UCLA BRUINS - Amber Munerlyn scored the goal of the weekend | FOX SOCCER


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  • Eddie BossTycoon Escobar

    Everything that could possibly go wrong does for San Diego sports teams..

    • guitarandcomedy
      guitarandcomedy  3 years back

      Just absolute filth 🙊🔥🔥🔥

      • dave de L.B
        dave de L.B  3 years back


        • Renegade
          Renegade  3 years back

          That's why the women's national team is better than the mens. just saying the women's team plays hands down 90% better

          • Siavash K
            Siavash K  3 years back

            @Renegade Lol are you saying all of that you to try to prove to me that you have football knowledge? Because its not working. And lol why should i care what you think about bvb or gotze? You will see gotze will be a great signing, and you say that no one knew about bvb until they beat real madrid. But no you are wrong, you are just saying that because you didnt know about bvb until they beat real madrid because again you lack football knowledge. What about them winning the league the year before the champions league that year, no one knew them then too? Stfu i have proved once again that you have no football knowledge.

          • thegamerdude 12
            thegamerdude 12  3 years back

            +jose zetina u are right

          • Harry Dance
            Harry Dance  3 years back

            Just because there is a nice goal doesnt mean anything ! You dont know anything about the sport... womens soccer is great but I think the mens usa team would beat WNT

          • Renegade
            Renegade  3 years back

            +MrVlaDy G yes I do bvb boy no one cared about dortmund until they beat Real madrid to advance against bayern munich and now you got gotze who left to join bayern and because he sucked they sold em back to you lol.

          • Siavash K
            Siavash K  3 years back

            lol just because someone scores a nice goal doesnt mean there better then men football you clearly dont know anytihng about this sport

        • Crzy
          Crzy  3 years back


          • James M Ramirez
            James M Ramirez  3 years back