Found Assault Rifle Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called)


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  • taylorcoley1
    taylorcoley1  8 hours back

    It’s probably a shotgu

    • Danny Turner
      Danny Turner  12 hours back

      that was totally an amazing Rifle

      • Daniel Charlton
        Daniel Charlton  1 days back


        • Jucilene Gribler
          Jucilene Gribler  3 days back


          • Sturmgeschutze
            Sturmgeschutze  4 days back

            M14 rifle, dropping stock, magazine fed.

            • Yeetboy_Troy
              Yeetboy_Troy  3 days back

              Sturmgeschutze ik What m14 is but the rest is new for me

          • Thedark Zorua
            Thedark Zorua  4 days back

            M1 grands are weapons used by America in the first and Second World War so unless it’s been in there for a long time it’s an m14 but try finding the mag to see if there is a bullet with a print or whatever

            • Sturmgeschutze
              Sturmgeschutze  4 days back

              M14 has a visible difference in design. It’s not gonna be an M1

          • David Rogers
            David Rogers  4 days back


            • GAME AND WAR
              GAME AND WAR  4 days back

              Yes the man its right its M14 BECAUSE I PLAYING FREE FIRE AND I KNOW THE SHAPES OF THE GUNS

              • garrett Brooks
                garrett Brooks  5 days back

                m14 bud

                • garrett Brooks
                  garrett Brooks  5 days back

                  battle rifle*

                  • Lego Lover
                    Lego Lover  5 days back

                    I’d love to find something like that

                    For nothing illegal “cough,cough”

                    • Vortex games
                      Vortex games  5 days back

                      Was that an RMR on the top? Definitely sus.

                      • Ganozer Channel
                        Ganozer Channel  5 days back

                        This a rifle SVD

                      • Brent Boehmker
                        Brent Boehmker  5 days back

                        It is an m1 garande

                      • KJ_beast
                        KJ_beast  5 days back


                        • Marcela Sanchez
                          Marcela Sanchez  6 days back

                          So did y'all keep it

                          • kicobalo gaming
                            kicobalo gaming  6 days back

                            It looks like a ww2 m14

                            • Joe B
                              Joe B  5 days back

                              Vietnam War-era rifle. (M14a1)

                            • kicobalo gaming
                              kicobalo gaming  5 days back

                              @DragonWarrior11 they were invented when the American were fighting the Japanese around 1945

                            • DragonWarrior11
                              DragonWarrior11  6 days back

                              M14 was designed in 54. Didnt see service until 58. It couldnt have even seen the korean war with those dates let alone ww2. Again there was the m1 carbine which is similar but not the same gun that saw service at the time.

                            • kicobalo gaming
                              kicobalo gaming  6 days back

                              Yes it was invented near to the end of ww2

                            • DragonWarrior11
                              DragonWarrior11  6 days back

                              the m14 wasn't invented during ww2. the equivalents of the time were the m1 garand which had no magazine and the m1 carbine which used a smaller round. this has a stainless steel barrel which isnt common for military issue weapons. so its probably an m1a *semi automatic civilian variant of the m14*

                          • Gear 5
                            Gear 5  1 weeks back

                            5:16 is what you are here for

                            • Gary McCollum
                              Gary McCollum  1 weeks back

                              It's an M14. M1 Garad did not accept magazine. It was stripper clip fed from the top. M14 took a magazine. It also has a plastic from forearm cover which the M1Garand would have been wood.

                              • KJ_beast
                                KJ_beast  5 days back

                                Gary McCollum m1 garand was block clip not stripper clip

                            • andy carey
                              andy carey  1 weeks back

                              Thats a m1a1 rifle.

