"I qUit hORMOnEs aNd So CaN You" (Trans Guy Reacts)


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  • Jës
    Jës  30 minutes back

    I’d take t purely to make my clit bigger lmao

    • Fionn Newall
      Fionn Newall  3 hours back

      Hey, I thought I would share my story with some of you. I am a non-binary individual who started my medical transition a few years after coming to my own identity. I had shared my personal friendship group with a few transman while I was really struggling with mental illness before I started HRT. Many of my exfriends were harsh to the point of being exclusionist about who transpeople are and what steps you have to take to prove you are transgender. It became a bitter point that I always swore at after I had taken this step or that step in my own medical transition, because I was right and they were wrong for being so harsh and kind of cruel. HRT changed my ability to function quite drastically and it had become a lifeline for me, I did not like every change that came and would not choose to have facial hair if I started again and had control, but I'm really comfortable despite that fact because drawbacks still came with the blessings. Especially since I do have access to support and care and not every transgender person can transition in ways that benefit them(i.e. sometimes people can't access the care they need due to location or price or their own body's physical conditions, etc). After I had my surgery duo(yay back to back hysto and top) I had the carpet pulled out from under me when I couldn't handle the mood swings from HRT, I even tried changing intake method and I am not in a position to be able to afford trying more expensive options right now either so I had to stop and I do not mind the change entirely either because I do get to form my own experiences positively without as much dysphoria now. I confronted my mental health face on and found out something vital which would not have happened had I not gone through medical transition because it provided relief and clarity. I had a low level form of ASD(autism) with a condition called Alexithymia which is responsible for my difficulty in understanding emotion in both others and myself. I wish people who chose to transition but later realized that they were not transgender/had negative experiences through the process and stopped; just stopped for a moment and thought and realized that the experience of a regular transwomen or transman or even a nonbinary person who benefits from medical transition(like myself) is not the same experience they have and thats okay and does not need advice advising to rethink medical transition completely because again it is not the same experience happening here. I also wish that transpeople who are exclusionist about who transpeople are and what they have to do to prove so have a moment and think about the barriers that our community faces since we are from all different walks of life; sometimes the medical care we get can be transphobic or more concerned about other health issues we have, sometimes we can't even afford the medical care, sometimes we have limiting health conditions that impede our ability to transition, sometimes we have cultural barriers or traditions, sometimes even it's an issue of legality or fear based on where we are in the world, and sometimes our dysphoria reducing needs get met in a satisfying way that may be uncomfortable for the next person to go through depending on their life. Our experience is a diverse human one and being transgender connects us in only this aspect so it's hard to know what effects that transperson you saw unless you are close friends. I also wish that any, and I mean any person who is doing any step or part of transition understand this if anything should be taken from what I said. Do your research, talk to yourself constantly about this process, talk to your doctors, talk to other transpeople who have been through this before, talk to your friends, talk to a therapist trained in transgender health and support topics, give yourself time to make these major decisions. If you have life factors that put transition on hold in the middle of it, that is okay, just make sure that you have support during this break. Each step in transition is beautiful and unexpected positive and negative events and emotions happen. It's hard to prepare for what you haven't experienced but researched completely.

      • MildlyEmo King
        MildlyEmo King  13 hours back


        • Isabelle Hutton
          Isabelle Hutton  2 days back

          the only time its valid to not start T or oestrogen or transition fully in general is if u want 100% biological children with ur partner (my personal opinion)

          • Graeme Guthrie
            Graeme Guthrie  2 days back

            God this community sounds like a fucking circus. Your so judgemental on everything

            • LonelyBean Ok?
              LonelyBean Ok?  2 days back

              “This is...ah....oh”

