Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under


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  • CraZeeeDoesGacha929 Xx UwUwUwUwU xX

    I like the taste of metal and blood to 😂

    • rob b
      rob b  2 hours back

      Look like lil zan

      • Nefertiti_goddess
        Nefertiti_goddess  3 hours back

        She just talked about going to the toilet like it was nothing😆😂she's so fucking craaaaazy.

        • †I'm Clarisse†
          †I'm Clarisse†  3 hours back

          Hey I like eating broccoli TBH

          • Gacha Lily
            Gacha Lily  4 hours back

            billie: nobody liked broccoli
            me: it was one of my favorite foods

            • entiice
              entiice  4 hours back

              I need to see billie and doja cat together for the supreme moon in aquarius connection

              • David Perdue
                David Perdue  5 hours back

                I like the taste of blood, and I like to put a penny and a dime together under my tongue. You get a very small electric current and you liberate a little metal. Delicious. I'm also a kidney dialysis patient and I'm anemic.

                The trouble with being a teenager is that you have nothing to compare it to. I liked my 20s better than my 10s.

                • dee lily
                  dee lily  5 hours back

                  She's so obnoxious in this video 🤢

                  • A 2nd Puberty
                    A 2nd Puberty  5 hours back

                    She gonna love it when she earn her red wings!

                    • Jasmine Jaramillo
                      Jasmine Jaramillo  5 hours back

                      Calm down edgelord you’re not special

                      • Theunofficialletdown
                        Theunofficialletdown  6 hours back

                        I do like Billie's music, but calling parents lazy is honestly so rude, people need to work to afford essentials for their whole family, let alone pay everything like bills and taxes, it's hard being a parent and sending a kid to public school is not lazy. I think when she's more mature she will realise, but it is kind of disrespectful because they're working hard for their family, you can't judge them. This was just bugging me a bit. If anyone's reading this, have a great day! :)

                        • Epic Yummy
                          Epic Yummy  6 hours back

                          At the poop part it got pretty descriptive

                          • Epic Yummy
                            Epic Yummy  6 hours back

                            WHY IS BILLIE TALKING ABOUT POOP 💩

                            • Meemzy #one
                              Meemzy #one  6 hours back

                              I do to

                              • Kristen Dempster
                                Kristen Dempster  6 hours back

                                I love broccoli 🥦 Yassin with butter yassssssssss

                                • Tati’s Music Chat’s

                                  Lol if my mom heard I said those things she’ll being looking at me with embarrassment lol.

                                  • Purple Cat
                                    Purple Cat  8 hours back

                                    I LOVE broccoli! The other day, I ate two whole bowls of broccoli for lunch with a couple sprinkles of salt and it was BOMB.

                                  • DeadStrike HQ 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

                                    Omg guys stop hating on how disrespectful this interview was. I find it relatable and good. If you’ve got a problem with it then don’t say it. Also she might have been a bit disrespectful but you guys have still got to remember that she is still a teenager and is still learning how to be a better person.

                                    • Andreea Cosmina
                                      Andreea Cosmina  6 hours back

                                      I'm an teenager tooo! But I'm not talking about how I like pooping in interviews...the fuck?...

                                  • McSheesh
                                    McSheesh  8 hours back

                                    bitch who drew the transitions should work on their faces... those people look messed up af

                                    • Tyler Hughes
                                      Tyler Hughes  8 hours back

                                      You and me Billie r gonna get along like a fire ! Future wife here !

                                      • Gamer Girl 4-H and Gacha

                                        I actually like the taste of blood-

                                      • Victor Lin
                                        Victor Lin  9 hours back

                                        Wondering how I can apply Calculus next time I make scrambled eggs

                                        • Kiowa Cosgrove
                                          Kiowa Cosgrove  9 hours back

                                          Billie: 🤬😡😤😒🙄
                                          Her mom: 😎😎😎

                                          (No hate my dudes I love billie)

                                          • Lucy Lu
                                            Lucy Lu  9 hours back

                                            This girl is funny as hell!! And she really talks! Love honest people! And love Avril Lavigne😅
                                            Boo hoo to some comments below, she talk about what they ask! Hello..."poop is not a subjects people talks about, she did!
                                            Why? Everybody poops! Is like dead, what she said about school is her reality, get over it! I did went to school, what this influenced my life? Bullies, untill today! And now more, 2 years with blue hair, in a society who goes to salon and pay their ass to have a ugly brown curly hair I hated! My opinion!

                                            • Hannah Beeson Green
                                              Hannah Beeson Green  10 hours back

                                              Homeschooling is definitely way more better than regular school, especially if you go to a charter school. But the comments made by her are ridiculous.

                                              • Hannah Beeson Green
                                                Hannah Beeson Green  4 hours back

                                                @hee hee No, I ment I was talked like that when I was 11. I'm now 13. You're such a Dumbass.

                                              • Hannah Beeson Green
                                                Hannah Beeson Green  4 hours back

                                                @hee hee you're a horrible person. Multiple students are have tried to hurt and kill, and stalk me. I've been sexually harassed. If only you knew, how horrible my experiences were. Schools aren't like what they used to be. Same with kids, where you live is probably a nice area. And by judging how much you know about workspace, I'm assuming you're an adult but you act like a 4th grader. This is a 13 year old little girl you're talking to, you should watch your mouth.

