Here's the deal (Ryzen 3900X, 3700X, 9900K, 9700K benchmarks)


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  • Decker Brandt
    Decker Brandt  9 hours back

    Wait so why does no one ever talk about or use the 3800x?

    I was planing to use it for a new build, but no one reviewing it

    • Billy Collins
      Billy Collins  17 hours back

      I got the 3700x it's cheaper and it's not far behind the others. I just upgraded my graphics card to a rtx 2070 super.

      • chucky
        chucky  1 days back

        Best intro ive seen in a while including the history

        • poodle safari
          poodle safari  1 days back

          "as they perform better than their direct competitors for roughly the same price, for cheaper" lol

          • Henry Borts
            Henry Borts  2 days back


            • Endoe Kronic
              Endoe Kronic  2 days back

              where'd you get that 1980's retro background from?

              • The Persian Gamer
                The Persian Gamer  2 days back

                I want a cpu just for gaming. Why is it that people still suggest Ryzen even though intel is faster. I have also heard Ryzen can future proof you. How is this can someone explain

                • Philosophical Mind
                  Philosophical Mind  1 hours back

                  soon games might play better on more cores, so ryzen might be better for future proofing.

              • Robert Rosenberger
                Robert Rosenberger  3 days back

                "when amd ryzes again"

                Shoot me

                • Kileo
                  Kileo  2 days back

                  @Robert Rosenberger here's a gift🏃‍♂️☄🧨💥🔫👮‍♂️

                • Robert Rosenberger
                  Robert Rosenberger  2 days back

                  @fail dog thank you

                • fail dog
                  fail dog  2 days back


              • Hispanicboy15
                Hispanicboy15  4 days back

                We need a new chip manufacturer for PCs... unless more exist already lol. I want a chip that’s capable for everything 3D design/editing/gaming/ streaming/ emulators/ etc.. money is no object for someone who plans on selling his liver on the black market👌🏻

                • TheUltimate AI
                  TheUltimate AI  4 days back

                  Foa I don't have 2k and 4k monitor

                  • War Inc.
                    War Inc.  4 days back

                    Okay, I might be having a dumb moment so help me out. I hear, "If you want a gaming processor, buy blah blah blah." So the question is, what if I'm listening to music and gaming at the same time on the same computer. Does listening to music or watching moves, not affect anything as intensely as gaming?

                    • War Inc.
                      War Inc.  3 days back

                      @Simbulz Thanks for the info.

                    • Simbulz
                      Simbulz  3 days back

                      Music and movies are far less taxing on computers than gaming. With any computer you can game on you should be able to game and listen to music at the same time. Streaming movies and gaming at the same time might be a bit much. The only thing that outranks gaming when it comes to putting stress on a computer is content creation (making videos and music).

                  • SevxnSZN
                    SevxnSZN  5 days back

                    My man got roasted 😂

                    • TheGregulus
                      TheGregulus  5 days back

                      Can you all cancel your 3900X orders so I can actually get one pls? kthx. (been on order for 2 months now, still no delivery date in sight!)

                      • slower
                        slower  6 days back

                        2019 - intel's i9-9900k still can't hold slow preset in obs...

                        • slower
                          slower  1 days back

                          @Tenzindavaa Negi you are welcome :)

                        • Tenzindavaa Negi
                          Tenzindavaa Negi  1 days back

                          slower I see. Thank you for the information.

                        • slower
                          slower  1 days back

                          @Tenzindavaa Negi The name of the preset is intended to indicate how "fast" the encoder should run. Faster presets will use less CPU at the cost of quality computations. Slower presets will use more computations for quality, but will use much more CPU.

                          Basically if you get this i9 - set slow preset in obs and try to stream it to twitch, you will get slideshow on twitch and smooth game on your pc.

                        • Tenzindavaa Negi
                          Tenzindavaa Negi  2 days back

                          slower What does that mean? Can you explain?

