Why So Many Chinese Students Come to America


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  • Jackson RC
    Jackson RC  1 hours back

    Chinese Students in Five- eye countries are in Paramount Quantity

    • chf gbp
      chf gbp  2 hours back

      So many paranoid sore losers... surprising in such a positive and winning nation. Food for thoughts:
      Country  PrisonPoP.  per 100,000
      US   2,193,798.   737
      CHINA   1,548,498.   118
      RUSSIA   874,161.   615
      BRAZIL   371,482.   193

      1949: US population=150mil, Life Exp=mid 60s. China population=450 mil, Life Exp=mid 30s
      Now: China pop=1400 mil, Life Exp=mid 70s, with longer healthy life span than US (WHO report). Infant mortatliy dropped from 240/1000 to 8/1000 in the Same period.  Literacy rate also now almost 100% from 20% in 1949.

      Which non-western shitholes do not mass produce refugees/asylum seekers/desperate migrants that flood the West? Chicom's China. Instead they send annoying but high spending tourists (100 mil+ per year), students and fugitive corrupt yellow Chinaman with money.  Chicom s doing a great job compared to all these 'free' shitholes that screw the West every which way twice.

      • Mega Flare Studios
        Mega Flare Studios  4 hours back

        I think you're pretty wrong about the Chinese students who come here without the Confucian Institute. China has a social credit system that, if too low, they ban you and your family from leaving the country. The exchange students you see here aren't just from families that failed the test. If they were low income, chances are they wouldn't even be able to go here. Families send their children to the US because they believe that the US is full of rich jobs. In China, the culture around children is that they'll eventually take care of their parents and grandparents. Those parents and grandparents want to live cushy lives on the backs of their children and so they'd rather live in the US because of their wealthy perception of it. Therefore, they send their children there.

        With the ability to send their children there, they show that they have a high enough social credit to do so. In order to get higher social credit, you have to show that you are in line with the Chinese Communist Party. See how even those who aren't in the Confucian Institute are tied to the CCP?

        • KVZ
          KVZ  4 hours back

          The Indian, the Vietnamese, the Philippine students also want to study in the US too not just the Chinese but the difference is they don't have money.

          • Johnny Longfeather
            Johnny Longfeather  5 hours back

            Your sing-song delivery is a big turnoff.

            • Lee Terrence
              Lee Terrence  7 hours back

              1:05 Technically, Taiwan in the 5th place should not be counted as a country.

              • David Gruen
                David Gruen  10 hours back

                I lived in a trailer park for a year, lol that was quite an experience.

                • 这盛世,如你所愿
                  这盛世,如你所愿  11 hours back

                  Because the United States is still the world's top power, there are many advantages worth learning, that's all!🤧

                  • jne K
                    jne K  2 hours back

                    这盛世,如你所愿 yeah but it’s also by American standards or wealth and knowledge. There are rich and happy people who live full lives in other “third world” countries too.

                  • KVZ
                    KVZ  4 hours back

                    @Craig Jensen Lol really? But Americans love drugs what can you do? The Chinese only want you Americans happy lol.

                  • Craig Jensen
                    Craig Jensen  7 hours back

                    Your country is at war with the USA. Students from China, have been weaponized. We should kick all Chinese students out!! Your country committed an act of war against the USA. 52,000 pounds of fentanyl found in a shipping container from Shanghai, China. Enough to kill 11 billion people.

                • Kevin Lee
                  Kevin Lee  11 hours back

                  Hi, PolyMatter. Can I upload your videos on Bilibili — a video platform with large amount of Chinese users ?

                  • Philip Andrew
                    Philip Andrew  11 hours back

                    The come to steal your secrets, buy your real estate to launder their money, get educated, get residency and sponsor their parents residency when they retire. Oh, and to take advantage of your liberal ideals while subverting your democracy.

                    • Loli4lyf
                      Loli4lyf  12 hours back


                      • Garnet G
                        Garnet G  15 hours back

                        Parents get to tell other parents that their children are in America studying. It's all about face.
                        I haven't watched the video, but let's see if that's what is said.

                        • P Daniel
                          P Daniel  15 hours back


                          • 陳一寬
                            陳一寬  17 hours back

                            Oversimplification sometimes leads to false impression. This video is such an example.

                            • Caleb L
                              Caleb L  2 hours back

                              陳一寬 ok, you make a better video then. How else is he supposed to compress all this info into 13 minutes.

