Kyle Bass on China's Major Risks & Opportunities (w/ Grant Williams)

  • Published: 11 September 2019
  • Legendary investor Kyle Bass, the founder of Hayman Capital, joins Real Vision’s Grant Williams for a deep dive into China. From shifting capital flows around the world to the threat of China devaluing the yuan, these two discuss threats and opportunities that China presents investors now. Filmed September 17, 2018 in New York.

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    Kyle Bass on China's Major Risks & Opportunities (w/ Grant Williams)

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Comments • 366

  • michael engel
    michael engel  3 hours back

    Aug 24 1814 was a bad day : the British Empire entered DC and burnt the white house.
    Aug 24 2015 was a bad day : SPX suddenly collapsed.
    In 2014 foreign investors were invited China. The left was great.
    When SSEC bubble was peaked, on the right hand side of a bubble, investors got out.
    Dollar short, PBOC and the big x4 banks cannot kick the ball down to the other side and defend their own goal line...

    • michael engel
      michael engel  5 hours back

      The global trade beyond peak, but its nature is changing.
      Barter trade takeover. Barter will always survive.
      The Yuan invisible hand "do" trades beyond wall street click.
      US is the dollar debt king.
      China is the barter king.
      Trump is a student of :
      Friedrich List, a German American economist, dead for 200 years :
      "The National System Of Political Economy"
      Amazon for $10 better than $75,000/Y x 4Y for the elite kids.

      • michael engel
        michael engel  5 hours back

        1) Kyle is bright. When Fx reserves plunge, a trade was signed between China & Iran :
        x8 Iranian oil tankers for : 4,000 cars, 11,000 TV sets, 100K men underwear and x5 NK nukes.
        2) Oil @ 40% Brent. Chinese real goods in Yuan.

        Not a dime was traded. "real Goods" for "Real Goods".
        US is dollar trade king.
        China is "Real Goods" king.
        If China oil consumption < 500 M tonnes, 1 out of 8 tankers oil will be sold at Brent in Rotterdam,
        to help Chinese "dollar" short.

        • Lance Rexington
          Lance Rexington  9 hours back

          Communist China is way to much risk.

          • Anne Fallible
            Anne Fallible  11 hours back

            It makes me really angry that you guys admit to selling US out for profit yet you take the moral high ground against The president we elected to redeem our nation and our jobs. Get off your high horses before you're dragged off.

            • Steve Anderson
              Steve Anderson  13 hours back

              This is a proven CCP's plot to circumvent the petrol dollar by further internationalizing rmb through 18 continuous trading hours in a day. After being rejected by major stock holders of LSE on the combination offer, CCP has decided to embark on hostile acquisition. US Treasury must be warned that a different currency war is about to erupt.

              • Doublescoop BS
                Doublescoop BS  18 hours back

                Is China using the 1.2 trillion US treasury as collateral.

                • monstermixmike1
                  monstermixmike1  22 hours back

                  Awesome interview guyz 💪🏽

                  • Clooz
                    Clooz  23 hours back

                    So is this why the extradition was so dangerous? If it passed and this economic thing crashed...would China just take over?

                    • Jim Jam
                      Jim Jam  1 days back

                      Even a pyschopath has difficulty separating emotion from a given rationalization. It's a component part of a psyche.

                      • Alan Guo
                        Alan Guo  1 days back

                        Hong Kong massacres show the world how ccp manipulate America ‘s politics, how deeply they can control Americans,ccp take advantage of the conflict between two parties and politicians’s greedy , swallows the freedom, Law,democracy crazily

                        • Alan Guo
                          Alan Guo  1 days back

                          Most Americans are so naive, because. they are born in a peaceful, lawful country, they don’t know how Chinese living, and most Chinese Also don’t know how ccp work, they are also naive,they are pig , make use of by ccp,China issues is most biggest problem in 21 century

                          • Alan Guo
                            Alan Guo  1 days back

                            Americans people, too shortsighted, too unUnited,so naive, so simple.that is really true. China will take down America

                            • Regression to the mean

                              USD is back by the productivity and military of the US. RMB is back by the productivity and military of China. The key questions are 1)who is more productive and 2)who has the stronger military.

                            • Regression to the mean

                              It is the competition of RMB and USD. Let see who win.

                              • Swat
                                Swat  2 days back

                                Wow, people who actually know what they’re talking about. Love it.

                                • james rattenborg
                                  james rattenborg  2 days back

                                  Many in Government including presidents have little understanding of economics and trade. Many just have law degrees and have no clue about economics. Trump as a businessman does.

                                • nick f
                                  nick f  2 days back

                                  Only a fool would trust in china.