                      • Legionary
                        Legionary  7 days back

                        building my first pc and im going team RED for it seems like the more stable brand in the coming years

                        • Legionary
                          Legionary  2 days back

                          @ElectricBlade thank you for the information

                        • ElectricBlade
                          ElectricBlade  2 days back

                          Notice the difference in the two builds the rams in particular. Remember AMD loves ram speed. Ur talking about a 120 dollar ram against a 300 dollar ram. Also check the motherboards and their features all is key to unlocking the AMD potential. Im just letting u know as a person who has both AMD AND Intel. I love them both but its a learning curb and AMD I found it to be cheaper and reaching satifactory for gaming Intel is a monster but comes with a MONSTER price too but again AMD doesnt work good with many rams It loves ram speed tho u need to buy high end ram for best results. When I built pc's its all about budget if its ur first time and u have 1000 go AMD bcuz most likely I could use the saved up money on a better GPU. If u dont mind going for 2000 u will love intel. Plus u, could get better GPU. Black friday and cyber monday. Check amazon, newegg, evga website. Trust me be ready. you could get a monster AMD or INTEL Computer

                        • Isak Levy
                          Isak Levy  3 days back

                          make sure to wait until black Friday cyber/Monday deals

                      • Real Gaming
                        Real Gaming  7 days back

                        Lyle is amazing

                        • Marcus Alexander
                          Marcus Alexander  7 days back

                          0:50 made me lol HARD! Haha. Nice video.

                          • michael1.0
                            michael1.0  1 weeks back

                            Amd doesn’t work as well as intel with rtx if there was a similar gpu to the 2080 whatever then the test would be more fair, ex: Radeon works better with amd and rtx ge force whatever you wanna call it runs better with intel.

                            • Stefan Alin
                              Stefan Alin  1 weeks back

                              I was tinking to i7 9700k because i am doing just gaming...but now i am lost in tinking wich one is beter for same money(400 €) i7 9700k or ryzen 7 3700x/×3800x🤯🤯🤬🤬😭😭😭😤😤😤

                              • stjepan Džalto
                                stjepan Džalto  1 weeks back

                                I am choosing between intel 8700k, 9700k and 9900k (and eventually AMD 3700x, 3800x ...) for use primarily for AutoCAD Civil 3D. There will be some pix4d and other programs. Can you help me to choose.

                                • Alex Mea
                                  Alex Mea  6 days back

                                  Look at some application-benchmarks where they r nearly the same. Now look at the price. Maybe you have your answer now ;)

                              • SalkinFN.
                                SalkinFN.  1 weeks back

                                Video starts at 2:45
                                Thank me later :)

                                • Googlar
                                  Googlar  1 weeks back

                                  The 3700X is not a gaming CPU, yet it still offers better value than the 9700K (which is a gaming CPU). If you want to build a gaming PC, then you shouldn't be considering ANY of these CPUs. For a serious streaming PC, a 3700X would be good, but that's not JUST a gaming PC, that's a gaming + streaming PC, and VERY few people actually need this. It's not like you can't still stream quite effectively with a 3600, so unless you're a very serious streamer, you should just stick to something more cost effective and practical, like a 3600.

                                  • Googlar
                                    Googlar  1 weeks back

                                    The 3700X is NOT a "budget" streaming option. That would be a 3600, which is still a totally viable streaming CPU. If you're talking about people who actually make a significant income from streaming, yeah, the 3700X is a "budget" option for them, but the vast majority of streamers are making very little or no money at all, and a 3700X is actually very powerful, and offers MORE than enough performance for just about any streamer, and is definitely not "cheap" for most people either. A 3600 will offer better value even to most streamers than a 3700X, as you can get everything running fine with streaming on a 3600, especially considering that most people aren't streaming in 1080p 60fps (most people don't have enough uploading bandwidth for that anyway).

                                • Replic TuaniOne
                                  Replic TuaniOne  1 weeks back

                                  Thank you for this video, I'm currently still not sure where I should upgrade to, Currently having the i7 7700k with a GTX 1080ti which is not working out for Gaming + Streaming, then I wanted to go to the i9 9900k but it seems the R9 3900 seems the better future proof version to use.

                                  And since I need to switch motherboards anyways, I might as well make the switch back to AMD, or would you now suggest something else? I heard a 3950 was coming or something?

                                  • Omega Beta
                                    Omega Beta  1 weeks back

                                    I choose 3900x. but come one let's be real here. I choose 1 month's rent over any of these cpu.