                          • fue moua
                            fue moua  17 hours back

                            They came the US to steal the best technologies in the world for them to copy

                            • Maden Smith
                              Maden Smith  4 hours back

                              Isn't that nice that if they copied a lot more from the US the communist regime would be compromised as more Chinese youth gets exposed to a better way of life.

                          • zeno15STI
                            zeno15STI  19 hours back

                            cereals Australia really

                            • diegoyotta
                              diegoyotta  19 hours back

                              "whereas in american college, students start getting serious" from personal experience... that is only true in the top 10 schools for any field.

                              • Jelisa Divinity
                                Jelisa Divinity  20 hours back

                                There are so many of the Chinese! This gives me a headache. If their country is so great why do they have to come to America and take advantage?

                                • jne K
                                  jne K  2 hours back

                                  Jelisa Divinity Well it’s the students who don’t perform well enough to get into top Chinese universities that come here.

                              • Hamguy Bacon
                                Hamguy Bacon  23 hours back

                                Why So Many Chinese Students Come to America
                                to steal from us

                                • stef man
                                  stef man  23 hours back

                                  Bruh the issue is when they start cheating and using their "tutoring services" to do better in uni exams here. It's sad just send them all back honestly. There's a reason Europe doesn't really have this problem, they are more nationalist

                                  • Zeke Kace
                                    Zeke Kace  23 hours back

                                    Chinese should be banned first ask them to end communism. Asean,Indian,African are more than welcome

                                    • S V L
                                      S V L  19 hours back

                                      Zeke Kace ur trolling lol

                                  • Kalimba Hamilton
                                    Kalimba Hamilton  1 days back

                                    “Americans have Louis Vuitton, mansions and Porsche’s”

                                    Who got that because I damn sure don’t. I got fashion nova, a duplex, and a Chevy Trax.

                                    • SanFranGiants14
                                      SanFranGiants14  1 days back

                                      thankful i wasn’t born in china

                                      • Diaming787
                                        Diaming787  1 days back

                                        The drop off of Chinese students is quite alarming. The international diversity and cultural mix leads to stronger relations and makes a world a better place. So sad that there was a drop-off.

                                        • Skyosh twidash77
                                          Skyosh twidash77  1 days back

                                          I don't trust those Chinese. They are up to something more than meets the eye.

                                          • Uclababy Bruin
                                            Uclababy Bruin  1 days back

                                            but where does the eagle fly

                                            • aresmars2003
                                              aresmars2003  1 days back

                                              When I was in college (20 years ago), a majority of the TAs were foreign, and mostly Chinese grad students with poor English skills. I also recall the Mathematics Putnam competition, an undergraduate competition, but in my final year the highest score was from a Chinese students who had to take some classes before starting his grad program. He was definitely smarter than me, but also clearly worked very hard. I didn't learn about his background.
                                              I also talked to Chinese engineers, doing software training over the years, before the one child program ended, and surprised all of them AGREED with the one-child policy, but themselves expected to have at least 2 children, and apparently always options for that for the upper class citizens.

                                              • Dwight St John
                                                Dwight St John  1 days back

                                                I was in Idaho and the local small college was loaded with muscle car driving........Iranians.

                                                • Dwight St John
                                                  Dwight St John  1 days back

                                                  fOR EVERY $$$ THROWING around new Chinese you have a million villagers in China making nothing. I call BS on the student comments. And I've been in "Hongcouver" most of my life, and my father in law was Chair of the Science Academy in Beijing, and the Father of "Systems Science" in China. Like Hollywood, it just SEEMS every student is 'kashed up".

                                                  • LovelyPolishPerson
                                                    LovelyPolishPerson  1 days back

                                                    americans will be a subclass in their own country ruled by the chinese, enjoy

                                                    • Jeff Sol
                                                      Jeff Sol  34 minutes back

                                                      And to bring up the topic in today's America would have you tarred and feathered a racist.

