How to Create the Life You Want (And Find Your North Star)


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  • Sambath S. Pen
    Sambath S. Pen  21 hours back

    your best content so far, thanks a lot

    • Mai Đức Tú -KOS-
      Mai Đức Tú -KOS-  23 hours back

      That's a good advice there, focus on people not yourself

      • Grace
        Grace  1 days back

        This is a great video. Gave me better perspective.

        • Weihan Soo
          Weihan Soo  2 days back

          Probably one of the best video on YouTube

          • Esteban Augusto Cerra Castro

            Excelente video....muchas gracias por la información tan valiosa amigo ...abrazo desde Argentina !

            • xXIBON3ZIXx
              xXIBON3ZIXx  2 days back

              Is all the footage yours? It looks amazing!!

              • Inma Polo
                Inma Polo  2 days back

                I'm lost. Where are you originally from? I saw you know french, Spanish, English and Italian.. I feel like I wasted my life 😂😂😂

                • Robert Oosterloo
                  Robert Oosterloo  2 days back

                  Nathaniel, pieces fell together for me when I saw this video. I'm currently in a state of my life where I really don't understand who I am and what I should do with my life. The part of slow-traveling really got me but I immediately started doubting and thinking things like; where do i start? How much will it cost? Where do I stay when I travel to those places? How do I find such a place. I'm truly inspired but... as you can read, I overthink. Do you have any tips?

                  • Anthia Lazarou
                    Anthia Lazarou  6 hours back

                    Hey Robert I haven't got any tips about slow-traveling however what I know is that if you only think about it it will never happen! Stop overthinking just take massive action! You will never feel ready to go for it.. who knows you might start and decide that you don't even want this anymore! Just as Nathaniel said it's a game, it's an experiment! Life becomes truly amazing when you take off the pressure by changing your perspective in such a way.. wish you all the best!

                • Eleanor Humphries
                  Eleanor Humphries  3 days back

                  I’m so glad your channel is growing!!!

                  • Naghme Nasrollahi
                    Naghme Nasrollahi  3 days back

                    First of all you need to know that you 're inspiring a girl from the other side of the planet,a persian girl from Iran which you may even have n't ever heard the country.yet I have to say I had absolutely no idea ;one moment in my night time routine I will accidentally find you on my youtube feed since i subscribe matt d'avella 's channel and feel so inspired by the way you approach your professional goal "storytelling".you re already a life story teller.honestly,i feel so behind when i see a guy at the same age as me,has such a great almost clear pov about life.watching some of your videos tonight made me feel blessed that there are people like you on this planet thinking this way about life.we are so on the same page and i saved all your videos to my "watch later playlist".wish you the best of luck.

                    • giorgiagf
                      giorgiagf  3 days back

                      beautiful montage and great content 👍

                      • Shivani Sharma
                        Shivani Sharma  3 days back

                        Great video! A lot of the ideas you use in this video are very similar to the things I read in a book- Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans.
                        The book helped me a lot in finding my "North Star" and designing my path ahead. Do check it out!

                        • Maria Clara L.
                          Maria Clara L.  4 days back

                          This is a very inspiring and full of knowledge video, I took a lot of notes! Thank you for sharing. :)

                          • Avi Sandhu
                            Avi Sandhu  4 days back

                            your videos are trash , you talk a lot but end up saying nothing at all

                            • Sarah Bromley
                              Sarah Bromley  4 days back

                              I'm starting to feel like we're on this journey together. I found your videos about six months ago, when I was finishing off university and completely lost about what to do next. Fast forward to now, I'm making a decent living from writing (my childhood passion) and living in Mexico with my boyfriend. I'm also 22. I have no idea where I'll be in the future, but for the first time, I feel like I'm on the right path. Thank you for the beautiful videos and I look forward to seeing where we both end up.

