2019 U.S. Senior & U.S. Junior Championships: Round 2


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  • David Kennedy
    David Kennedy  3 months back

    Not having the engines on makes it not worth to watch for me. Don't want to engage with the whole 5-hour broadcast so I usually skim through until the engines are showing someone is better.

    • Out Smiter
      Out Smiter  3 months back

      47:53 Similar to the Q mate he shows a bit later, Ke7 works. After Rd8, Nd3 ed3, Bg3 is mate.

      • Fabris Rugero
        Fabris Rugero  3 months back

        Wow Tatev Abrahamyan... That Outfit is memorizing

        • atwell8
          atwell8  3 months back

          Ruiyang Yan is not 10 years old. She is already 12. See here: http://www.uschess.org/component/option,com_top_players/Itemid,371?op=list&month=1906&f=usa&l=R:Top%20Girls%20Age%2012.&h=Top%20Girls%20Age%2012

          • Jimmie Beatty
            Jimmie Beatty  3 months back

            Yeahhhh Hans Chesslover here. g4! I knew it. MokeVision at its finest!

            • Celeb Dunbar
              Celeb Dunbar  3 months back