              • Essentially Invisible
                Essentially Invisible  2 days back

                Hey Kalvin, I totally agree with you on so many points and have just seen some react videos to Trisha Paytas' pretty transphobic, ignorant "coming out" and "apology". That said, the part (16:30) where you say "I do not understand why non-binary people call themselves a man or a woman; it's so contradictory to me", I just wanted to explain why I identify as non-binary, but sometimes say non-binary female. I am AFAB, but I am non-binary and have been for as long as I can remember, just without a name for it. That said, A scale from binary male to binary female, I am in the middle, but not androgynous - I wear and masculine, androgynous and mildly "feminine" clothes (nothing very feminine) depending on the day, I have long hair, rarely wear make-up (it's more for curiosity than wanting to feel "feminine". I have dysphoria about my large chest, but would also be dysphoric with a "masculine" chest. They/them pronouns feel too impersonal for me to use for myself, so I use she/her because it's the closest to my physical appearance. I will tolerate the term "woman" and "daughter" from some people, but feel dysphoric about "girl" or "lady". I am trans non-binary, but I am just slightly on the "female" side of androgyny in terms of dysphoria and gender expression. That's how "non-binary female" is occasionally used if people are confused about me. There's also gender fluid people who sometimes say they are "male" or "female" depending on the day/week, but that's not my experience, so I can't speak more about that side of it. I hope this helped make it a little less confusing :)

                • BearFlipsTable
                  BearFlipsTable  3 days back

                  to me this is the sole goal of every non binary person that wants to look androgynous.

                  "i just want to confuse the fuck outta people every time i step foot in public".

                  • Mis Mykie
                    Mis Mykie  3 days back

                    I am very concerned for him, cause I feel that his identity crisis is because of his medical issues, BUT-
                    He is spreading a dangerous message. Saying you can go off hormones is dangerous because going off can have serious side effects.

                    • ValeRune
                      ValeRune  4 days back

                      everyone has their own experiences, their own journey, and feelings. the video they made wasn't to offend other trans people, but maybe they just wanted to help people in a similar situation as they are

                      • Roasty and Toasty the firemen clowns

                        “I could say I have depression I don’t” fucking brag about it then

                        • Sam I Am
                          Sam I Am  4 days back

                          Don’t experiment with hormones. You are going to cause irreversible damage to your body. Not only will you likely become sterile, but you will increase your chances for things like heart disease, certain cancers and will damage your endocrine system for good. It’s not something to do lightly. It is far too easy to get hormones nowadays. There should be extensive screening. As in we need to discover an actual medical test that would determine if someone was trans instead of giving them a questionnaire. It’s sad. Unless we change the system, more and more teens are going to end up detransitioning and regretting the changes they made to their body.

                          • Isabelle Wheeler
                            Isabelle Wheeler  4 days back

                            This person seems like they have a lot of mental health issues (mention of depression). As someone who has struggled with some serious depression I feel for them in their search for a community and identity. But it is very important to understand that it is a HUGE deal to take hormones and the change is significant and to be taken seriously. I just hope that they get the help they need but in any case they shouldn't be popularizing the fact that it is ok to go on and off of hormones.

                            • Ryan Kelley
                              Ryan Kelley  5 days back

                              Kalvin — firstly, I like the quote about mental illness and trans being separate. That is obviously my gut, and it’s a disservice to call people crazy so flippantly. Secondly—take hormones or don’t, obviously your choice. That said, Kalvin has a more masculine jaw line than I do, and I’ve been working on pumping up since my teen years. Kalvin looks super masculine and probably has epic pull game. The subject who isn’t taking hormones, God Bless them, doesn’t look very masculine. Sort of typical leftist emo whiteboy look. So Blaire White and Kalvin look super feminine and masculine respectively, and are super squared away. Yaniv and this subject are androgynous. My point is, conservatives always seem to be masculine men and feminine women, while leftists always seem to be androgenous.

                              • Meredith Adams
                                Meredith Adams  5 days back

                                "Thats wacky as shit to say" 😅

                                Fuck me up Kalvin! 💀

                                • saintly
                                  saintly  6 days back

                                  i 100% agree with the gender-dysphoria/mental illness thing. i have high functioning autism and feel pretty bad gender dysphoria (common in autistic females), but it's only due to that and i know for damn sure if i transitioned i would feel shitty and need to transition back in a never ending cycle until my body just got fucked up forever.

