What Damian Lillard must do to be the best Blazer of all time | The Jump


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  • Jeffrey Xu
    Jeffrey Xu  3 hours back

    The chances of LeEspn or ZioEspn or LAEspn.... I mean ESPN posting about my jazz are the chances I find an envelope of one million dollars

    • Jason Cramer
      Jason Cramer  7 hours back

      Clyde never won it all why does Dame have to?

      • G Lyle
        G Lyle  10 hours back

        I think he is. I mean, he’s not there yet but tgetrack he’s on—you won’t be able to tell me Clyde or especially Bill is greater

        • Forgem Nos
          Forgem Nos  13 hours back

          He's overrated. Clyde the glide played defense and scored. He was second in MVP. He also was a great slam dunker. Dane has not even made it past the second round.

            AUTOMATIC SWISH  13 hours back

            He hit the reset on a franchise took a top two seed to 7 and beat em then took the warriors to 5 games with separated ribs he's the best already or to me

            • Mattcha
              Mattcha  17 hours back

              That strain of animal? Why do you gotta say it like that? Sounds racist as hell.

              • Frankie Broussard
                Frankie Broussard  23 hours back

                Dame's already better than Walton, but he'll never be better than Clyde. And that's no disrespect.

                • Othul Hock
                  Othul Hock  23 hours back

                  Lillard getting traded if Portland doesn't make the WCF this year. I don't see a reason why Portland would keep the duo together if they can't get any better

                  • Patrick star
                    Patrick star  1 days back

                    Kobe almost left the Lakers. Dirk didn't even think about another team and Damian doesn't look like he wants to leave

                    • Jason Stubbs
                      Jason Stubbs  1 days back

                      Clyde never won a title in Portland, what’s the logic?

                      • OG BlueDream
                        OG BlueDream  1 days back

                        Most loyal guy left in a league full of snakes

                        • 8bitGoku
                          8bitGoku  2 days back

                          Hopefully he learned something from curry on how to deal with trapping cuz gsw made him look like a bitch. Im still a huge fan ever since he drilled that houston rockets buzzer beater and He is my candidate for mvp this year.

                          • DidYaHurd
                            DidYaHurd  2 days back

                            Who ya got Derozan or Lillard?

                            • E
                              E  2 days back

                              I think to win the chip the blazers need a good 2-way big man who can not only defend but be good enough in scoring that dame trusts enough to set up

                              • 19Dror Neumeier
                                19Dror Neumeier  2 days back

                                ESPN really has nothing to talk about

                                • Logan E
                                  Logan E  2 days back

                                  Dames the greatest blazer. And tell that little donut boy on the end it’s more than memes

                                  • Neshawn Ghavamian
                                    Neshawn Ghavamian  2 days back

                                    Brandon Roy

                                    • James Williams
                                      James Williams  3 days back

                                      He basically saying he will never win it all so he minus well aim for personal stats

                                      • Stone Cold Bro
                                        Stone Cold Bro  3 days back

                                        Dame is dope and I love his game. However since he’ll never win the chip in Portland I don’t see him ever eclipsing Walton and likely never Drexler either unless he either gets them to the finals and/or wins league MVP (also unlikely).

                                        • Aron Mendoza
                                          Aron Mendoza  3 days back

                                          I feel a derozan vibe here. Derozan loved toronto then got traded.hope it wont happen to ma boy dame.

                                          • Micah Maggio
                                            Micah Maggio  1 days back

                                            You clearly dont know shit about this organization

                                        • David Robertson
                                          David Robertson  3 days back

                                          Bill Walton was there for 4 years and won a championship the first of the franchise and he gets no respect dam is solid but come on man make the finals first

                                          • David Robertson
                                            David Robertson  3 days back

                                            So Bill Walton doesn’t exist 🤔

                                            • jdp 90five
                                              jdp 90five  3 days back

                                              Gtfooh with this bs. Damian lillard is a beast but he ain’t Clyde fucking Drexler.

                                              • Caprio Michael
                                                Caprio Michael  3 days back

                                                I’d eat Cassidy Hubbard’s ass 🍑

                                                • Elan Zankman
                                                  Elan Zankman  3 days back

                                                  Bill Walton had the highest peak, Drexler had the longevity. Right now, it's a toss up between the two. Also, I think rings are given too much weight in evaluating a player's career. There's something to be said for putting up 50 win seasons every single year, and advancing in the playoffs with regularity. Dame will be remembered as a truly great player who never sniffed the Finals, and that's okay.

                                                  • Daas Appah
                                                    Daas Appah  3 days back

                                                    dame always keeps himself relevant by putting his name and credentials out there 🤣 he did it when he was getting snubbed for all nba and he’s doing it now for best blazer of all time lol whether he’s right or not it always seems to work

                                                    • Scott Sophia
                                                      Scott Sophia  3 days back

                                                      Gotta win 2 championships if you gonna be the best Blazer ever.

