Nets top Sixers in Game 1 of playoffs


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  • MSQ 54
    MSQ 54  5 months back

    Coach of the year!

    • crazyhorse
      crazyhorse  5 months back

      This coach keeps it real, deals with real issues, no fluffy bull shit !!! His explanations are right on the money !!! Good sense of humor too !!!

      • John Doe
        John Doe  5 months back

        A Bro I had to come find out who they coach is. S/O 2 You Yo!!!

        • collins femmville
          collins femmville  5 months back

          Such a mannered and honest coach .... saying it as it is

          • wzup77ify
            wzup77ify  5 months back

            Why he looks like a bank manager

            • OGGOAT_ _
              OGGOAT_ _  5 months back

              He got like ODB said "EastCoast locked doooown:

            • Emmanuel P.
              Emmanuel P.  5 months back

              😂..👍 he is very good coach..!!

            • cookcookerson1
              cookcookerson1  5 months back

              wzup77ify cause he got Philly locked up in the vault

          • TheWheels777
            TheWheels777  5 months back

            I love this team.

            • Ninety Nine
              Ninety Nine  5 months back

              Bright future for the Nets. Nice young core and a good coach, look forward to it.

              • John Leon
                John Leon  5 months back

                Coach of the year!!!!

                • Super Dab Machine
                  Super Dab Machine  5 months back


                  • Joeki11a
                    Joeki11a  5 months back

                    BK to the fullest

                    • J C
                      J C  5 months back

                      Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant

                  • Phill Campbell
                    Phill Campbell  5 months back

                    ICE IN OUR FUCKIN VIEN
                    HEARTS FULL OF PAIN
                    LETS BROOKLYN RIEGHN BITCH

                    • Christopher Iverson
                      Christopher Iverson  5 months back

                      Kenny Atkinson deserve so much more credit. Seriously.

                      • MaozerBowzer 1
                        MaozerBowzer 1  5 months back

                        Christopher Iverson a lot of great candidates but he’s got his guys playing well all year.

                      • Christopher Iverson
                        Christopher Iverson  5 months back

                        @MaozerBowzer 1 Maybe..

                      • MaozerBowzer 1
                        MaozerBowzer 1  5 months back

                        Maybe coach of the year? Nahh

                      • Christopher Iverson
                        Christopher Iverson  5 months back

                        @Jonathan Oscategui FACTS! Same here homie. But I'm tryin to humble myself before my emotions get ahead of me. So many people doubt this team and now look at us. We got this. It's gonna be watching Brooklyn 💪

                      • Jonathan Oscategui
                        Jonathan Oscategui  5 months back

                        @Christopher Iverson Thanks Chris. I'm telling you I've never been this excited for the playoffs !!!!!! It's time for raptors 76ers and yes the Golden State warriors to step aside. My hope is that the Nets continue to fight and stick together because they are brothers and family and this has been the BEST season in history because it's been all about the UNEXPECTED!!!!!!!!!

                    • Derrick Sanchez
                      Derrick Sanchez  5 months back

                      Great job coach! ⚡️

                      • Ryan Damon
                        Ryan Damon  5 months back

                        Second Brooklyn

                        • HotRed
                          HotRed  5 months back

                          Wear Brooklyn At!