Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

  • Published: 13 April 2017
  • Should we double down or give up and go our separate ways?

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    Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

Comments • 39 914

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  • Marco polo
    Marco polo  2 hours back

    Fuck the EU

    • tommy testons
      tommy testons  5 hours back

      I think EU is a great thing, with lots of benefits for all the members, like the free trade, but there are also lots of think to improve. First of all the money. I think € is good because you can go pretty everywhere in Europe and don't change your money, but for the economy of some states, like Greece and Italy, it has cause big troubles. For immigrants, I see everyday how bad EU is doing. All the border country are let alone with all the migrants and we can't continue in this way. EU must to stop all the boats with irregular migrants and do not leave there to enter in EU. The percentage of crimes is drastically increased because of irregular migrants. But obviously, who is regualar can enter and live in EU. At the end, there are lot of things good and lot to improve but EU is a great help for all the members.

      • freder ?
        freder ?  8 hours back

        Why EU when you can SU
        (Soviet Union)

        • Stefan 99
          Stefan 99  8 hours back

          Usually i like your videos, but honestly in this video you haven't bring so much analytic data. The european army isn't so usefull how you think... We had the PeSco and it's enough for now. I did a debate on this topic, but my english level don't let me to post here all my opinion, Sorry.

          • Lucifer Beezelbub Mephistophilies

            This is a load of poppycock the EU is a international conglomerate of the largest corporate powers that were rejected a controlling positioned within the U.N. and your just a puppet promoting such crap

            • teamkilled
              teamkilled  2 days back

              article 13 ruined it

              • Lauris Majors
                Lauris Majors  2 days back

                Why does latvia has tanks cus they only re borowing tanks

                • Karl
                  Karl  2 days back

                  The eurosceptic usually (as I do) don't object to stronger economic ties. Hwat we object is THE POLITICAL UNION. That is creating a United States of Europe which destroys nation-states and national sovereignity. That is what we don't like. Plus EU bureaucrats telling us how to govern. Most importantly is the mass immmigration which the elite gave.

                  • daraka 1
                    daraka 1  2 days back

                    It's not worth it

                    • Joe Schmoe
                      Joe Schmoe  2 days back

                      The EU is not a country. You can't steal existing countries.

                      • Alex Glase
                        Alex Glase  2 days back

                        My main problem with this video is that most of the benefits are not even benefits. You act as if global trade is only possible with the EU, whereas this is not true. The US is not in an EU-like institution yet trades with Europe and China. Because of this, your point about the EU being a peacemaker for the countries involved is moot.

                        The EU is making uniform laws decreases competition between countries that allows them to test out policies. Italy wants to limit immigration, the UK does not. Let’s see where they’re both at in a few years.

                        There’s more to elaborate on but I’m tired and forgot half of the video already. If I get a reply I’ll continue.

                        • John Vlahos
                          John Vlahos  16 hours back

                          Well China and the US are military and economic superpowers. The video proposes that if every country in the EU was independent it would be more vulnerable to foreign pressure from the super states. The EU is like the power rangers sort of, different colors jumpsuit ninjas unite in a bigger than themselves machine.

                      • Aswakkama
                        Aswakkama  3 days back

                        ❤ 🇪🇺 ❤

                        • Mandal Mandal
                          Mandal Mandal  3 days back

                          I think the EU has its negatives and positives, so maybe a change is needed is all.

                          • Joe Schmoe
                            Joe Schmoe  2 days back

                            Husbands that beat their wives never change. Either the wife leaves or she dies in the end.

                        • David Watters
                          David Watters  3 days back

                          Yeah, we leaving wish was that easy! Set sail my hearts!

                          • Miguel Fierro
                            Miguel Fierro  3 days back

                            We should end it.

