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  • manifergi
    manifergi  2 weeks back

    Afrobeats/Afro-Fusion artists are smart. Have the afrobeat influence sound as the base and then mix in different genres to put on top like toppings on a pizza. So they can come and perform at all kinds of events whether it be HipHop, Dancehall, Soca, Reggae etc. because it appeals to the audience to some extent. Smart.

    It’s been done before but African artists are just milking the idea in the best way right now and they’re doing great. Plus the have over 1billion people on their continent and over 80M African people living outside of the continent the market for their Dance music is huge.
    Using Dance music to get into the mainstream is the easiest way to go global & they are doing well at it

    • The Josh O Show
      The Josh O Show  2 weeks back

      If you’re reading this your wildest dreams will come true. Keep working. Hope my channel helps!

      • Marlyn Walters
        Marlyn Walters  2 weeks back

        Second comment

        • Lil Mystique
          Lil Mystique  2 weeks back

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          • shrekdatman
            shrekdatman  2 weeks back

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