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  • moohooman
    moohooman  4 months back

    Why did so many people dislike this? It's the only thing that gets me through uni.

    • Sayantan Chaudhuri
      Sayantan Chaudhuri  4 months back

      Pretty sick. Thanks for keeping the intermission music as is :]

      • Dickie
        Dickie  4 months back

        Why so many down-votes? Simon and Turps are a great duo.

        Don't sit there watching it just listen and get on with something. ;)

        • Robin Head
          Robin Head  4 months back

          I love this stream so much. It makes me feel better about getting excited about legos and not being a kid.

          • Evile Gaming
            Evile Gaming  4 months back

            Did turps actually play WoW, Thoridlal? It's Rhok'delar! and best racial was clearly UD perma fear ward and aimedshot from shadowmeld. #elitistjerk

            On Deliveroo, unsurprising, they are a cancer that have rendered many city centers a bloody deathtrap. As far as I can tell they consider road directives mere suggestions and they have as much right to use pavements as pedestrians. Let's not even talk about the company undermining labour laws and claiming their drivers are "self employed" fk em and fk thier business model.

            • Robert Thomas
              Robert Thomas  4 months back

              funny, the older simon gets the more he looks like he belongs walking around ironforge up to his ears in legendary gear

              • Jaxy
                Jaxy  4 months back

                More obnoxious than entertaining.

                • Proongle
                  Proongle  4 months back

                  Love the cancellation chance at the top

                  • FunyunRob
                    FunyunRob  4 months back

                    Star Was?

                    • Jason Holroyd
                      Jason Holroyd  4 months back


                      • colonelbbq
                        colonelbbq  4 months back

                        who is the homeless jesse cox?

                      • Aurora Uplinks
                        Aurora Uplinks  4 months back

                        Cool Lego starships

                        • wylerI
                          wylerI  4 months back

                          Star Was?

                          • James Kelly
                            James Kelly  4 months back

                            It was a long, long time ago.

                        • fvfvxcvfxcvf
                          fvfvxcvfxcvf  4 months back

                          break ends @ 1:37:05

                          • moohooman
                            moohooman  4 months back

                            You are everyone's hero

                        • AdnaNNN
                          AdnaNNN  4 months back

                          Yogs got it