                            • vOcelot
                              vOcelot  3 days back

                              I really don't understand who dislikes Kurzgesagt videos. I get that some can strongly disagree with whatever but to go an extra step and leave a dislike under such great works of art, science and sociology is beyond my understanding

                              • 少林功夫人
                                少林功夫人  3 days back

                                The EU is the best thing that ever happened to Ireland

                              • Neptune Vibe
                                Neptune Vibe  3 days back

                                Of course is a good thing. All the people out there stating article 13.. Guys most likely you are from USA. the biggest slavery machine ever built. I actually agree with article 13.

                                • РОССИЯ
                                  РОССИЯ  4 days back


                                  Me: Union!

                                  • Trexeon
                                    Trexeon  2 days back

                                    i ate 3 ibuprohpehn and now my dingle hurt ds anjijk ]wf

                                • Washington Strong arm
                                  Washington Strong arm  4 days back

                                  The EU is a scam, giving power to Germany and France over other nations !

                                  • ShadowOak
                                    ShadowOak  4 days back

                                    EU will be a country this is the best option

                                    • ShadowOak
                                      ShadowOak  3 hours back

                                      @Joe Schmoe in Spain only enter 13.000 migrants, 2019 10.000 of 40.000.000 Spanish is nothing and immigration is not bad to Europe and Spain. Any time everyone of us was a immigrant

                                    • Joe Schmoe
                                      Joe Schmoe  12 hours back

                                      @ShadowOak With Italy refusing migrants, Spain will be an African state very soon.

                                    • ShadowOak
                                      ShadowOak  20 hours back

                                      @Joe Schmoe 1000's years old? the goberment of Spain for example is 40 years old : / , Before the European Union existed there was only one war after another between nations that are not so different that only one language separates them. Thanks to the European Union there is no more war in Europe

                                    • ShadowOak
                                      ShadowOak  20 hours back

                                      @Joe Schmoe Will not destroy the identity, spain have a lot of cultures in each town or like catalunia and Basque country and they has't lost his identity for being part of Spain. have many diferents cultures united in one country is beautiful thing, those cultures are part of European culture all together.
                                      sorry for the errors, I speak spanish

                                    • Joe Schmoe
                                      Joe Schmoe  2 days back

                                      No, it will destroy the sovereignty and identity or countries 1000's of years old.

                                  • Go2space 100
                                    Go2space 100  4 days back

                                    The EU is not worth it. At least for Poland it isn't.

                                  • Ray LV
                                    Ray LV  4 days back

                                    Sounds like a version of the sound of music! Such a happy clappy club. Forget the corruption, the lack of democracy and the absence of accountability! Oh and forget the destruction of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain! Oh why, oh why did UK leave?

                                    • vOcelot
                                      vOcelot  3 days back

                                      oh yeah! Lets all forget the corruption, the lack of democracy and the absence of accountability in our own countries and pretend its so much worse in EU (hint: it is not) And its not important where you are from. Those things are big problem in all countries now and threw all of our history. You know like... for example in such countries like Greece, Italy or Portugal. Of course Its the big bad EU that made everything bad. And without input of those countries! because its not like its coalition of countries mutually agreeing to do things. Its on big bad bad monster, which chose to screw over perfectly stable places

                                  • Rumi Zsombor
                                    Rumi Zsombor  4 days back

                                    A magyar nézőkhöz szólok! Ki örül, hogy nem felejtettek el minket?

                                    • Nouche
                                      Nouche  4 days back

                                      It's a nice video.

                                      • Alexander Lee
                                        Alexander Lee  4 days back

                                        Brit here, thanks for reminding me we are leaving because I wasnt sad enough this morning anyway lol.

                                        • Michael
                                          Michael  5 days back

                                          The European Union is anti-democratic.

                                        • littlegee
                                          littlegee  5 days back

                                          You cant allow people earning 4 euros an hour to be able to join and use freedom of movement to undercut higher paying countries. Recipe for disaster.

