Modern Warfare Is The BEST Call of Duty In YEARS!!


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  • The Act Man
    The Act Man   1 months back

    I'VE BEEN RIGHT ABOUT THE MAP DESIGN THIS WHOLE TIME, BABY!!! WOO!! What are your thoughts on Modern Warfare 2019 Activision Super-Special Edition?

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    • Tyler Klein
      Tyler Klein  43 minutes back

      kato093 no bad map design are maps that get boring fast like ww2 maps and black ops franchise maps because they're so linear and don't make you think about anything except for what's literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU so yeah I stand by my statement that the Modern Warfare maps are the best in the entire franchise there's just so much variation in combat and encounters and so many possibilities which is why I love it

    • kato093
      kato093  1 hours back

      @Tyler Klein uh...what? Cod mw? This new cod?? The best maps?!!??!?! Are you fkn high? They are easily the worst maps. Casual garbage. They are made so noobs can camp and get a few free kills now and then. They literally have no flow. Its a constant clusterfuck and enemies spawn literally from everywhere. Map awereness goes out the fkn window. You cant even guess where enemies are unless you have an uav. That=bad map design. The only decent maps right now are the one in europe like england or something with the warehouse and the one with the train. And guess what? They are smaller maps with 3 lanes.

    • Tyler Klein
      Tyler Klein  1 hours back

      kato093 dumba$$ the maps are the best in the entire franchise

    • kato093
      kato093  2 hours back

      You have been right? The maps in cod mw are DOGSHIT. The worst maps easily.

    • Teighan Clott-Brown
      Teighan Clott-Brown  10 hours back

      Wait, you were joking about warframe right?

  • Kers A HerpaFuqer
    Kers A HerpaFuqer  2 hours back

    This is just a beta, this is how it works every year.
    People love the game before it comes out, game comes out? Worst than the last

    • David Empey
      David Empey  2 hours back

      how bout we wait for it to come out before we start sucking there dick?

      • FooeyMcgooey
        FooeyMcgooey  3 hours back

        World war ll was the better ones that came out...

        That being said, this game is up there with BO3

        • Monkeydonkey555
          Monkeydonkey555  5 hours back

          “WRYYYYYYYYYYY” was that a jojo reference

          • Mantas Rokas
            Mantas Rokas  7 hours back

            Can you make a video where you rank all call of duty games from worst to best personal preference?

            • thsudy
              thsudy  8 hours back

              I like how Everyone says "The best CoD in years" for Every game, every year.

              • Canadian Goose
                Canadian Goose  9 hours back

                I gotta get this game its so beautiful and gives me an orgasm just seeing its graphics

                • TechGuy322
                  TechGuy322  10 hours back

                  Beta sucks balls

                  • christian velasco
                    christian velasco  22 hours back

                    I only ever saw the reveal trailer and backed away as far as possible thinking "nope, not a chance, Im not falling for your shit". But after seeing your vid, Act, it's given me hope. But i think Ill wait a month or two before buying. Wanna see what shady stuff they do like you were wondering.

                    • doralop xD
                      doralop xD  1 days back

                      I'm so happy to hear this :)

                      • Marlon F
                        Marlon F  1 days back

                        No dude... the operators dont look like in siege, they look freaking awesome unlike the stupid fictional military cosplay parade Rb6 ones

                        • Marlon F
                          Marlon F  1 days back

                          @Dog e Then you havent played both games or you dont know what current military gear looks like. Sure the older basic operators look somewhat real, but all of the new ones have a futuristic colorfull cosplay stupid vibe which makes everything look unreal as a whole

                        • Dog e
                          Dog e  1 days back

                          Marlon F they look the same ffs

                      • Grey Bayles
                        Grey Bayles  1 days back

                        You know ive been avoiding the hype bc i gave up on cod after ghosts, but the engine change looks likes it gonna help a lot. Maybe ill give it a shot.

                        • blue mop disaster
                          blue mop disaster  1 days back


                          • robertlovesgothgirlz
                            robertlovesgothgirlz  1 days back

                   looks like BFV is dead.