                            • Reeval Moonilal
                              Reeval Moonilal  1 weeks back

                              Their was. A gun you past

                            • Unknown Lionz
                              Unknown Lionz  1 weeks back

                              Who else thought there audio was off at 0:23

                              • liguid squidler
                                liguid squidler  1 weeks back

                                Nice m14

                                • Wendy Ruiz
                                  Wendy Ruiz  1 weeks back

                                  Put on gloves and fingerprints done get on the gun

                                • Skel ton
                                  Skel ton  1 weeks back

                                  It can't be a a m1 garand because you you have to put the clip at the top not the bottom it's a m14

                                • Pickled peppers
                                  Pickled peppers  1 weeks back

                                  Springfield Armory inc M1A, possible M1A scout version.

                                  • 常国旺
                                    常国旺  1 weeks back

                                    The gun is real?

                                  • Tbonnie ze geek
                                    Tbonnie ze geek  1 weeks back

                                    Military Graded Sniper rifle
                                    7.62x51 Caliber
                                    Used since WW2

                                    • mhendo lama
                                      mhendo lama  1 weeks back

                                      that is kr98

                                      • love dirksen
                                        love dirksen  1 weeks back

                                        Have you ever seen a skeleton before while you were scuba diving

                                        • Sandbox Coloring
                                          Sandbox Coloring  1 weeks back

                                          Who is watching this after knowing that his Jetski is gone

                                        • JaideS
                                          JaideS  1 weeks back

                                          M1 grand isn’t a thing, and the gas cylinder is too short to be an M1 Garand. This is more likely an M14 or M1A.

                                          • Vincent Owensman
                                            Vincent Owensman  1 weeks back

                                            oh my god my mom let me go

                                            • Beautiful Crochet by Rachel

                                              Saw a over gun

                                              • Jean-Yves Masson
                                                Jean-Yves Masson  1 weeks back

                                                It looks like an m1grand like if you agree

                                                • Jrich
                                                  Jrich  1 weeks back

                                                  its an m14

                                              • TheGamingNo0b 9ABUSH
                                                TheGamingNo0b 9ABUSH  1 weeks back

                                                looks like a Mosin Nagant a little bit

                                              • Odessa. Pravda
                                                Odessa. Pravda  1 weeks back

                                                Здоров. Классное видео

                                              • Matheus games
                                                Matheus games  1 weeks back

                                                Magina aparece um tubarão

                                                • Bowser Thanushan
                                                  Bowser Thanushan  1 weeks back

                                                  i would say it was upgraded version of the infantry rifle but still looks normal

                                                  • CGR CGR
                                                    CGR CGR  1 weeks back

                                                    It's not an m14 nor an m14 it's an m1a the civilian version of the m14

                                                    • Dejean Mendoza
                                                      Dejean Mendoza  1 weeks back

                                                      M14,mini14 or m1garand

                                                      • Rhea Knol
                                                        Rhea Knol  1 weeks back

                                                        The rifleman is a good day to be sure we can get

                                                        • xlaythe
                                                          xlaythe  1 weeks back

                                                          I'm jealous of your guys' crew. Out an active like that together, same main interest, close knit - don't let time make you strangers to each other.

                                                          • Hayden YTツ
                                                            Hayden YTツ  1 weeks back

                                                            thats a infantry rifle

                                                          • Nidal Hassen
                                                            Nidal Hassen  1 weeks back

                                                            That’s a m1grand or m14

                                                          • Corban Lacy
                                                            Corban Lacy  2 weeks back

                                                            Just casually pats the turtle lol

                                                            • Ffghh Ffhh
                                                              Ffghh Ffhh  2 weeks back

                                                              I play to much pubg and called it a m24

                                                              • love dirksen
                                                                love dirksen  1 weeks back

                                                                I don’t know

                                                              • WhiteRhino27 -
                                                                WhiteRhino27 -  1 weeks back

                                                                No, a M24 is the black sniper rifle. This is like the mini 14 or M14

                                                              • OST Eggie
                                                                OST Eggie  1 weeks back

                                                                Ffghh Ffhh it is tho

                                                            • Dog Lover Sings
                                                              Dog Lover Sings  2 weeks back

                                                              Do you and your friends creep your guns