                                  • Heather Lynn
                                    Heather Lynn  6 days back

                                    Would they sound like one of them bitches who’ve been smoking cigarettes for 60 years and have a button in their throat to speak

                                    • Veka Vex
                                      Veka Vex  7 days back

                                      I am so confused. About everything now. I don't understand it

                                      • M B
                                        M B  7 days back

                                        I feel bad for this person because they have a lot of trauma they need to heal from and I pray they find that healing and peace of mind they deserve

                                        I also think posting a video like they did is dangerous to the trans community because this kind of stuff is why “normal” people don’t take us seriously. Its not a game, its not something you can wear and take off, and we need better psychologists to diagnose trans people correctly from those who don’t know who they are.

                                        • Ok
                                          Ok  1 weeks back

                                          So is non binary neither or both? Like wtf.

                                          • Space Gravy
                                            Space Gravy  1 weeks back

                                            Woah im late. Haven’t watched yours and London’s stuff for like a year. Sup? Also out of interest are u usin the key “k” to pause and start the video. Coz its wayy easier.

                                            • andy wants a beer
                                              andy wants a beer  1 weeks back

                                              I think they restarted taking T

                                              • bubi
                                                bubi  1 weeks back

                                                to me the doctor said that T changes are irreversible

                                                • Andoron RW
                                                  Andoron RW  1 weeks back

                                                  Of course T is not for everyone, many ftm by choice doesn't start it... BUT... this person sounds more like being happy of feminine changes on their body. Like watching an opposite transition video, male to female.
                                                  Ok right, I was too quick, she even says it later (I will use she now, since she says she identifies as a woman). She has although tons of problems, I don't even know how she got testosterone... Man, I had to go to a psychologist, and now I am on a year-long waitlist for treatment and medical exams.... HOW the hell it is possible to just go and say, I want T and you get it. I don't live in the US so that might be it, but come on, I want her T! :D

                                                  • Green Chicharrón
                                                    Green Chicharrón  1 weeks back

                                                    7:02 LmAo those side glances fuckin crack me up. That's how I felt when I heard them say that. RESEARCH before you start T PEOPLE. Muscle growth is very much expected..

                                                    • Valdagast
                                                      Valdagast  1 weeks back

                                                      Histrio-gender. "My gender is influenced by my need for attention."

                                                      • Ashton Colby
                                                        Ashton Colby  1 weeks back

                                                        I stopped testosterone for 1 year after 3.5 years on testosterone. I’m back on testosterone and have been for 2 years. I was a transgender man the entire time. It was completely the most mentally liberating thing for me. It was the way I realized I didn’t need testosterone to be happy. I feel better back on it, yes, but I have learned emotional resilience that taking testosterone or not I’m still going to be fine. My hair keep growing, I didn’t shave. You can actually take low doses of testosterone to make you more androgynous. Transitioning is not one size fits all. We really have to raise the vibes and release the judgment.

                                                        • camilla-atkay K.
                                                          camilla-atkay K.  1 weeks back

                                                          Wake up everyone.!!!!! This is not real person. it´s CGI !!!!!! CGI !!!!!!! CGI !!!

                                                          • camilla-atkay K.
                                                            camilla-atkay K.  1 weeks back

                                                            Wake up everyone.!!!!! This is not real person. it´s CGI !!!!!! CGI !!!!!!! CGI !!!

                                                            • Snake
                                                              Snake  1 weeks back

                                                              So basically hoes mad cuz she can't be this beautiful androgenous looking person lol
                                                              people like this make me cringe

                                                              • Hunter Arnold
                                                                Hunter Arnold  1 weeks back

                                                                I don’t think nonbinary people should identify as trans, they usually aren’t going to medically transition or don’t identify as both male and female. No you don’t have to medically transition to be trans but if you’re non-binary what are you transitioning into? It’s just a form of embracing yourself as a person.

                                                                • M Allard
                                                                  M Allard  1 weeks back

                                                                  Experimenting with sexuality? Perfectly fine, figure yourself out as long as you’re not emotionally harming anyone with your experimenting. Experimenting with your gender in tentative and non-permanent ways? Absolutely fine! Figure yourself out! But changing your body permanently just because? No. Don’t. Omg.

                                                                  • Gabi Garzon
                                                                    Gabi Garzon  1 weeks back

                                                                    I bet it hurt like a bitch when you got those tattoos, but they look cool as hecc!!!