                              • Rawan Atwan
                                Rawan Atwan  4 days back

                                Yeah please make a video about how to find other people who will help you progress

                                • ba po
                                  ba po  4 days back

                                  Man, hope you see this, you should get into MBTI (cognitive function theory) and Enneagram, it will make things so much clearer for you. You're an INFJ

                                  • Mariana Díaz Rueda
                                    Mariana Díaz Rueda  4 days back

                                    Thank you for this video, Nathaniel. I think I find myself going through cycles. Like one day it strikes me and I know what to do, then weeks pass and all of a sudden I'm not inspired or happy or willing to do that anymore. I think I needed to hear about the process of finding north stars because it made a lot of sense to me and it also made me feel less anxious about the future. Thank you so so so much, your search for mental clarity is super inspiring. Greetings from Mexico!

                                    • Jane Allie
                                      Jane Allie  4 days back

                                      This is the best video I have seen this year by far. It is beautifully edited, highly inspiring and so valuable in content. Thank you for creating and please keep going!

                                      • Lamees quresh
                                        Lamees quresh  4 days back

                                        I love you

                                        • Claire Boxer
                                          Claire Boxer  4 days back

                                          you are amazing for someone so young. so honest and authentic and so true. id didn't start making long term goals until i was 35. b/c i didn't want to be shut down by anything, but I ended up doing lots but not having much to show for it. amazing way to live the first 3rd of my life though. now I am realising the power of the long term goals.

                                          • Hast
                                            Hast  5 days back

                                            Thank you for that soothing and inspiring message. You are a beautiful person :)

                                            • Xanthe
                                              Xanthe  5 days back

                                              What is his MBTI type?

                                              • NAYAN ACHARJEE
                                                NAYAN ACHARJEE  5 days back

                                                I am feeling rejuvenated after watching your talk what i am feeling..thanks 4 guiding us. ..

                                                • Lucas L.
                                                  Lucas L.  5 days back

                                                  thank you. Great video.

                                                  • Pierre M
                                                    Pierre M  5 days back

                                                    TL DR SUMMARY
                                                    -"Design : do or plan something with a specific purpose or action in mind."
                                                    We should design our own lifestyle, focusing on what matters to us.

                                                    -Lifestyle design is a messy process, our priorities and dreams change constantly. We're learning as we go.

                                                    -Ask "where do I want to be in 10 years, personally and professionally?"

                                                    Tools to know yourself better :
                                                    -Input : learning, opening new doors, experimenting.
                                                    -Reflection : Meditation, journalling, connect dots together.
                                                    -Ask :"What can I not live without?" (Expressing myself? Traveling?)

                                                    -It's not an easy process, so treating things like experiments or games help to reduce the pressure of it.

                                                    • That Girl Films
                                                      That Girl Films  6 days back

                                                      I appreciate this video so much. Thank you!

                                                      • Damaris Galvez
                                                        Damaris Galvez  6 days back

                                                        This was a great video! Such good advice and a different way to approach connecting those dots as to what you really want to be doing and will be fulfilling even if it’s for now. Thanks !

                                                        • Steven simpson
                                                          Steven simpson  6 days back

                                                          You are making this video Nathaniel but the same question keeps coming to my mind! How can you achieve your "northern stars" without having some kind of financial back up? Not all of us have that financial security. I am going through a similar process to you but I'm not doing so well figuring things out. We can't just simply go living the life we truly want without having to conform to our capitalistic society. So tell me Nathaniel Drew, how did you achieve your goals? Did your mum and dad help you out financially? I don't have those people in my life. I work as a nurse and I love my job but I simply can't do it anymore because I am so discontented with life. I feel detached and feel the need to escape. I'm assuming you were at this stage at some point in your life. I don't mean to be rude or sound condescending. I simply want to ask, how can you make your life work for you without financial security. If i knew the answer to that then nothing would stop me from going out and trying to find what really makes me tick and gives my life a sense of worth and happiness. regards, Steven.

                                                          • Fatima 123
                                                            Fatima 123  6 days back

                                                            I think your life is exquisite, it looks like you are in an sacred journey to solve the puzzle of your life , that’s actually amazing.

                                                            • Jennifer Sakarian
                                                              Jennifer Sakarian  6 days back

                                                              What is the music at the end of the video? Great work as always :-) very really and raw!