                                          • Pedroy34
                                            Pedroy34  5 days back

                                            A união europeia é a cooperação mais admirável que já existiu, eu enquanto cidadão europeu tenho orgulho má união europeia e espero que ela evolua para cada vez melhor. Acredito no potencial da união e acho que a saída do reino unido poderá ser erro, tudo bem que existem alguns problemas mas todos devíamos de ter orgulho e nos sentirmos cidadãos europeus

                                            • NewADC
                                              NewADC  5 days back

                                              European Union :
                                              -UK is left the server
                                              -Turkey is joined the server (Soon) :)
                                              Greetings from Norway

                                              • Victor González Guerra

                                                you are american, so you dont know how it works well, love the EU

                                              • yankees gohome
                                                yankees gohome  5 days back

                                                The EU needs to come to an end.

                                                • Dolly Dupee
                                                  Dolly Dupee  6 days back

                                                  Sounds good to me

                                                  • lopassociate
                                                    lopassociate  6 days back

                                                    They’re copying the US and they should be

                                                    • Dirk Gonthier
                                                      Dirk Gonthier  3 days back

                                                      Except the values. They're the opposite of the USA. As it should be.

                                                  • puirYorick
                                                    puirYorick  6 days back

                                                    The immigration crisis aside, the EU had already stagnated internally on progress towards being a true superstate. Just like the U.S., regional chasms exist on fundamental social issues and the sense that each historical identity must be preserved instead of welcoming the identity of the overall federal superstate.

                                                    Integration is the key and it was already blunted by existing European rivals within the Union so the migrant flood just made the fears worse.

                                                    Post Brexit, it's still worth it for France and Germany to try and wrangle the union into a true functional federation because the alternative presents far uglier options.

                                                    To function properly, the EU must behave more like a unified family instead of a group of "bachelor states" sharing a condo for convenience.

                                                    • puirYorick
                                                      puirYorick  13 hours back

                                                      @Tai I think your position is quite "normal" and shows why humanity struggles to move beyond the maximum of a 200 person tribalism identity.

                                                      Tbh, my comment was more of an observation of what has clearly been failing as attempts to build larger true federations. I guess I also disagree about needing more time. It may be a matter of motivation and enlightenment. The former from a sense of urgency and the latter by any means necessary.

                                                      If you allow for time then people's natural inertia will never shift towards the new.
                                                      It's the same idea as new colonists burning the ships or cannibalizing them to build their new homes. If you allow for a way to turn back, then the new colony likely fails.

                                                      To describe *all* the reasons why NOT to abandon tribalism isn't going to solve anything. I'm saying we already know what keeps on failing and I'm pointing out the general direction of the destination.

                                                      The alternative (horrible) way of achieving a singularity of purpose is via oppression by a single massively powerful regime. (Pax Romana?) So, by peaceful agreements OR by total war (more likely genocide) and domination.

                                                      The status quo is to remain as distinct tribes of various semi-aligned clusters making endless proxy wars of ever greater cost in lives.

                                                    • Tai
                                                      Tai  15 hours back

                                                      >the sense that each historical identity must be preserved instead of welcoming the identity of the overall federal superstate.

                                                      You can't just unwind centuries of historical identity-building and expect everybody to become one cosy family over the span of a few decades.
                                                      Heck, it took Catholics and Protestants hundreds of years to stop killing each other (and even then in Northern Ireland, they still do); the cultural differences between, say, The Netherlands and Italy, or Poland and Spain, are much more severe than the differences between these branches of Christianity. If these are ever going to become united under a single identity (which I doubt), it's going to take ages.

                                                      Also don't forget the wars aren't that long ago yet. My grandparents lived under German occupation in WW2. There are people alive today who have lived through not one, but two World Wars. Those wounds have transferred onto their children and grandchildren. It will take time for these wars to be forgotten and moved beyond.