                                                                    • Gareth Green
                                                                      Gareth Green  2 weeks back

                                                                      Assuming non-binary is real, going on hormones long enough to have irreversible changes and then going off to get rid of the reversible ones actually makes sense.

                                                                      • Rosie Gallant
                                                                        Rosie Gallant  2 weeks back

                                                                        I just heard the trans woman part and was like, "oh hell no, please tell me I was dreaming when you had the audacity to compare yourself to my experiences as a trans woman.."

                                                                        • Mule Bates
                                                                          Mule Bates  2 weeks back

                                                                          This is not just an experinent, this is playing god.

                                                                          • Wolfy Creations
                                                                            Wolfy Creations  2 weeks back

                                                                            OH SH*T! I need a Therapist then.

                                                                            • Shane Wallace
                                                                              Shane Wallace  2 weeks back

                                                                              I know it’s not right but this makes me so mad. I’d give anything to be able to come out and take t but I can’t. And this person is just using t all willy nilly like it’s a science experiment. Gtfo

                                                                              • Sarah Gallego
                                                                                Sarah Gallego  2 weeks back

                                                                                You will obviously smell different on tea, you will have bad skin, your hair will mess up, lot's of thing's will happen. Because your going through a technical second puberty.

                                                                                • Oliver Lehmann
                                                                                  Oliver Lehmann  2 weeks back

                                                                                  My psychic , comeout after i was 3 years in therapie and my parents hate my therapiest now😅😅

                                                                                  • The vegan artist
                                                                                    The vegan artist  2 weeks back

                                                                                    The non-binary people I know that being on testosterone was not like planning to do it for a little bit then go off it without knowing what they have gotten into. They were more like wanting their body to be more masculine, and not do any surgeries. In that case, what they expect and want to happen is a certainty. They want to be more masculine. That testosterone will do.

                                                                                    • DEATHXCAMP
                                                                                      DEATHXCAMP  2 weeks back

                                                                                      they look like DanTDM

                                                                                      • Nicole Baum
                                                                                        Nicole Baum  3 weeks back

                                                                                        He sounds like he’s sucked down a helium balloon

                                                                                        • iris e
                                                                                          iris e  3 weeks back

                                                                                          at first i kinda got what this person is probably going through, like they are nb in some way and therefore wanna have both a male and a female body at once, which you can't, so it's confusing. but to say you identify with trans women when you were born a woman... goes too far... complete different experience so don't even go there. (also saying that you don't have to be sure to start hormones.. they are expensive and make irreversible changes are you kidding)

                                                                                          • Madeline Polley
                                                                                            Madeline Polley  3 weeks back

                                                                                            the fact that they said they identify with trans women is INSANE. No, you have no idea what a trans woman goes through. whack.

                                                                                            • Chrysobubulle
                                                                                              Chrysobubulle  3 weeks back

                                                                                              I dont think Kalvin understands or feigns to not understand that this girl was obviously influenced to transition as a solution to all her problem, a rhetoric sold by trans activists.

                                                                                              • Chrysobubulle
                                                                                                Chrysobubulle  3 weeks back

                                                                                                This Kalvin should more question why she was allowed to transition in the first place, why no doctors are opposing or contradicting people so called desire to transition anymore, why doctors are prescribing hormones after a one hour meeting with patients they never met before ?
                                                                                                The answers to these questions might explain why a lost and confused girl decided to transition to escape a feeling of not being in the right body, before realizing she did a mistake and stopping the hormone treatment.

                                                                                                The constant accusations of Kalvin to say that this girl is entirely responsible for this mistake, to not know what is the real effects of hormone treatments, is actually complicit with global Trans Ideology. You cant really accuse a confused and depressed girl to have believed lies from activists and to be immature because she thought she might be happier by taking hormones.

                                                                                            • Hannah Avas
                                                                                              Hannah Avas  3 weeks back

                                                                                              i’m so over how some people act like hormones are just a reversible, nbd situation. they treat it like trying on different clothes like these are HORMONES ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE. it’s one thing to play with fire with your own body but to encourage it to a world of already confused young people is so incredibly irresponsible. i hate their video lmao

                                                                                              • Jacob Singer
                                                                                                Jacob Singer  3 weeks back

                                                                                                All of your transgenders will regret the changes u made to your body's. You will see...