                                                              • Rajiv Krishna
                                                                Rajiv Krishna  6 days back

                                                                Thank you! I have been dabbling with the idea of life being a game. My perspective has been changing regarding things like my education, urgency of finishing my assignments, taking things very seriously, etc. But there's also the fear of falling behind in this game where there's a possibility that your peers would be moving ahead and you'd be simply inching forward, them being miles ahead of you. Changing this perspective does decrease my anxiety but there ought to be something else to this 'life is a game' perspective that I'm not seeing. Something's missing. Is this just way too simplistic?

                                                                • Valentin Lukic
                                                                  Valentin Lukic  6 days back

                                                                  I can relate to that topic and feel most of the time, expecially now, that way. Your videos are intriguingly timed and pretty relatable. So keep up the good work. Looking forward for more videos from you

                                                                  • aditya anasane
                                                                    aditya anasane  6 days back

                                                                    your content has something like a detox effect : )
                                                                    glad i came across this channel.

                                                                    • Mansoor Zia
                                                                      Mansoor Zia  6 days back

                                                                      Good Luck, man.

                                                                      • Crownworc
                                                                        Crownworc  6 days back

                                                                        This was exactly the video I needed to see today. Keep going and thank you for making these. You're truly inspiring!

                                                                        • posiTVty
                                                                          posiTVty  6 days back

                                                                          You are such a good story teller. I am a fan from Manila Philippines.

                                                                          • Lincoln Knights
                                                                            Lincoln Knights  7 days back

                                                                            I think I'm sapiosexual now.

                                                                            • AmishNinjaMaster
                                                                              AmishNinjaMaster  7 days back

                                                                              Wow, so much truth and wisdom in this video. Intentional living, lifestyle design, living a life of virtue (stoicism) or whatever term/perspective resonates is the key to one's own happiness. Impressive visuals and editing. Live focused, never stop learning and embrace your life's journey (all of it, the ups and downs), but most of all enjoy the day!

                                                                              • Laura Rigillo
                                                                                Laura Rigillo  1 weeks back

                                                                                Come to Denmark! The Scandinavian lifestyle has to be experienced.

                                                                                • Jess Barnett
                                                                                  Jess Barnett  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Definitely want to watch a video on how to find good people.

                                                                                  • Marcin Przewlocki
                                                                                    Marcin Przewlocki  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Will you make a video with Massimo? :)

                                                                                    • Vladumir Phillips
                                                                                      Vladumir Phillips  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Thank you, your so right! There are so many distractions people don't see what's in front of them. Life!

                                                                                      • EssentialsTarot
                                                                                        EssentialsTarot  1 weeks back

                                                                                        Wow, your such a beautiful and curious person! Your really just going for it and having the most open mind about how to live, there’s not a lot of people like you out there and I’m happy to see people create such a wonderful experience and share it with others.

                                                                                        I wish you all the best in the future.

                                                                                        • Mauricio Villalobos
                                                                                          Mauricio Villalobos  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Uno de mis sueños es conocerte, me encanta cómo piensas y lo que estás haciendo. Soy de Venezuela✌🏻

                                                                                          • Maurizio Nardozza
                                                                                            Maurizio Nardozza  1 weeks back

                                                                                            I think I met you on the street .. but I didn't remember your name. :D however, Milan is the city of design and business but, in my opinion, here you always live the need to go away for breathe joy. One thing I don't understand why we go back to these topics after meditation? awareness is not enough for us? after knowing ourselves we must always create and create ? do revolutions and involutions forever? I don't think it's correct. Pascal said
                                                                                            “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” I recommend a book "Stillness Is the Key".... and then let's try to accept any good work ... maybe something useful for others

                                                                                            • Max Wilson
                                                                                              Max Wilson  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Hey man just wanna say your videos are beautiful, your storytelling is definitely on the right track!

                                                                                              • CLEMONT
                                                                                                CLEMONT  1 weeks back

                                                                                                It is this kind of video where I see myself going backwards every 10 seconds to make sure the information totally infused in myself. Because what you're talking about is really profound and sharp. It really is a tremendous guide, especially in early twenties when this question of choosing a path is daily coming back. You're growing as a story teller, more than ever, and the words, the topics, the examples and the whole progression in your reasoning is getting to point of becoming a masterpiece. Hell yeah, we're all experiencing the same problematic, and gathering all these information in one video helps all of us in this quest of finding the right path in this world. Again, thanks man