                                                  • Andrew Gutierrez
                                                    Andrew Gutierrez  2 days back

                                                    WHITE PEOPLE ARE JUST SCARED

                                                    • Andrew Gutierrez
                                                      Andrew Gutierrez  22 minutes back

                                                      @Jeff Sol fuck yeah level the playing you will lose chump your laws and shit protect your pussy ass just like daddy and mommy saved you shit chump I'll whoop you at whatever you want sports, work ,money ,bitches or school any way you want so you know you ain't on my level sucka white boys ain't shit but copiers any way my white boss goes to China every year to Rip their shit off mothafucka

                                                    • Jeff Sol
                                                      Jeff Sol  28 minutes back

                                                      That's a lot of bullsht

                                                  • John D.
                                                    John D.  2 days back

                                                    Lacking creative and critical thinking has nothing to do with their educational system, and more to do with genetics. This is not something that they can change.
                                                    It is why they must continue to steal technology from the West, and why they have no music, theater, movies, or art that anyone outside of China wants to see.

                                                    • Andrew Gutierrez
                                                      Andrew Gutierrez  2 days back

                                                      Chinese will blow you white boys out the water China runs America better check your Trump hats straight from China any way tariffs and bullshit a side the Chinese run this world you whites are not good at all I'll out do you in in school in anything really whites are not superior and we are coming for your shit bitch fuck white people

                                                      • Whiting
                                                        Whiting  2 days back

                                                        Chinese students come to thew USA, Australia, Canada and the UK because they come to STEAL your technology and information. I'm not even joking, it's a well known fact.

                                                        • Maden Smith
                                                          Maden Smith  4 hours back

                                                          I'm curious to what they could possibly be stealing since I am more than aware that uni-students would have no way of accessing classified information that the US government would be hiding. I even doubt the average American would know what's going on in making their military arsenal, except for those that have been already been open for the public since anyone could get that and imitate it, given that they have enough industrial base.

                                                      • EntertheDragonChild
                                                        EntertheDragonChild  2 days back

                                                        If culturally weaker and cultural exchanges include Mao's ideology of death and starvation, I think we're good, the Constitution is the best!

                                                        • wsx2000lol
                                                          wsx2000lol  2 days back

                                                          Taiwan numba one

                                                          • China Expat
                                                            China Expat  2 days back

                                                            You miss some very important facts, Chinese students target teachers and other students who speak facts that the Chinese Communists Party does not want people to talk about like Tienanmen Square massacre. The CCP uses these students as agents to protest and silence students and faculty from speaking out on things like Tibet and Xinjiang. Is that ok? Schools in UK are removing journals in order to please the CCP, is that ok?

                                                            • Os
                                                              Os  2 days back

                                                              china thinks their better but they come to this country to study lol wtf

                                                              • Lezappen
                                                                Lezappen  1 days back

                                                                *They're still a second world country

                                                            • JohnnyReb 1861
                                                              JohnnyReb 1861  2 days back

                                                              So this is where all of our money is going to huh? Spiritless foriegners who continue to make many of us Americans poor and steal the benefits that we should be receiving for all the ward work we do.

                                                              • jne K
                                                                jne K  2 hours back

                                                                JohnnyReb 1861 no the international students have to pay for everything themselves and a fee on top of that. Taxes go to citizens only. That’s why all the international students are just really rich kids from their countries.

                                                            • James Freeman
                                                              James Freeman  2 days back

                                                              Because china is trash compared to usa

                                                              • Jh Zhou
                                                                Jh Zhou  2 days back

                                                                University of Chinese Immigrants welcomes you

                                                                • Aboubacar Okeke - Diagne

                                                                  "Everyone has access to skill share," ... Except for censorship, proverty, etc

                                                                  • Sokie
                                                                    Sokie  2 days back

                                                                    kinda sucks when you’re an abc but get lumped in with every other Chinese kid

                                                                    • choltrig
                                                                      choltrig  2 days back

                                                                      Massive number of Chinese students in the UK

                                                                      • Daniel lafferety
                                                                        Daniel lafferety  2 days back

                                                                        I think it's bad for all none rich college students. I remember back in 1985Thrugh 1992. A typical 80 hr work week was considered part time work by my employer. Then 40hr class time a week, and 14 hr studying. Sleep was a real luxury.

                                                                        • Daniel lafferety
                                                                          Daniel lafferety  2 days back

                                                                          If the Chinese are coming to our country. This helps the college community make money. I saposed our lower educational entrance standards might help the immigrant get a degree easer than competing with billions of students in China.

                                                                          • Alexander Vashchuk
                                                                            Alexander Vashchuk  2 days back

                                                                            How do you know so much about China?

                                                                            • bunnyrabbit008
                                                                              bunnyrabbit008  2 days back

                                                                              Chinese invasion