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  • DAGames
    DAGames   1 weeks back

    What song are you most excited about hearing folks? :D <3

  • GhostRangerTOTHEMAX!
    GhostRangerTOTHEMAX!  20 hours back

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, either Willy boy made a typo or there is a secret 13th Track we don't know about.
    Besides the tracks that were pre-released while this album was taking form, I'm most excited for is Going Away. It has this really somber yet intense vibe that speaks to me.

    • GhostRangerTOTHEMAX!
      GhostRangerTOTHEMAX!  19 hours back

      @Republican Guard Oh. xD
      Well then, I guess I'm excited for Goliath's Throne IN GENERAL! Thanks for letting me know. :]

    • Republican Guard
      Republican Guard  19 hours back

      Funny thing is that Going Away is a typo for the 13th track, Goliath's Throne xD. Going Away is the acoustic piece at the end.

  • Marco Kuik
    Marco Kuik  1 days back

    Im excited for trojan and animal and ofc surveillance to be honest I cant choose which one im the most excited for all the songs dagames makes (I love your work will)

    • WestRail642fan
      WestRail642fan  1 days back

      I can't wait for Testify The Modern Eye

      • owl whole
        owl whole  2 days back

        Will there be individual lyrics video for each song?

        • JTAwesome92
          JTAwesome92  2 days back

          I hope he does extended previews on the album's songs leading up to the release.

      • VirotusYT
        VirotusYT  2 days back

        Excited tor the track to come out Will KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!

        • SwordheartX
          SwordheartX  3 days back

          Thank you once again for being you

          • Wisketrabbits Plush official


            • Austin and Nitsua
              Austin and Nitsua  3 days back

              I seriously can't wait for October 30th now lol

              • GASTER PRODUCTIONS
                GASTER PRODUCTIONS  3 days back

                Hibernation and i'm the animal? I NEED THIS! (All this songs makes an epic album)

                • marinamarshmellow
                  marinamarshmellow  4 days back

                  These previews are actually really generously long.. and honestly I like the sound of all of the songs, but my absolute favorite might be.. Override & Conquer ☺

                  • Leonardo Kalu Ortiz Juarez

                    No me gusta el rock

                    • Shimmering Shadows
                      Shimmering Shadows  4 days back

                      Omg where has this band been all my life? Best guy friend showed me this and I immediately fell in love! SO BADASS!!!

                    • Mark The Unholy Gunslinger

                      7:00 Anime Intro

                      4:53 or 7:44 Anime Outro

                    • HyPer/Be/asT games and other stuff

                      6:18 ear orgasm 2

                      • lazord hoee
                        lazord hoee  4 days back

                        I said where's diamond in rough

                        • Andrewj The Gamer
                          Andrewj The Gamer  4 days back


                          • Five nights at Justinlikestobecool3

                            Insert the armamda replying here

                            • The Spaghettinaut
                              The Spaghettinaut  5 days back

                              I very much am exited for hibernation

                              • Kishifuna :D
                                Kishifuna :D  5 days back

                                I'm so hyped for Bloody Ether and Omen Child!!! ❤ I will probably just listen to this preview every day till this album comes out XD

                                • kurt Knispel
                                  kurt Knispel  5 days back

                                  HAVOK BE THY GAME. Wow. Just wow.

                                  • Jack Pearson
                                    Jack Pearson  5 days back

                                    Not sure what I'm more excited about, September 20th, or October 30th

                                    • Jack Pearson
                                      Jack Pearson  1 days back

                                      @JTAwesome92 oh hell yeah

                                    • JTAwesome92
                                      JTAwesome92  2 days back

                                      Why not blast Override and Conquer on September 20th?

                                  • Артём Артёмов

                                    And what about HOAA: Resurruction???

                                  • Papaye Prod
                                    Papaye Prod  5 days back

                                    It sounds so awesome!!!!! \m/(^.^)\m/ Hail to the king!!!

                                    • RaY_Candim
                                      RaY_Candim  5 days back

                                      why is october 31 so far away :(

                                      • Music dubs
                                        Music dubs  5 days back

                                        I love this already, my biggest question is why is “South America” under the album cover

                                      • Mr. Psychoartist
                                        Mr. Psychoartist  5 days back

                                        Oh my! I can't even describe how excited I am! It's so awesome! :'D

                                        • ShaylaLovesArt [Taurtis09]]

                                          I like 3 and 4 i might edit this comment
                                          Edit: 9 is mmmmmm

                                          • Hanzo Hasashi
                                            Hanzo Hasashi  3 days back

                                            9 is OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

                                        • Dragon Kitty86
                                          Dragon Kitty86  5 days back

                                          Best album ever! 😍

                                          • Kryn1k
                                            Kryn1k  6 days back

                                            Going away, omen child, havok be thy game and bloody ether. All of those even though there previews are stuck in my head now

                                            • MonstrosityYT
                                              MonstrosityYT  5 days back

                                              Full Bloody Ether had been exposed in one of Will's Livestream. It's Amazing

                                          • Draven Weygandt
                                            Draven Weygandt  6 days back

                                            did you not use 13 because it unlucky?