                                                      • Scott Sophia
                                                        Scott Sophia  2 days back

                                                        Bailey F in order to be the greatest, it is not enough to simply exceed the accomplishments of others, you must eclipse them entirely.

                                                      • Bailey F
                                                        Bailey F  2 days back

                                                        ??? Walton only won one and never averaged over 18ppg in any of his 5yrs he spent in portland. Then you have clyde drexler who never won in Portland. Explain why he would need more than one to be the best blazer of all time.

                                                    • reneica king
                                                      reneica king  3 days back

                                                      My favorite player!

                                                      • Kevin Le
                                                        Kevin Le  3 days back

                                                        Drexler is the man. Got to get to the Final’s before we can compare him to Drexler.

                                                        • Punit Modi
                                                          Punit Modi  3 days back

                                                          Without a doubt, Bill Walton is the best player to ever play for the blazers, just look at his stats and his immediate impact on the team and you’ll see he destroys Dame and Clyde but because of his lesser career in terms of longevity and accolades he is not considered the best but he’s undoubtedly their most talented impactful player. He beat dr j when dr j had a loaded 76ers team!

                                                          • Hunter Jackson
                                                            Hunter Jackson  3 days back

                                                            He’s well on his way

                                                            • Nick Yankam
                                                              Nick Yankam  3 days back

                                                              He’s already the best blazer of all time

                                                              • Dustin Motley
                                                                Dustin Motley  3 days back

                                                                He already passed Drexler imo. he never jumped ship. Drexeler did. I don't care that Drexler led them to the finals.

                                                                • Ultra instinct Grey
                                                                  Ultra instinct Grey  3 days back

                                                                  maybe he can actually get by goldenstate now lol

                                                                  • ANIME JAKE
                                                                    ANIME JAKE  3 days back

                                                                    He needs a better coach first. Steve Kerr ' s adjustments and game planning are what allow the warriors to come back from being down 17 points pergame. If the Blazers had a better coach who could make adjustments like Kerr can they wouldn't being blowing such big leads.

                                                                • The Jinn
                                                                  The Jinn  3 days back

                                                                  If he leave highest in all categories, then hes the #1 Blazer hands down. Stats matter first and foremost.

                                                                  • WinterXL
                                                                    WinterXL  3 days back

                                                                    how about not disappearing in the playoffs. a couple nice games, but a whole lot of disappearing.

                                                                    • ANIME JAKE
                                                                      ANIME JAKE  3 days back

                                                                      Blame the coach who won't utilize him off ball and instead makes him play against traps and double teams. The only other player on the Blazers who can punish you is CJ and that's a problem against defenses in the playoffs. Lillard did a much better job of handling it this last playoffs than against the Pelicans. If Lillard had a coach like Steve Kerr I have no doubt they could have beaten the warriors.

                                                                  • Cheerioss -
                                                                    Cheerioss -  4 days back

                                                                    Get a chip and win a MVP and a scoring title

                                                                    • jake borrelli
                                                                      jake borrelli  4 days back

                                                                      He already is imo

                                                                      • Brandon Deloney-Fulmer

                                                                        Gotta win Dame. Plain and simple. Portland has tasted it before. They need that again before they can crown you greater than Bill and The Glide.

                                                                        • knick for life
                                                                          knick for life  4 days back

                                                                          win a ring

                                                                          • Korey Paul
                                                                            Korey Paul  4 days back

                                                                            Clyde Drexler wanted to be an NBA Champion more than the best Blazer ever. Can't blame him...

                                                                            • Gerald Obien
                                                                              Gerald Obien  4 days back

                                                                              He needs to win a ring. Walton is the greatest Blazer by far.

                                                                              • Neo Levert Malapane
                                                                                Neo Levert Malapane  4 days back

                                                                                I've spoken to some friends in Portland who are die hard Blazer fans.. To those folks out there who look up to Dame....I'll tell you right now, his commitment to the franchise paired with his talent is enough to solidify his quest to be the best ever, he's already crowned the best ever...A chip will be the cherry on top

                                                                                • Anthony Banks
                                                                                  Anthony Banks  4 days back

                                                                                  It’s Bill Walton ESPN y’all so sad

                                                                                  • Marvin Amankwa-Dei
                                                                                    Marvin Amankwa-Dei  4 days back

                                                                                    Kobe asked for a trade in 07, stop it

                                                                                    • Marvin Amankwa-Dei
                                                                                      Marvin Amankwa-Dei  4 days back

                                                                                      What about rings?

                                                                                      • Fotara Bryone
                                                                                        Fotara Bryone  4 days back

                                                                                        I saw Drexler play. Lillard may score but Drexler did more ...and scored

                                                                                        • JAY 275
                                                                                          JAY 275  4 days back

                                                                                          Finally they give my boy some credit, I love dame Been watching since 2012