'The Lion King' movie debuts with $185 million at the box office l GMA


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  • taytoo RK
    taytoo RK  2 days back

    Keanu reeves is legend

    • Andreya Wryght
      Andreya Wryght  1 weeks back

      Best film ever !! The music makes me cry of happiness

      • Russ Q
        Russ Q  1 weeks back

        The Lion King topped Frozen as highest grossing animated film. How come the 2016 Jungle Book didn't count as an animated film? It was at least 90 percent animated.

        • i'am JayMags
          i'am JayMags  4 weeks back

          I already watch the movie and it's amazing no dull moments for me and must watch 😉

          • zaks news site
            zaks news site  4 weeks back

            The power of beyonce 💪🐝🙌

            • Darion Wilson
              Darion Wilson  4 weeks back

              I thought they would’ve made more

              • Brittany Weaver
                Brittany Weaver  4 weeks back


                • Jackson abernathy
                  Jackson abernathy  3 weeks back

                  @Katherine Leavey you wish Katherine!! :|

                • Katherine leary
                  Katherine leary  4 weeks back

                  I so agree Brittany! It was so amazing 🙂 I absolutely loved it

              • Lovely Peaches100
                Lovely Peaches100  1 months back

                This movie was so bad, CGI animation was breathtaking but the emotion and soul was stripped away

              • Almudena Carnero
                Almudena Carnero  1 months back

                Alo pli permi opus la mejor exclusiva es esta aleluya mundo. Den grc una famil saludos grc te call me espage lo.que me dicen me desean encima Grc saludos

                • hyperdunker09
                  hyperdunker09  1 months back

                  How did this foo from a video about the lion king to a bunch on other crap...

                  • The Official Andy Saenz
                    The Official Andy Saenz  1 months back

                    The Lion King still REIGNS!

                    • Stevo Canuck
                      Stevo Canuck  1 months back

                      I was so excited to see it but movie was pretty soulless.

                      • Melissa Tracy
                        Melissa Tracy  1 months back

                        Everyone loves The lion king doesn’t mean it was a good rendition of the classic

                        • Ezdion 36
                          Ezdion 36  1 months back

                          Simba dies

                        • Megalon73
                          Megalon73  1 months back

                          This lame ass remake push out Godzilla King of the Monsters on the Top 10 movies of 2019.
                          Fans are really stupid to see remakes more then Giant Monsters!!!

                          • ruben27lozano
                            ruben27lozano  1 months back

                            Disney will continue to make less expression and less emotional remakes with pandering social issue and they will still making money.

                            • star_gurrl
                              star_gurrl  1 months back

                              It’s also one of the worst Disney remakes so far 😂

                              • Aljie No Moto
                                Aljie No Moto  3 weeks back

                                Blah blah blah copy-paste. Y not make ur own lion king.. feeling professional critic

                              • Jahlahn Taylor
                                Jahlahn Taylor  4 weeks back

                                star_gurrl it’s not

                              • Adrian Ramirez
                                Adrian Ramirez  1 months back

                                star_gurrl you got that right. Uhhhh I hate this lion king movie. It ruins the good they had on the original.

                              • A Jam
                                A Jam  1 months back


                            • Dragon Lightgalatic
                              Dragon Lightgalatic  1 months back

                              This movie lighten peoples hearts.🦁👑🦁👑🦁👑🦁👑🦁👑🦁👑🦁👑🦁🦁👑

                              • Mohad Adeel
                                Mohad Adeel  1 months back

                                This proves that the critics should exist cuz all they say depends on their mood! I dont want crap talk out of their mouths instead i want to praise the audience who love this film leading to its box office roar!!