                                              • Hannah Beeson Green
                                                Hannah Beeson Green  4 hours back

                                                @hee hee You don't tell an 11 year old child that she's stupid and won't make it that far. And yes, a girl choked me there. If you don't wanna believe me then that's your problem. Homeschooling is SO much better, if only you knew. I've been to many public schools and most of them are terrible, except for one. Don't be so stereotypical with the "oH YoU'Re jUsT thAt oNe hOmEscHooLiNG KId" and shit. Schools aren't supposed to make you want to die and hurt others

                                              • Hannah Beeson Green
                                                Hannah Beeson Green  4 hours back

                                                @hee hee No it's not. My experience with public school, I have learned NOTHING. I was bullied, insulted by teachers, pressured on and so much more. You can get into an amazing college if you're Homeschooled or not. The people actually treat me like a person in Charter school, not just another ant in the system. I've learned so much more than I've ever did.
                                                I've leaned SOME things in elementary, but for public middle school is horrible. I was almost killed by a student there.
                                                I've improved so much as a person thanks to homeschooling.

                                            • RaZe Fadded
                                              RaZe Fadded  10 hours back

                                              This woman is very talented with her voice, but I think her herself is kinda weird, but be you girl

                                              • Angelina Louise
                                                Angelina Louise  10 hours back

                                                3:00 is she talking abt Camila ans Matthew

                                                • meatmxn
                                                  meatmxn  11 hours back

                                                  Billie eilish talking about emo and goth..........lmao

                                                  • Jausephry
                                                    Jausephry  11 hours back

                                                    She did not just day "bullshit poop"
                                                    Damn, this is brilliant

                                                    • Liaplier
                                                      Liaplier  12 hours back

                                                      Okay I change my mind I watched the entire video and now I’m disappointed

                                                      • Carter Inosencio
                                                        Carter Inosencio  12 hours back

                                                        “People thought you were goth if you wore all black”

                                                        Billie: *wears all orange*

                                                        What does that make Billie? A convict? 😂😂😂

                                                        • Carter Inosencio
                                                          Carter Inosencio  12 hours back

                                                          Broccoli slaps

                                                          • one more lonely girl
                                                            one more lonely girl  13 hours back

                                                            Imagine saying that something that could help a lot of people is underrated because "bitches made you pay after so much stupid promo"... Idk about that one billie... 🙄

                                                            • xLunatic_ SnipzZ
                                                              xLunatic_ SnipzZ  13 hours back

                                                              Do some bondage on yourself 😂😂btw bondage is a fetish where u like to get tied to the bed or tied up in general😂

                                                              • Ife Ogun
                                                                Ife Ogun  14 hours back


                                                                • CaeFur!
                                                                  CaeFur!  14 hours back

                                                                  Can people stop giving her shit, shes a teenager and we all change as we get older. She can change personalitys and have different opinions just let billie be billie, shes being real and she speaks her mind

                                                                  • Sara Stjepancevic
                                                                    Sara Stjepancevic  16 hours back

                                                                    Billie:i love to lick metal

                                                                    • MemelordAlaka'i
                                                                      MemelordAlaka'i  19 hours back

                                                                      Everyone is hating on Billie and I’m just here like “did you say broccoli is gross?”

                                                                      • MemelordAlaka'i
                                                                        MemelordAlaka'i  19 hours back

                                                                        “I love sucking on dirty jewelry”

                                                                        • Gacha Paige
                                                                          Gacha Paige  19 hours back

                                                                          I’m cracking up! 🤣😂

                                                                          • Paris Campos
                                                                            Paris Campos  20 hours back

                                                                            Holy fuck what a gross child.

                                                                            • Nayu Shu
                                                                              Nayu Shu  20 hours back

                                                                              "Who here likes the taste of blood?" ME...I purposely got wounds and waited for them to dry then peeled them and sucked the blood,kept it in my mouth,then gurgled..u might think its
                                                                              weird but its good

                                                                              • — chai
                                                                                — chai  13 hours back

                                                                                Nayu Shu wow your so quirky and not like other girls

                                                                            • Sofia Platini
                                                                              Sofia Platini  21 hours back

                                                                              She is stupid she should grow up

                                                                              • Moon Dust
                                                                                Moon Dust  22 hours back

                                                                                “I’m not shaming people for their looks.... but I am tho”
                                                                                The same girl who wears baggy clothes because she doesn’t want to be body shamed...

                                                                                • GayLoser
                                                                                  GayLoser  24 hours back

                                                                                  is this the same person who sang bad guy because jeez she seems so nice

                                                                                  • your girl nyla 1
                                                                                    your girl nyla 1  1 days back

                                                                                    With chesse oml

                                                                                    • Kristine Lorca
                                                                                      Kristine Lorca  1 days back


                                                                                      • Victoria Krainski
                                                                                        Victoria Krainski  1 days back

                                                                                        Okay but like broccoli is where its at