                            • Caleb Nolin
                              Caleb Nolin  1 days back

                              The game hasn’t even came out

                            • Jade
                              Jade  2 days back

                              Realism in cod lol

                              • ExoTitan300
                                ExoTitan300  2 days back

                                Am I the only one that’s just hyped for a good campaign again we haven’t had one from any game in years

                                • Drake Karr
                                  Drake Karr  2 days back

                                  No. The beta was generic and boring. Unsubscribed. The games not even out yet, and you call it the best?! How much are they paying you?!

                                  • Isso
                                    Isso  14 hours back

                                    He’s saying it LOOKS like it’s gonna be the best dumbass.

                                  • Dog e
                                    Dog e  1 days back

                                    Drake Karr not enough loot boxes you fucking 5 year old?

                                • leandro del mistro
                                  leandro del mistro  2 days back

                                  Watcrame pay to win 😂that's the biggest load of bullshit I ever heard

                                  • Isso
                                    Isso  14 hours back

                                    You know he’s joking right

                                  • Dog e
                                    Dog e  1 days back

                                    leandro del mistro warcrame

                                  • [Verbose Bot]
                                    [Verbose Bot]  1 days back


                                • Despacito Despacito
                                  Despacito Despacito  2 days back

                                  im actuslly selling my danm laptop so i can buy a playstation and get my hands on this i played a part of the campaign at me friends house and i love it

                                  • Nicolas Armstrong
                                    Nicolas Armstrong  2 days back

                                    The breaking Benjamin reference and the mention of the "hype as fuck" trailer music made me wish they'd used them in the trailer.

                                    • David Alvarado
                                      David Alvarado  2 days back

                                      Also respawn did the whole enter the map dynamically thing already with Titanfall. Don't get me wrong im super excited for this cod but man all these "new" features are already in games I'm playing RIGHT NOW.

                                      • David Alvarado
                                        David Alvarado  1 days back

                                        @[Verbose Bot] You do know you can play more than just one game right? No need to be defensive dude. Besides the channel isn't only call of duty focused anyway. I used to be a huge cod fan until after the original black ops which is where the series peaked in my opinion. So I'm extremely interested in the new Modern Warfare reboot as well. Just made a statement that these aren't new features in general just new to COD itself so by themselves they are nothing special.

                                        I moved on to battlefield mostly until after bf4 now I play Titanfall 2 which has basically ruined all other multiplayer shooters for me. New battlefield games suck compared to the old and the same goes for COD until (hopefully) this new Modern Warfare comes out which is why I'm here in the first place.

                                      • [Verbose Bot]
                                        [Verbose Bot]  1 days back

                                        if you don't like call of duty, why are you even here, go back to battlefield.

                                    • David Alvarado
                                      David Alvarado  2 days back

                                      From this video it seems to me like you should have just been playing battlefield instead of cod all these years.

                                      • David Alvarado
                                        David Alvarado  2 days back

                                        20v20 seems unreal? Uhh... Haven't you ever heard of battlefield bro? Bf4 is where it's at.

                                        • Khang Lê
                                          Khang Lê  2 days back

                                          It hasn't even release yet.

                                          • Ben Starkey
                                            Ben Starkey  2 days back

                                            Ik it’s a literal joke to provoke a reaction but warframe isn’t pay to win xD

                                            • IceWolf243
                                              IceWolf243  2 days back

                                              I kinda hope the intros to the map arent just a silent ride in and that the Operators talk to each other like say you have someone from the SAS in the same truck as a US Marine and they ask where their from or if they have kids and a wife and that the Operator being asked has dynamic responses

                                              • Michael Vinson
                                                Michael Vinson  2 days back

                                                (Ghosts was decent imo, don't hate me)

                                                • Gregory
                                                  Gregory  2 days back

                                                  Battle field 6, modern warfare

                                                  • tonytran
                                                    tonytran  2 days back

                                                    i quit playin cod since 2013, but i think its safe to say this is the cod we've all been waiting for

                                                    • gaming wolf
                                                      gaming wolf  2 days back

                                                      I have to agree with you. The new models where wearing thin. This one went back to the basics and approved them for the better. I can't wait

                                                      • Luminous 819
                                                        Luminous 819  3 days back

                                                        I have preordered it on PC , Cant wait for Beta etc . on PC =) .

