I highly doubt a school would ask their students to create a massive 3D game that requires a powerful GPU to even run, wouldn't make any sense. Most of everyone in my programming classes use ultrabooks (no dedicated graphics), it'll be fine.

                                            • Aleandro Belli
                                              Aleandro Belli  4 weeks back

                                              Infinity Labs If I go to University and go study informatica so coding, programming etc. Do you think that this MacBook Pro will be okay for me or I have to take the 1800$ MBP ? I’m lost 😶

                                            • Infinity Labs
                                              Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                              If you can afford the Pro, get the Pro. The 2019 Air is really good, and I assure you that you won't find the Air lacking in any way to make you want a Pro instead. It's an excellent laptop by itself, however, I do think the extra $200 is worth it if it's within your budget.

                                              Both have the same keyboard, same speakers, trackpad, ports, battery life and portability. For a student, there's no real difference.

                                            • Curtis Howell
                                              Curtis Howell  1 months back

                                              Noelyn Baquilar yes! You're correct

                                          • A. Zingg
                                            A. Zingg  1 months back

                                            witch SSD size do you have here?

                                            • Bryan Miller
                                              Bryan Miller  3 weeks back

                                              Infinity Labs bought the same model, then got a external nvme drive enclosure for a nvme from a windows laptop I used to use to now boot into windows 10 on the MacBook for the times I need something with windows to do

                                              That way I don’t have to boot camp the built in 256gb ssd and loose space for windows

                                            • Infinity Labs
                                              Infinity Labs   4 weeks back

                                              256GB. Also running the base 1.4GHz CPU and 8GB RAM. Although, I do think 128GB is wayyy too little for the vast majority of people.

                                              In fact, just for you I ran the blackmagic speed test on the 2019 Air in case you wanted to know if those articles about the Air just reviewed a 128GB model (mine is 256GB). 970 MB/s write, 1395 MB/s read.

                                            • A. Zingg
                                              A. Zingg  1 months back

                                              @Rodrigo <-- That guy! That guy knows the questions! ;)

                                            • Rodrigo
                                              Rodrigo  1 months back

                                              i saw reviews with way lower read/write scores.... same question

                                          • Mark Jenkins
                                            Mark Jenkins  1 months back

                                            Wonderful video you've got right here.