                                    • bee boo
                                      bee boo  1 weeks back

                                      I got fucken ripped off !!!!!!!!!!!!
                                      A 3700x and 9700K costed me $500. My life is thee worst !!!!

                                      • Spastic Nerd
                                        Spastic Nerd  1 weeks back

                                        HA! "your face rooka ricka ass..." Almost made me spit out my coffee...

                                        • Joe Wayne
                                          Joe Wayne  1 weeks back

                                          So.... the new ryzen processors are 13% slower while gaming and streaming if 13% more fps isn’t important to you then go for the new zen processors with your builds but if you want the best experience in game ...and don’t mind spending an extra $200 on a $2,000 minimum overall pc we are talking on the whole build a 5% price premium to have intel over amd...

                                          If it were me and I was starting fresh I’d have to wait see what the intel 10 series have in store especially now that amd finally has caught up within 20% performance, I’m sure they will wait let amd show all there cards and then bitch slap them to the back of the bus they could do that already if they dropped 20% of the price of there cpus they have now ryzen would be a huge flop...
                                          it kinda is in my book after the zen+ there was so much hype as zen2 would be the fastest and actually surpass intel hahaha but nope and to boot they have came up in price and motherboards have inflated to where there is very little savings in going ryzen most people buying these high end consumer pc’s are doing so for gaming ..... I’m sure everyone needs a 12 core 24 thread cpu that will be slower than a cheaper 8 core 16 thread cpu like everyone is a 3D artist and video editor full time .... haha cause we all now a measles 4c8t cpu from 2010 could never render any data the 6 times that most people will actually ever do this.
                                          Not everyone can be a streamer and YouTube creator people it’s amazing how there 250k dreamers who watch every ryzen video last three years and talk about the ass whooping amd is doing pissing lightning giving the people the power of god and that morsel of technology that will be what they are waiting for so they can get those sweet ass frames per second while streaming and also edit there gameplay videos faster than they can be bothered with it.
                                          You could had this technology since fucking 2009 if you really wanted to do it Jesus Christ this Ryzen shit is the most wannabe PC shit ever...hats off to amd marketing building up hype last 3 years for almost as good tech hahaha imagine the dumbass’s out there that because of you tubers bought a ryzen 1600 then updated to the 2600 then the 3600 hahahaha or even the 7 series ones they have wasted more money than they will ever make cutting up there fucking original thoughtless boring game streams and watching every one of the 10 paid YouTube tech aficionados Catchy Ryzen thumbnail bullshit videos hahahaha the worst is that balled guy from Florida living in SA like what losers watch people talk about hardware that might come out one day who are clearly guessing...
                                          I don’t know maybe actually having a new pc every other year since sandy bridge and not worrying about what’s coming out next just waiting for the next release and buying best intel product you can afford is the dumb way of doing it but I’ve always been able to do all the cad work I want and have been able to game forever it seems like the gpu is what I’d say is mainly most important thing and clearly if they show you anything with there CPU’s AMD is the budget offering in the GPU world and always behind there to .... but... there about to catch up that’s when I’m gonna buy one.....hahahahaha

                                          • Ponchipenguin 1
                                            Ponchipenguin 1  2 weeks back

                                            “My nipples are tingling with the anticipation”

                                            • L1qu1d 5h4d0w
                                              L1qu1d 5h4d0w  2 weeks back

                                              we don't need better HW, we need better Software -_-

                                              • capitalG386
                                                capitalG386  2 weeks back

                                                I support neither team red nor team blue - I support team me - as in the customer - the one who benefits truly, only when they compete - so keep it clean this time around intel - and don't slouch on it amd - for us customers to win the best deals and benefits - we need them slugging it out - so let us see a bloody competition that just keeps going - lady luck no need for you here, you can go back and take a nap - let them bloody each other financially - thats where we, the customers, gain the most from either and/or both for the best deals - becuase its only at such times they become mindful of their practices and pricing - not saying itll happen right away - but it is a start in the right direction imho.

                                                when only one sits at the top, unchallenged, only a slow death of stagnation and decadence awaits.

