Gordon Ramsay's perfect scrambled eggs tutorial | GMA Digital


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  • britfan03
    britfan03  1 months back

    Ewh!! I would send those back. They look gooey. I like mine fluffy and a bit drier.

    • Mohd Khairul
      Mohd Khairul  1 months back

      Jack got so big.

      • Etherius Sention
        Etherius Sention  1 months back

        *Gordons scrambled eggs* = *Simple yet Perfect*

        • chukie30
          chukie30  1 months back

          No I’m not feeling those eggs...

          • Annatar
            Annatar  1 months back

            Those eggs were raw. You donkey!

            • Djnkout
              Djnkout  1 months back

              He forgot to seasoning the entire thing

              • Pulsar1984
                Pulsar1984  1 months back

                I mean, are you surprised??? I’m not gonna say anything else...... heheheh!!!!!!!!

            • Zahra Abdo
              Zahra Abdo  1 months back


              • 104th Commander Hansen
                104th Commander Hansen  1 months back

                Needs more lambsauce😐

                • Tanner Gonnoreha
                  Tanner Gonnoreha  1 months back

                  This dude cooks scrambled eggs so much its gonna turn into a meme

                  • Comments For Subs
                    Comments For Subs  1 months back

                    First lol

                    • subscribe to get skinny
                      subscribe to get skinny  1 months back

                      This water is RAW!