                                                      • GrimReapaXx Deadman
                                                        GrimReapaXx Deadman  3 days back

                                                        To be honest, ...😏

                                                        ..Call of duty swallows.

                                                        • Dru White
                                                          Dru White  3 days back

                                                          Ghost, BO2, MW3 were the last good ones

                                                          • TechGuy322
                                                            TechGuy322  10 hours back

                                                            MW3 sucks. Fucking loot box cuntbag

                                                          • Isso
                                                            Isso  14 hours back

                                                            Bo2 and mw3 were the last good ones but IMO weren’t even close to some of the older ones.

                                                          • Dru White
                                                            Dru White  1 days back

                                                            @Schullitz I'll agree to disagree.

                                                          • Schullitz
                                                            Schullitz  1 days back

                                                            MW1 was the last good one

                                                        • JuiceyJuice
                                                          JuiceyJuice  3 days back

                                                          I was lucky, when i was 7 i got black ops one came out, that was my first time playing cod. It was the best game i have ever played.

                                                          • Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Chaplain

                                                            Going dark, Bravo Six is.

                                                            • Ango Goblogian
                                                              Ango Goblogian  3 days back

                                                              I’m in love with this game but I hope it doesn’t push the battlefield franchise into obscurity. They haven’t had a very good track record the past few years. if they want to avoid being forgotten they better take note of what cod is doing this year and quit with the pandering and gimmicks. Get on it.

                                                              • Call Me CU8E
                                                                Call Me CU8E  3 days back

                                                                I have not purchased a new Call of Duty game sense ghosts came out. My first Call of Duty game was MW2 which still remains as my favorite COD game today. I played the modern warfare trilogy and even though I only played a little bit of Black Ops I still enjoyed the little bit I got to play, Played Black Ops 2 not my favorite but still pretty good. and when Ghosts was coming out I was excited to see what great new features would be added and what kind of game it would be. I was pretty disappointed and every COD game after that sucked more and more (it was nice to get an updated version of Modern warfare) I believed that there would never be a new Call of Duty game that would live up to what the series used to be. But now it seems history is repeating its self but this time for the better.

                                                                • Danny Farenheit
                                                                  Danny Farenheit  3 days back

                                                                  Love that Metallica reference at the beginning of the video

                                                                  • ♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive]

                                                                    dude dont be like the fanboyz and review it when it comes out lol :P pls :*

                                                                    • Anoniem Anoniem
                                                                      Anoniem Anoniem  3 days back

                                                                      (SORRY FOR CAPS ITS JUST IM IN LOVE WITH THE GAME)

                                                                      • Old Is Best
                                                                        Old Is Best  3 days back

                                                                        A small, overlooked thing I noticed was that the kill cams looked amazing. The slow motion part was hella cool. And I hope they get rid of those terrible "best kill cams" and bring back the "final kill cam."

                                                                        • Dusty Clance
                                                                          Dusty Clance  3 days back

                                                                          This game is cod ghost but better

                                                                          • Dusty Clance
                                                                            Dusty Clance  3 days back

                                                                            Didn't call of duty ghost have a different map design as well??

                                                                            • NepcoreD3stiny
                                                                              NepcoreD3stiny  3 days back

                                                                              This may be the first call of duty I buy in nearly a decade, I am cautiously hyped!

                                                                              • Vampahh
                                                                                Vampahh  3 days back

                                                                                After playing the Beta, this game is terrible.

                                                                                • Isso
                                                                                  Isso  14 hours back

                                                                                  Vampahh second weekend came and I personally think it’s amazing.

                                                                              • Marc Ruijs
                                                                                Marc Ruijs  3 days back

                                                                                You sir, are a legend.