TVXQ! 동방신기 'Something' MV


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  • Novia Hasan
    Novia Hasan  1 days back


    • 손바
      손바  2 days back

      항상 느끼는거지만 이노래 톰과 제리같음

      • 이정원
        이정원  3 days back

        너무 멋있다 너무 너무

        • king n queen
          king n queen  3 days back

          동방신기가 오인조인걸로 알고 있는데 이인조네

          • Zuzy 97
            Zuzy 97  5 days back

            SM’s greatest video

            • NightSkyCx
              NightSkyCx  5 days back

              people finally discovering this masterpiece in 2019 just sad sad sad ,the golden age of kpop is over

              • maylay maung
                maylay maung  5 days back


                • One&Only
                  One&Only  1 weeks back

                  Omg ça daaate!!

                  • Laura StrokeraLibertina

                    OOOH MYYY! I m here because of Super Junior, wooow guys u re so talented, funny and hot! congrats and kisses from Argentina!

                    • annisa n h
                      annisa n h  1 weeks back

                      2019 anyone :)

                      • 03 :-P
                        03 :-P  2 weeks back

                        완전 노동요라니까 개신남

                        • Kim Lee Hyng
                          Kim Lee Hyng  2 weeks back

                          Anybody watching this in 2019? ;-;

                        • don't mess up my tempo exo

                          그지 동방신기도 최고였지

                          • 은아
                            은아  2 weeks back

                            지금도 최고야!!!
                            레전드 원탑이지👍
                            하수 팬양반아!!!

                        • Nctzen & Monbebe
                          Nctzen & Monbebe  2 weeks back

                          Sexy mature men yum🤤😋😩🥴

                          • Mim Yaa
                            Mim Yaa  2 weeks back

                            World tour is needed

                            • 하루5퍼
                              하루5퍼  2 weeks back

                              해병1사단 공병대대
                              군생활때 아쎄이 처음와서 일어나자마자 something 틀라고햇는데(걸스데이) 동방신기 something 틀어서 1도선임이 귀싸대기 때린거 생각나네

                              • 박정아
                                박정아  2 weeks back

                                동방신기 ^^ 노래 넘 좋네요 ~
                                팬은 아니지만 동방신기 음악 넘 좋아해요 ㅎㅎㅎ

                                또 좋은 노래 내주세요
                                이 노래 신나고 짱 🐶 좋네요 👍👍👍👋👋👋

                                • 박정아
                                  박정아  2 weeks back


                                  • Melcjay
                                    Melcjay  2 weeks back

                                    Watch out

                                    • Keeva Bowman
                                      Keeva Bowman  2 weeks back

                                      Did you remember that amber from f(x) do this dance in her Instagram account

                                      • Bambi shim
                                        Bambi shim  2 weeks back

                                        TVXQ ARE Changmin and Yunho 😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

                                        • Shantall Hernández
                                          Shantall Hernández  2 weeks back

                                          I LOVE YOU TVXQ

                                          • Zulay Mere
                                            Zulay Mere  2 weeks back

                                            2019, anybody? <3

                                          • Jayda Ragbar
                                            Jayda Ragbar  2 weeks back

                                            It's literally 1:06 am rn and I'm body rolling in bed😂😍😘😗

                                          • Mim Yaa
                                            Mim Yaa  3 weeks back

                                            Seriously need a Korean comeback

                                            • SugaKookies A.R.M.Y
                                              SugaKookies A.R.M.Y  3 weeks back

                                              Does anybody else think Changmin and J-Hope look similar? 0.0

                                              • Mim Yaa
                                                Mim Yaa  3 weeks back

                                                Hmm don't see it

                                            • Franco Santos Perez
                                              Franco Santos Perez  3 weeks back

                                              The best !!!!

                                              • SM Trash
                                                SM Trash  3 weeks back

                                                2019??... Anyone..anyway it's a Bop drop the like💚💚💚

                                                • Lëë Fëlïx :u
                                                  Lëë Fëlïx :u  4 weeks back

                                                  No se porque aveces me digo ami misma que nunca busce la cancion subtitulada en español :V

                                                  • Nada Min
                                                    Nada Min  4 weeks back

                                                    miss you

                                                    • Mim Yaa
                                                      Mim Yaa  4 weeks back

                                                      They've a new Japanese single out

                                                  • BTS and TXT family
                                                    BTS and TXT family  4 weeks back

                                                    I know I'm a bad person but I only knew SM had EXO, RED VELVET, NCT and GIRLS GENERATION not this duo also but I'm loving it's totally different kind of kpop and OMG the tattoos none of the kpop artist that are in groups have that

                                                    • Mim Yaa
                                                      Mim Yaa  4 weeks back

                                                      Not real tattoos.. TVXQ debut in 2003..check out their other songs, all great

                                                  • Mim Yaa
                                                    Mim Yaa  4 weeks back

                                                    Lack of views on their MV's is rude 😕😕

                                                    • Melcjay
                                                      Melcjay  4 weeks back


                                                      • Angela Bromley
                                                        Angela Bromley  1 months back

                                                        Why is it if a group has like 7people there is one girl they follow around and if there are one or two the number of girls can go up to like triple digits?

                                                        • 박상희
                                                          박상희  1 months back


                                                          • 은아
                                                            은아  2 weeks back


                                                        • 박상희
                                                          박상희  1 months back


                                                          • Aisha Alves
                                                            Aisha Alves  1 months back

                                                            2019? Anyone? Or I’m just a lonely soul that’s dancing to this masterpiece in these days?

                                                          • 이난 Enan T
                                                            이난 Enan T  1 months back

                                                            TVXQ fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

                                                            • MsMaysWorld
                                                              MsMaysWorld  1 months back

                                                              Love a man in a three piece suit

                                                              • Beyond The Scene
                                                                Beyond The Scene  1 months back

                                                                ¡Esto es grandioso!

                                                                • Sparkleanium
                                                                  Sparkleanium  1 months back

                                                                  2019 and still is a bop!!!

                                                                • 박종근
                                                                  박종근  1 months back


                                                                  • Pavlínka H
                                                                    Pavlínka H  1 months back

                                                                    Hmm... 2o19?

                                                                  • ANGELA BANTANG
                                                                    ANGELA BANTANG  1 months back

                                                                    2019... Aún recuerdo ese 2013 cuando escuche esta canción me gusta mucho...

                                                                    • Elsa Vazquez
                                                                      Elsa Vazquez  1 months back

                                                                      Los envidio por como vailan y cantan :y💖💖

                                                                      • 黃麗珠
                                                                        黃麗珠  1 months back


                                                                        • mary Kim
                                                                          mary Kim  1 months back

                                                                          저 무대를 SBS 사녹 가서 맨눈으로 봄.  뮤비도 멋지지만 진짜 넘사벽 멋있음.

                                                                          • BaDUM Tsss
                                                                            BaDUM Tsss  1 months back

                                                                            Tvxq are kpop legends