Trae Young & De'Andre Hunter Full Highlights vs Orlando Magic (2019.10.09) - 31 Pts Combined!


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  • Animelytical
    Animelytical  6 days back

    I think Vince Carter has inspired Trae. Am I reaching?

    • TJC
      TJC  7 days back

      Whatever happened to j Parker he was supposed to be a star

    • Wolwerock
      Wolwerock  7 days back

      nice play out of the timeout

      • D-NBA
        D-NBA  7 days back

        I am trying to figure out what kind of point guard Trae Young is, he's like Steve Nash but more of a willing shooter.

        • Danny Ramkissoon
          Danny Ramkissoon  6 days back

          He is TRAE YOUNG

        • D-NBA
          D-NBA  7 days back

          Mark Smith he’s better shooting off the dribble than Curry. Catch and shoot nowhere near as good as Curry.

        • Mark Smith
          Mark Smith  7 days back

          You pretty much nailed it. He's very much like Steve Nash with a dash of spicy Curry.

      • B C
        B C  1 weeks back

        Cmon Eastern Conference, give us something to look forward to.

        • C.W. Sims
          C.W. Sims  1 weeks back

          I want to see Trae Young and Doncic in the three point contest this year...anyone else?

          • Emil Henry
            Emil Henry  1 weeks back

            y’all sleepin on orlando 🤦🏾‍♂️

          • Sub Me In, Coach!
            Sub Me In, Coach!  1 weeks back

            Deandre Hunter >>>

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            • HandsomeJJ520
              HandsomeJJ520  1 weeks back

              Trae young 8 turnover in first game. And now he get 9 turnover, maybe he can averaging a triple-double this season !

              • J Bruce
                J Bruce  5 days back

                He'll come back down to earth to the double double when the season starts. He might get back close to triple double with steals though.

              • Kenny aka TI
                Kenny aka TI  5 days back

                @Sensei Hustle You're right. I've noticed our main issue seems to be turnovers and carelessness with the ball. It's preseason so I'm not gonna panic now but we need to clean it up before the season starts/

              • Sensei Hustle
                Sensei Hustle  1 weeks back

                HandsomeJJ520 these lineups are not final I repeat NOT FINAL✌🏼

            • ChicoisBeany
              ChicoisBeany  1 weeks back

              Hopefully either these guys or Chicago make the playoffs this year. Roster has the talent to be able to fringe an eight seed

            • Dana kaleb
              Dana kaleb  1 weeks back

              Oh well, when they have to combine points 🙄

              • J Bruce
                J Bruce  5 days back

                Ikr. Thats how you know its preseason.

            • A.I. The Techy Guy!
              A.I. The Techy Guy!  1 weeks back


              • Felix Leblanc
                Felix Leblanc  1 weeks back

                I can’t believe vince carter is still playing at 143 years old

              • Playboi Mally
                Playboi Mally  1 weeks back

                Hawks potential is through the roof. I hope the Falcons trashness won’t rub off on them.

                • Brandon Annisette
                  Brandon Annisette  6 days back

                  Or the braves

                • Kevin Johnson
                  Kevin Johnson  1 weeks back

                  Bro I can’t with the falcons I mean I support them but it’s embarrassing at this point😂

                • Shelton Shieh
                  Shelton Shieh  1 weeks back

                  same as Trae;s hairline

              • Meet the Fr34ks
                Meet the Fr34ks  1 weeks back

                DeAndre hunter gonna be stud bro ne poised asf

                • C. H. Oh
                  C. H. Oh  1 weeks back


                  • steve Stevens
                    steve Stevens  1 weeks back