                                            • CraftedBrother05
                                              CraftedBrother05  6 days back

                                              DAGames: Releases New album

                                              Me: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

                                              • Hero MX
                                                Hero MX  6 days back

                                                W h e r e s T r a c k 1 3

                                                • Hero MX
                                                  Hero MX  1 days back

                                                  @SecondWorld oooh. Nice.

                                                • SecondWorld
                                                  SecondWorld  1 days back

                                                  Goliath's Throne. The title track. It's the heavy one near the end.

                                              • TheLegoCollector
                                                TheLegoCollector  6 days back

                                                I'm so excited!!!!

                                                • FyreBal
                                                  FyreBal  6 days back

                                                  not saying i've been listening to hibernation on repeat for 2 weeks, but. thats exactly what i'm saying

                                                  • Andrik Zen
                                                    Andrik Zen  6 days back

                                                    For Halloween!!! :3

                                                    • The sky is full of clouds

                                                      Am now really looking forward to November. Normally I wouldn't, but in November I'll be listning to this album!

                                                      • Unwanted Soup
                                                        Unwanted Soup  6 days back

                                                        havok be thy game sounds SO good

                                                        • Kieran Harvey
                                                          Kieran Harvey  6 days back

                                                          Only commenting now cuz the video has stopped repeating for the 100th time, I'm so dame hyped!

                                                          • Rafael300spartan
                                                            Rafael300spartan  6 days back

                                                            Does anyone know If exist some amv with Will music in It?

                                                            • Juan Pablo Culebro harfush

                                                              Override and Conquer sounds sick!!! I mean, I loved the heart of an artist album, but this one has got a bigger hype going with me!!!
                                                              Congratulations, Will!!!
                                                              You've made my October a lot better!!!

                                                              • Juan Pablo Culebro harfush

                                                                Hibernation got a tone of turn the final page there...

                                                                • Fionas Cookie
                                                                  Fionas Cookie  6 days back

                                                                  Wow... I'm sooo excited!!! I think even more than I was for HoaA ^-^ All the new songs sound really amazing. This helped me remember why I love your original music so much ;)
                                                                  Just one thing: why did you you change up the songs that were already done? To make them fit the whole sound of the album? Because I preferred some of the original versions... (just my opinion) :)

                                                                  • Josh Kernel
                                                                    Josh Kernel  6 days back

                                                                    So did anyone else notice it goes 12 then 14 or am I going crazy? Either way SUPER hyped for this!!

                                                                    • MonstrosityYT
                                                                      MonstrosityYT  6 days back

                                                                      I wonder what happened to Double Edged Sword and Immature ( I hope they can be featured in the deluxe edition )

                                                                      • MonstrosityYT
                                                                        MonstrosityYT  5 days back

                                                                        @DAGames Thanks for the info Will. I hope you have the best time releasing the Album.

                                                                      • DAGames
                                                                        DAGames   6 days back

                                                                        Double Edged Swords guitar riff was repurposed, and immature is on hold, so no.

                                                                        Read the community post explaining our entire album.

                                                                      • CowBoy JC
                                                                        CowBoy JC  6 days back

                                                                        it wont

                                                                    • Keegan mullins
                                                                      Keegan mullins  6 days back

                                                                      Im excited for all of it

                                                                      • Pavel Kiselev
                                                                        Pavel Kiselev  6 days back

                                                                        Боже, когда выйдет альбом я его скачаю и буду слушать с удовольствием!!

                                                                        • MiloAdventures YT
                                                                          MiloAdventures YT  6 days back

                                                                          For one shall test their patience, faith, and personality. The ultimate challenge surviving in a hellish place. One must seek the presence of an almighty being.
                                                                          Seek the eternal IRIS, and rise up, take your place and become another king.
                                                                          Havok Be Thy Game, for you seek your Hibernation, you are The Animal, within this Corporate Pain, you are a Cold Man, strangled by the Trojan, watched by the Surveillance, within a Bloody Ether, for You're Better Off, to Override and Conquer, the Omen Child, to Testify The Modern Eye, only for you to just leave and Going Away. Welcome to the Goliath's Throne.