SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK (2019) | Behind the Scenes of Guillermo del Toro Horror Movie


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  • Hi Bitch
    Hi Bitch  3 hours back

    I JUST came bacc from theatre watching this

    • Someone in the world
      Someone in the world  11 hours back

      I hate the pale lady so seeing her in like real life ✋😔

      • Cheese Yourself
        Cheese Yourself  17 hours back


        • Arie_ELLE
          Arie_ELLE  3 days back

          Can we give it up for the movie editors!? Those are the ones that brings movies like this together!

          • Ade Teguh Prasetyo
            Ade Teguh Prasetyo  4 days back

            Everyone talked about Pale Woman as scariest monster. Well i don't argue, but are you serious? The scariest shit was Scarecrow OR monster look for toe.. 🙄

            • riot_flint
              riot_flint  5 days back

              I love how it's a horrifying movie and then at the end you suggest 3 hours of calm music.

              • James Mcmeen
                James Mcmeen  5 days back

                Full movie @ my page

                • LexVantez • 9 years ago

                  2:02 "GeT OuT oF ThE CaR" you know there was at least 300 takes.

                  • zombyz13
                    zombyz13  1 weeks back

                    Awesome movie

                    • Abbigail Poland
                      Abbigail Poland  2 weeks back

                      what high school were they filming at ? I live in the same town as the “haunted house”.

                      • Bartek Kurwowski
                        Bartek Kurwowski  2 weeks back

                        Tis movie is the Best watch i watch in my life im Poland and i love this horror its amazing evryone on Poland must go on this movie tha a tors is So great i love girl with the sorry dream

                        • So Jin Choi
                          So Jin Choi  2 weeks back

                          2:44 Cut!
                          Austin Zajur: Nope! (keeps running)

                          • Luz meri Mendoza
                            Luz meri Mendoza  2 weeks back

                            I literally saw this movie today, I'm still kinda freaked out tho, when the guy turned into a scare crow OMG, u have to go see this movie...Its awsome, I can't even sleep, I already read the book of Scary stories to tell in the dark, at school, they have the books, I loved them, there is a lot of stories in it

                            • Sgt. BlackburN
                              Sgt. BlackburN  2 weeks back

                              No, its not and not scary at all. I was the only one in the cinema that was laughing my ass of when I saw that fat lady. Jesus christ those eyes

                          • Billie Eilish can get it

                            That fat pale woman literally scared the shit out of me- she was scary and lowkey weird to look at. That was the only scene I didn’t wanna look. Her face was just..eugh yknow? 😅

                            • Deen R.
                              Deen R.  5 days back

                              Ikr she’s the CREEPIEST monster in the movie!

                            • Hinson Chappell
                              Hinson Chappell  6 days back

                              Actually the spider kinda was freaky

                            • Hinson Chappell
                              Hinson Chappell  6 days back

                              Im 9 and it wasnt scary any

                            • Hinson Chappell
                              Hinson Chappell  6 days back

                              For me its least scary when she appears

                            • Alexander Sanchez
                              Alexander Sanchez  1 weeks back

                              Yeah I don’t get scared anymore when seeing horror movies, but that scene made my anxiety go off the the wall. Legit might be the scariest scene I’ve ever seen.

                          • Christopher Diaz
                            Christopher Diaz  2 weeks back

                            Loved the movie, wheres my toe jump scare was awesome.

                            • Milo Port
                              Milo Port  2 weeks back

                              2:48 what my food sees when the microwave rings it’s ready

                            • Trade Winds Seahorse
                              Trade Winds Seahorse  2 weeks back


                              • Vivek Akre
                                Vivek Akre  2 weeks back

                                without scary sound looking boring but HARD WORK

                                • SEEZEE
                                  SEEZEE  2 weeks back

                                  My Apple watch said I had a high heart rate during the movie. I'm here to heal my heart.

                                  • Nichoals Nastari
                                    Nichoals Nastari  2 weeks back

                                    Spider was real that’s why they sit. Show it

                                    • anime fanner
                                      anime fanner  2 weeks back

                                      Chuck is my favorite character hopefully they bring him back 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

                                      • Faith The Potato
                                        Faith The Potato  2 weeks back

                                        I bet if the actors watch this..
                                        They’ll be shook once they see how well and scary it is..the movie

                                        • Buddybudbomber
                                          Buddybudbomber  2 weeks back

                                          I’m so excited to see this movie

                                          • Marian White
                                            Marian White  2 weeks back

                                            Michael Garza ( Ramón ) is super hot !!!!
                                            The pale lady really freaked me out at the movies 😱😱

                                            • sppp
                                              sppp  1 weeks back

                                              He is! I went to see the movie on opening day and he was there with his family.

                                          • VINYL SQUAD
                                            VINYL SQUAD  2 weeks back

                                            2:48 oh fuck no!

                                            • Jota Octavius
                                              Jota Octavius  2 weeks back

                                              It’s awesome that they used practical effects for the Pale Woman.

                                              • Crazy Colton
                                                Crazy Colton  6 days back

                                                Valfalk well its still pretty awesome

                                              • Valfalk
                                                Valfalk  1 weeks back

                                                Well it is 90% Partical effects 10% CGI

                                            • Jester Abad
                                              Jester Abad  2 weeks back

                                              turn on subtitles and go to 2:45 😂

                                            • Nicholas Bronchetti
                                              Nicholas Bronchetti  2 weeks back

                                              Now I see the cretures and I can’t wait to see the movie

                                            • 93hothead
                                              93hothead  3 weeks back

                                              Its really not scary without the horror music

                                              • kemi
                                                kemi  1 weeks back

                                                real life is boring like that lol

                                              • Vivek Akre
                                                Vivek Akre  2 weeks back

                                                realy its true looking simple

                                            • Stephanie Kao
                                              Stephanie Kao  3 weeks back

                                              Going 2 Go See This movie!! 😊 👍

                                              • Pan Alafil
                                                Pan Alafil  3 weeks back

                                                Now it's not as scary anymore

                                                • Athul Ashok
                                                  Athul Ashok  3 weeks back

                                                  I love to be get sacred... Any one else. 😂😂😂

                                                  • Athul Ashok
                                                    Athul Ashok  2 weeks back

                                                    @InstantChildBirth ha ha
                                                    😂😂😂😂😏😏I guess so

                                                  • InstantChildBirth
                                                    InstantChildBirth  2 weeks back

                                                    no one else, you're the only one on earth

                                                • Chunkalunkin
                                                  Chunkalunkin  3 weeks back

                                                  I laughed at the thumbnail and I'm not sure what that says about my mental state but still lmfaooooo

                                                  • B a b e
                                                    B a b e  2 weeks back

                                                    Chunkalunkin it says nothing about your mental state lol

                                                • Pierce Likes movies
                                                  Pierce Likes movies  3 weeks back