                                                  • First Name
                                                    First Name  6 days back

                                                    Europe with its sheer size cannot form a union like the United States if you have a nation like Sweden who is hell bent on replacing its population with Immigrants from a different culture entirely changing the Sweden we know as today but on the other side have Nations like Poland whose people are not afraid to defend their borders, faith, culture by any means and are not afraid of being called out a Racist. Europe is very diverse, and a single law cannot effectively govern the Union. In America, we had almost Identical culture and ideology in the beginning, thus assembling the Union and forming The United States of America, a union governed by one entity and its law, yet we give more autonomy to states than EU does to its member states, even though EU is a union whereas we are a Country.
                                                    Europe needs to either make its root culture extremely homogeneous, or provide very high autonomy to its Member states more than even the United States, thus defeating its purpose for existence.
                                                    And not to mention the power major nations like Germany exert on EU. Whereas here in America we have Representatives and Senators representing the state on a federal level with equal power and provision, EU is basically Dominated by nations like Germany, France, Italy and the UK (Still part of the Union).
                                                    How many times does nations like Belgium had a say in any laws regarding its citizens? I don't even think small nations like Belgium have the power to vote for no confidence in case of a law detrimental to the Belgian Citizens.
                                                    EU needs heavy restructuring and Power Management to give almost equal power to every member state.

                                                    • Grobee
                                                      Grobee  6 days back

                                                      I absolutely agree! European nations should unite or else we'll perish

                                                      • Sebul Reath
                                                        Sebul Reath  6 days back

                                                        It has no purpose. End IT.

                                                        • Dutch Van Der Linde
                                                          Dutch Van Der Linde  6 days back

                                                          Peace since WW2 but the Soviets occupied Eastern Europe 🤨

                                                          • AnTi-Series I
                                                            AnTi-Series I  2 days back

                                                            The EU is around more for economic reasons nowadays.

                                                          • McMilk
                                                            McMilk  2 days back

                                                            Dutch Van Der Linde it’s laughable using peace for a pro argument for the EU I think the long peace we are in now is due to Nuclear weapons and factions like NATO.

                                                          • Juju Bahn
                                                            Juju Bahn  2 days back

                                                            Dutch Van Der Linde that were not EU countries

                                                          • AnTi-Series I
                                                            AnTi-Series I  6 days back

                                                            Peace since 1991?

                                                        • Jay Thompson
                                                          Jay Thompson  7 days back

                                                          Well seeing as how the European Union has completely ruined Europe over the past 10 years I'd say it was a horrible idea from the very beginning

                                                          • MiKe R6S
                                                            MiKe R6S  7 days back

                                                            20.019 H.E. ???

                                                            • Tf2 Glitch spy
                                                              Tf2 Glitch spy  1 weeks back

                                                              Why not WORLD UNION?

                                                              • Adnolug
                                                                Adnolug  1 weeks back

                                                                Yeah lets end EU and start new wars..

                                                                • ExtremelyGullibleMeme
                                                                  ExtremelyGullibleMeme  1 weeks back

                                                                  No because they banned memes

                                                                  • chicken king 69
                                                                    chicken king 69  1 weeks back

                                                                    Greece economy

                                                                    • bloodcorer
                                                                      bloodcorer  1 weeks back

                                                                      Is the migration crisis gonna be solved if Poland, Italy and Hungary accept to take in the number of migrants and refugees the Europeans are telling?

                                                                      And if they do take in, won't be left any other migrant/refugee on the outside? So these people's life don't matter? They were...unlucky?

                                                                      • Julia A
                                                                        Julia A  1 weeks back

                                                                        Most of the migrants wont stay in those countries,they will leave and go to Germany or Scandinavia,which are the ones with good benefits systems. This has already happened in Poland where the RC church gave them homes,

                                                                    • DNTME
                                                                      DNTME  1 weeks back

                                                                      And, as people found out recently, Brussels has totally taken over all the European countries. The refugee crisis showed up the iron fisted policies of Brussels, forcing countries to take them, like it or not. THAT is what has led to Brexit even though it is politically incorrect to say so. And Brussels is getting even more strict on it's policies and rules. So much so that the individual countries are losing more and more of their sovereignty and traditions. The so-called "peace" is the peace of totalitarian rule. The time of France and Germany starting wars with each other was long over before the EU became a "thing." Even if it was completely dissolved, wars would not break out between the principle countries involved. That time is well passed and will not return. Especially given the common enemy of Russia and China. Peace will continue just fine without the EU, TYVM.