Harry Potter x Vans Unboxing and Closer Look


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  • Maria Linares
    Maria Linares  4 weeks back

    Who else got em self a pair, I got the Golden Snitch

    • Greenskate7
      Greenskate7  4 days back

      Maria Linares I got the deathly hallows

  • Feeny Zhang
    Feeny Zhang  1 months back

    Are the gold sole easily change colour ??

    • L I L A C
      L I L A C  2 months back

      Where are The Ravenclaw shoes

      • x XottothesausageXx
        x XottothesausageXx  2 months back

        I'm so excited but I have no money now lol because I ordered 5 pairs of them Gryffindor, Slytherine, Huffle puff ,checkered raven claw and the green ones like the shine ones 😁😁

      • Tanya
        Tanya  2 months back

        how many shoes do you have (tbh im jelous tho)

        • Evercoss A65
          Evercoss A65  2 months back

          The Slytherin Shoes 😍

          • Camelia N
            Camelia N  2 months back

            Yg rilis di indo ga semua y:((

            • Andra Mo
              Andra Mo  2 months back

              Emanh yt rilis yg mana aja, sama belinya di toko apa

          • Makayla Simon
            Makayla Simon  2 months back


            • Reynaldo Aprizli
              Reynaldo Aprizli  2 months back

              where is slip on hupplepuff?

              • Violet Thompson
                Violet Thompson  2 months back

                I care less about your ability to sync clips to the music ... I WANT TO SEE THE DAMN SHOES WITHOUT HAVING TO PAUSE EVERY 2-3 seconds!

                • Sydney Richins
                  Sydney Richins  2 months back

                  I hate how the Hufflepuff ones are so simple being a Hufflepuff myself but I'm still gonna save up my money for these

                  • Slimy boy
                    Slimy boy  2 months back

                    Same but Hufflepuff one cool thought im going to buy it

                • uhuhuh1966
                  uhuhuh1966  2 months back

                  I’m disappointed overall, but really think the snitch shoes are fire 🤷🏻‍♂️ the only ones that are really bad are all of the houses, except Slytherin, and the weird blue and green checkered one with the scars. The rest are fine.

                  • JC Boys
                    JC Boys  2 months back

                    couldn't they use the actual house crests??

                    • Nor Ahmad Indrawan
                      Nor Ahmad Indrawan  2 months back

                      Amazing detail🔥

                      • røde ræv
                        røde ræv  2 months back

                        Tbh they did hufflepuff dirty

                        • Makayla Simon
                          Makayla Simon  2 months back

                          Charlotte Gacha low-key like how simple they are thou all black is perfect you can still tell the difference.

                        • røde ræv
                          røde ræv  2 months back

                          @#Because I’m SUPERMAN yeah like what the hell??!!

                        • #Because I’m SUPERMAN
                          #Because I’m SUPERMAN  2 months back

                          Charlotte Gacha and Ravenclaw like come on they look like basic ass checkerboard shoes 🤷‍♀️ you can costume make them that’s how simple they are

                      • Marianne
                        Marianne  2 months back

                        I'm going to buy the Gryffindor skateboarding shoes, because I need new shoes for skating and I love skating and Harry Potter so this is really awesome!

                        • Marianne
                          Marianne  2 months back

                          These look cool!

                          • sharksfever24
                            sharksfever24  2 months back

                            Very disappointed with these. I was expecting better

                            • Anne Diaz
                              Anne Diaz  2 months back

                              Be greatful cause us potterhead don't give a shit. We're happy cause they collab together!

                          • Dong Thanhhuyen
                            Dong Thanhhuyen  2 months back

                            thích quá đi...omg😍😍😍

                            • Clara Büchle
                              Clara Büchle  2 months back

                              First 😝