Terry Crews On His Most Intense Injury Ever | My Favorite Injury | Men's Health


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  • Ross Martinez III
    Ross Martinez III  16 hours back

    I need him as a neighbor.

    • p larkin
      p larkin  5 days back

      I just love TC
      Hes great on AGT too

      • JR137
        JR137  5 months back

        God bless you terry!

        • BoltFriar
          BoltFriar  5 months back

          Here is a link to the game Terry is talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLZAPifDPb8

          • Roy Jones
            Roy Jones  5 months back

            I glad Terry was able to recover from this. Football was very brutal back then and they don't pay enough.

            • Plague Doc
              Plague Doc  4 months back

              Still is..the amount of head injuries they get is insane. You have guys close to 300 lbs running full sprint in to each other. Thats 600 lbs colliding at full speed. It's incredibly bad for the brain.

          • Wiki Health
            Wiki Health  5 months back

            Its a miracle, good wishes for you

            • Matthew Goodfellow
              Matthew Goodfellow  5 months back

              Yupp I agree about it being peaceful and feeling like a long time when you are out I was out for like 10 seconds from similar collision playing rugby... The memory and headache struggles that followed for a few weeks really sucked. Was my 4th concussion and the end to contact sports for me

              • troy smith
                troy smith  5 months back

                Some people don't understand concussions are no joke they can mess you up but terry did a good job telling the story nfl just started careing about concussions because people started talking.

                • J. Ramón Campos Rivera
                  J. Ramón Campos Rivera  5 months back

                  Fcking Terry, he’s a great storyteller! Enjoyed the whole story.

                  • armando carrillo
                    armando carrillo  5 months back


                    • Kitterll Singleton
                      Kitterll Singleton  5 months back

                      Wow the way you explained that hit by step by step brought back a lot of scary memories and truths I like to forget ever wow🤔🤯🤔🤯👍🏽👎🏽👍🏽👎🏽

                      • Robert Tarasewicz
                        Robert Tarasewicz  5 months back

                        Reality... its a miracle you still are live.. in one piece😎

                        • Sam Paroxysm
                          Sam Paroxysm  5 months back

                          Rip X