                                  • Frostie-Flake
                                    Frostie-Flake  2 days back

                                    Kyle is indeed the man! With my massive Apple exposure I listen intently, but I have data inside China that CCP Chaos is increasing & small/mid sized biz that bolsters/supplies CCP big favored Corps & SOEs are being destroyed by internal policies w/consequences on inside China supply chains which traditionally threatens quality for products destined for domestic consumption inside China-population is increasingly intolerant of these tactics-Chinese Nationalism/Isolationism could backfire in this case threatening CCP’s grip.

                                    • dee pack
                                      dee pack  3 days back

                                      New Money: The Greatest Wealth Creation Event in History (2019) - Full Documentary
                                      CHECK ON YOUTUBE REAL CHINA. SO MANY WRONG INFORMATION HERE.

                                      • Daniel Paris
                                        Daniel Paris  3 days back

                                        I like this guy Kyle make allot of sense.

                                        • Pankaj Gupta
                                          Pankaj Gupta  3 days back

                                          Reading the comments I realised why US is falling, too many low IQ morons in the US.

                                        • Pankaj Gupta
                                          Pankaj Gupta  3 days back

                                          We heard "China collapse" rhetoric for last 30 years. Anything new? How about Guantanamo Bay - Indefinite detention without trial and torture. Should the world stop using USD?

                                        • chickenman farmer
                                          chickenman farmer  3 days back

                                          when are you business people going to acknowledge the difference between politicians and business people...oh all have political opinions...same as the POTUS does....and you know he's right as a businessman and you hate it!!!! well i love the guy because you don't represent me any more than any other political hack has ever represented me!!!!

                                          • Sauga Direct
                                            Sauga Direct  3 days back

                                            i have watched a few of these now and its pains me that there is almost next to no discussion about the pure EVIL that is the chinese are you not acknowledging this how are you not addressing the fact that this regime takes part is malicious activity both towards humanity and the there no concerns of radically destructive actions?

                                            • Eros Kaw
                                              Eros Kaw  3 days back

                                              they have a name for the characters in the last 3 minutes. traitors.

                                              • Vk Travel log
                                                Vk Travel log  3 days back

                                                Wait how are the Chinese stealing from the US when we fund and allow this to happen. I think rather than blaming Chinese for stealing, we should blame our government and wall street for letting this happen for their own benefit. These elite are so rich because of this and yet we ordinary people are paying for it. I dont like Trump for unfiltered things he says, but he is the only president that is sticking up for America which is more than I can say for the last 10. I think all of America needs to wake up and we need to come together and help makes changes to china!

                                                • Petra Maier
                                                  Petra Maier  3 days back

                                                  I don't see how China is "stealing" 300 billion a year. A trade deficit does not mean one side is better off. China has trade deficits with lots of countries, are those stealing from the Chinese? Or is it about currency manipulation? Leaving aside the fact that the US also manipulates its currency, why would it be stealing if they held their currency low to sell the US goods more cheaply?
                                                  This is hogwash.

                                                  • TheEVEInspiration
                                                    TheEVEInspiration  4 days back

                                                    I like Kyle Bass, but one thing bugs me, its all about exploiting situations...which is a far cry from taking risks that have more than such an effect, like growing social stability by improving economic conditions etc. I thus wonder how he would do in a more normal (more boring) economic reality. Would he invest in new ideas, would he back the duopolists, that sort of thing.

                                                    • kal style
                                                      kal style  4 days back

                                                      Kyle, cut it out, what about the war crimes we committed invading Iraq illegally? We killed millions of innocent lives and it was all based on a lie! and you want me to worry about re-education camps in China? That's pretty soft compared to the things we do.

                                                      • G Mac
                                                        G Mac  4 days back

                                                        Fascinating! This guy is such a champ!! Go TRUMP!!!

                                                        • Nolan Abell
                                                          Nolan Abell  4 days back

                                                          Makes me want to cut my Tencent shares in half

                                                          • Orchid
                                                            Orchid  4 days back

                                                            Listen to KYLE 15.50 TRUMP HELPING America more 15 Presidents combined !!!!-

                                                            • Jovent Mo
                                                              Jovent Mo  4 days back

                                                              Finally gotten a very clear view on why Emperor Xi is so so concerned with the Belt and Road. That is going to be like a US$ atm card for them if it launches successfully world wide.

                                                              • lembkamb
                                                                lembkamb  4 days back

                                                                Another amazing information from Kyle Bass, thank you real vision

                                                              • Jovent Mo
                                                                Jovent Mo  4 days back

                                                                Brilliant! This is why the CCP in China is starting to get really hot on the iron. We can see that they are beginning to use uncommon propaganda to attempt manipulating a reverse on for their own benefit.

                                                                The globe, especially the USA, should sanction the trading of RMB$ to US$. It is like the easiest way to balance it back up.