                                                • Mike
                                                  Mike  2 weeks back

                                                  most epic intro ever lmao

                                                  • Alaine De Leon
                                                    Alaine De Leon  2 weeks back

                                                    Can you do a video using ryzen 9 without gpu in gaming? Im really curious about the fps 😁love your videos dude

                                                    • 50caliberFistFK
                                                      50caliberFistFK  2 weeks back

                                                      For $100 I bought a 32gb of RAM, a motherboard, and 6300 fx from some gamer on ebay upgrading their system. Every other part to build a PC I had lying around, so I think I kicked ass. All I do is open tons of Firefox windows and Youtube videos. I see no compelling reason to spend $1000 on a Rhyzen PC.

                                                      Except for more RAM. More RAM, more RAM, more RAM... maybe a server mobo loaded with ungodly amounts of cheap ram.... tried that route with an Itanium server that supported up to 54gb but with unbearably slow Itaniums.... a headache in propreitary hardware, cooling, power supplies, etc.

                                                      I've waited forever to get a PC with this much ram... jumping from being cramped in 4gb machines and one 8gb machine, to 32gb... so, totally worth $100.

                                                      • 50caliberFistFK
                                                        50caliberFistFK  2 days back

                                                        @Gentle Singularity - I power browse hundreds of websites and videos at a time and use all that 32gb. 64 would be better, and 128 even better. More ram, not a faster coy, makes a more powerful computer.

                                                      • Gentle Singularity
                                                        Gentle Singularity  3 days back

                                                        Lmao there's literally no reason to have that much RAM anyway. If you use a PC just to browse online then you might as well not get a PC and just stick to a smartphone.

                                                    • Malique DAVIS
                                                      Malique DAVIS  2 weeks back

                                                      Pc Thanos: Perfectly balanced and unbiased, as all things should be.

                                                      • shaggyego
                                                        shaggyego  2 weeks back

                                                        Lyle NEEDS his own channel Twitwit lol

                                                        • Ryan Kellenbenz
                                                          Ryan Kellenbenz  2 weeks back

                                                          Still lose my shit every time Lyle appears xD

                                                          • karthik p
                                                            karthik p  2 weeks back

                                                            after spending a hour the only video that helped me is yours , thank you

                                                            • Double Owe Seven Z
                                                              Double Owe Seven Z  2 weeks back

                                                              I think after all the chipset updates along with windows , a do over is in order but I thought the biggest point never made was the power usage of the 3700x while it gutted Intel's finest chips was never made clear enough .

                                                          • Frank Olvera
                                                            Frank Olvera  2 weeks back

                                                            What case is that ?

                                                            • hardino0311
                                                              hardino0311  2 weeks back

                                                              Gotta say... didn’t see cameraman skit coming.. so funny

                                                              • hardino0311
                                                                hardino0311  2 weeks back

                                                                Adam Taj Hassam snowflake ❄️?

                                                              • Adam Taj Hassam
                                                                Adam Taj Hassam  2 weeks back

                                                                the camera man was nothing but a insult , probably just like you... and needs to be fired.

                                                            • WhatIsUpGuysItsYaBoiAli-A

                                                              The tests seemed to be a bit biased toward AMD - The AMD tested systems had faster RAM and a faster SSD.

                                                              • Shiro Lee
                                                                Shiro Lee  2 weeks back

                                                                That skit was an instant subscribe LOL

                                                                • Arthur Wayne
                                                                  Arthur Wayne  2 weeks back

                                                                  Watching this in 2019 on my core duo - gt9600 - 4 ram.

                                                                  Beat Me.

                                                                • Chris Damron
                                                                  Chris Damron  2 weeks back

                                                                  Omg Lyle yelling at Kyle lol

                                                                  • brewno
                                                                    brewno  3 weeks back

                                                                    Basically gaming = Intel, Content creation = AMD.

                                                                    • FellTheSky
                                                                      FellTheSky  3 weeks back

                                                                      did you use quicksync for adobe? if not the test is completely invalid

                                                                      • Rafi Khan
                                                                        Rafi Khan  3 weeks back

                                                                        U should have included the 9600k too.

                                                                        • gippula
                                                                          gippula  3 weeks back

                                                                          How about the temperatures and power usage?

                                                                          • cj
                                                                            cj  3 weeks back

                                                                            0:21 if im ever writing a paper about cpu's im using what you said LOL