                                                                • Real Vision Finance
                                                                  Real Vision Finance   4 days back

                                                                  Are you tired of getting these videos weeks, months, or years after they were recorded? Sign up for a free trial with RV Premium here:

                                                                  • Nick L
                                                                    Nick L  4 days back

                                                                    Tell you a little secret. Most of chinese money, most asian money actually that is moving overseas do not go through the SWIFT banking system. That is a very expensive and slow way of moving money around the world. Extreme intrusive too. There are faster, cheaper and now equally trusted alternatives. This is why SWIFT get such low numbers. It is like asking how many Chinese visiting America come by sail ships. Very few does not mean few chinese visitors.

                                                                    • Damien Wright
                                                                      Damien Wright  4 days back

                                                                      All central banks hold UST to inflate their local currency . Central banks won't sell UST because the the price of UST will plummet and destroy the value of there holdings

                                                                      • WisdomIsPrecious
                                                                        WisdomIsPrecious  4 days back

                                                                        Come on, Grant, you can't wear sneakers to this.

                                                                        • Joshua Lizard
                                                                          Joshua Lizard  4 days back

                                                                          THE GROWING TENSIONS BETWEEN CHINA AND THE US ARE NOT ACCIDENTAL. China’s meteoric rise to power has been orchestrated over many decades by many of the same banking giants that have financed America’s development for the past century and it was fueled by the same fortune 500 companies that have kept America’s economy moving in recent history. THE RIVALRY HAS BEEN STAGED. The conflict that ensues will have been orchestrated to pit the two global super-powers against everyone else in the middle then force us all to submit to whatever monstrosity of supranational banking and/or governance comes crawling out of the wreckage.
                                                                          Do you remember in Star Wars how Chancellor Palpatine (aka Darth Sidius) commissioned the creation of the Clone Army to help the Jedi Knights fight against the Separatist Uprising (which Palpatine also controlled)? And by pitting both sides against each other he was able to wipe out the entire Jedi Order and usurp control of the Galactic Senate. What once had been a forum where different sovereign planetary systems could negotiate their differences was henceforth transformed into the stage for a totalitarian dictatorship and in the end there was only the Emperor and his apprentice Lord Vader ruling over an oppressive galactic empire.
                                                                          Same basic difference, just a lot more Sith.
                                                                          It’s the same basic scam called a “Two Man Grift”
                                                                          Another example would be when the CIA funded ISIS to invade Syria so that Washington could send US Troops to also invade the country under the pretense that they were fighting against terrorists. Then they both proceeded to bomb that beautiful country into the stone age.
                                                                          And I pray you haven’t forgotten when they did basically the same thing in Libya a few years earlier in order to to execute the late great Saint Mommar Qaddafi.

                                                                          • Wonderful Mockingbird
                                                                            Wonderful Mockingbird  4 days back

                                                                            too many topics and too many anecdotes. plz focus one topic each time.
                                                                            believe or not Kyle Bass is a Master of Survival, even he took less eduction in school. his boss must trust him very well.

                                                                            • Weimin Sun
                                                                              Weimin Sun  4 days back

                                                                              To be honest with the audience here, any individual chinese with some curiosity and access to both sides of the world, inside and outside of the great firewall of China, will tell you exactly what Kass is telling in this video, I mean 20 years ago. I am talking about millions of chinese people who live overseas. Has any one of them telling you what would happen if you let CCP to have massive economic growth, you bet somebody did, probably a lot of them trying to influence the US government not to bring China to WTO. It’s just the level of greed in the government and Wall Street can’t help themselves. They have to let it blow up in their faces with the cost of ordinary people. That’s exactly happens today. People inside and outside of China are suffering because how CCP has been able to grow the economy and have tighter control of the people. Sad!!!!

                                                                              • Timothy Michael
                                                                                Timothy Michael  5 days back

                                                                                To rephrase it, China doesn't need dollars, they don't need anything from anyone, but they import energy and resources when they can get it for free, the easiest way to get that is to sell us their products (which are free to produce in renminbi) to earn those free dollars, then they use those dollars to buy oil and resources so that they don't have to use nor export any of their own resources. That's genius!

                                                                                • Paul
                                                                                  Paul  5 days back

                                                                                  Kyle, I think it may be time for you to get a real job.

                                                                                  • דוד
                                                                                    דוד  5 days back

                                                                                    HONESTLY? I'd watch a 10 hour interview with kyle Bass!

                                                                                    • John L
                                                                                      John L  5 days back

                                                                                      Interesting conversation gents. Thanks.

                                                                                      • Just an ordinary man
                                                                                        Just an ordinary man  5 days back

                                                                                        You who invest in China are feeding CCP with their dictatorial regime who sends ppl to internment! You will be the ones who are funding their military against the west, our future, our children! all for your greed. Keep this up it will be more dangerous world than the first cold war.