Found Drone Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (w/ Girlfriend) | DALLMYD


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    DALLMYD   2 years back

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another treasure hunting video this weekend! Subscribe if you're new. Let's break 3 Million subscribers this month! Thanks guys, much love <3

    • Denise Lamonda
      Denise Lamonda  1 years back

      DALLMYD I looked up the songs in the video and I could not find the songs

    • Angela Ragan
      Angela Ragan  1 years back

      DALLMYD a

    • Leon Moore
      Leon Moore  1 years back

      DALLMYD give us a few treasure finds

    • Gavin Dempster
      Gavin Dempster  1 years back

      What's the song that plays when you two go surfing?

    • Leighton Martin
      Leighton Martin  1 years back

      DALLMYD I Wood not advice you to come to Jamaica but their millions of bottle covers over her still don't come

  • Maria Eni
    Maria Eni  1 weeks back

    ummm eu quero esse drone

    • the silky girl show2
      the silky girl show2  4 weeks back

      Is your dog a German Shepherd

      • Francisco Xavier Simon Jacques

        Get a sharper knife
        That is a toy ur using

        • DEDS3C CH4NNEL
          DEDS3C CH4NNEL  1 months back

          Thats the DJI SPARK

          • Charman Gaming
            Charman Gaming  2 months back

            hey look at the dog at 4:17

            • Alexis -.-
              Alexis -.-  2 months back

              Awww treasure is so cute :3

              • Erti Ana
                Erti Ana  2 months back

                punya gue bang dronya

              • Wongwingyu Billy
                Wongwingyu Billy  2 months back

                Try to press the button on the battery and it will turn on

                • Alexis Kinsey
                  Alexis Kinsey  3 months back

                  Jake Koehler is awesome swimmer

                  • Yaya Yoyo
                    Yaya Yoyo  3 months back

                    Every video he finds fishing gear

                    • Ricardo Herrera
                      Ricardo Herrera  4 months back

                      Like ur dog

                      • Kissofablackrose
                        Kissofablackrose  4 months back

                        Treasure isn’t a spoiled pup at all 😂 you can see how loved she is ❤️

                        • Bbobbie ,
                          Bbobbie ,  4 months back

                          4:17 that face tho whats wrong this the dog😂

                        • crystalgreenway26
                          crystalgreenway26  4 months back

                          Not being mean but i'm surprised you don't have mold growing on you since you spend sso much time in the 💦👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

                          • Isa Marron
                            Isa Marron  5 months back

                            I came or the dji spark

                            • ed graham
                              ed graham  5 months back

                              Did I see what looks like a pistol where you found the leg.

                              • Subramanian S
                                Subramanian S  5 months back

                                You give that drone

                                • F.B.I. Agent 327
                                  F.B.I. Agent 327  6 months back

                                  Your. dog is so cute 🐶🐶🐶💖💛💙💜💚

                                  • Jerry Robinson
                                    Jerry Robinson  6 months back

                                    Been watching your vids for a few weeks. You seriously need to sharpen your knives.

                                    • aiden
                                      aiden  6 months back


                                      • dani3l d3an
                                        dani3l d3an  4 months back

                                        aiden that dog is so cute I want it

                                    • Brian Holzwordt
                                      Brian Holzwordt  6 months back

                                      Dig the Orlando hat and nails on point young lady!

                                      • emily evans
                                        emily evans  7 months back

                                        I thought that leg was a finger 😷

                                        • Daan Mels
                                          Daan Mels  7 months back

                                          Kan i hav that drone?

                                        • KILLER 'Tarantula' VIBRATIONS

                                          I'm waiting for you to one day find something that will make your blood turn cold when you see it. Just remember to upload it lol

                                          • KILLER 'Tarantula' VIBRATIONS

                                            Been a subber within your first 10,000 subs. Great vids and just throwing this out their. Why not just make a couple 1/4 inch slits in your collection bucket for small finds like hooks or coins. Idk what do you think? The odds of anything escaping through them is slim to none.

                                            • huggle 0
                                              huggle 0  8 months back

                                              3:18. The floppy ears/paws are adorable

                                              • Regan Sabater
                                                Regan Sabater  8 months back

                                                Is it just me or does anyone else think jake is super attractive😂

                                              • ALMIRA ATIENZA
                                                ALMIRA ATIENZA  9 months back

                                                Your girlfreind look so pretty🙂

                                                • Red Sox!
                                                  Red Sox!  4 months back

                                                  So do you!

                                                  Hi from England.

                                              • shawn watt
                                                shawn watt  9 months back

                                                Omg your Stinking 🐶😦😍

                                                • Chase and Gavin tube
                                                  Chase and Gavin tube  9 months back

                                                  Your flashlight looks like a lightsaber

                                                  • Sadman1279
                                                    Sadman1279  9 months back

                                                    DALLMYD looks cool if he wear hes hat

                                                    • griffdervan 117
                                                      griffdervan 117  9 months back

                                                      love the things you find

                                                      • Евгений Гусев

                                                        класс фонарь!

                                                        • C R
                                                          C R  10 months back

                                                          lol 7:31

                                                          • Maria Reyes de Flores
                                                            Maria Reyes de Flores  10 months back

                                                            You are my inspiration

                                                            • Maria Reyes de Flores
                                                              Maria Reyes de Flores  10 months back

                                                              Could you give me the net

                                                              • genival muniz
                                                                genival muniz  10 months back

                                                                I'ld like to know. How much he won for every lure that found?

                                                                • TBC44
                                                                  TBC44  10 months back

                                                                  2:03 thats a lego galidor leg

                                                                • Iris Aryssa
                                                                  Iris Aryssa  11 months back

                                                                  DALLMYD vs Man +River😎😎..who are the best 🤔🤔

                                                                  • Alexis Kinsey
                                                                    Alexis Kinsey  3 months back

                                                                    I say that Jake dallmyd is the best

                                                                  • Iris Aryssa
                                                                    Iris Aryssa  8 months back

                                                                    @huggle 0 yes

                                                                  • huggle 0
                                                                    huggle 0  8 months back

                                                                    Is there really a comparison?

                                                                  • Iris Aryssa
                                                                    Iris Aryssa  10 months back

                                                                    silviana lexa yes you're right

                                                                • Phillip Ruck
                                                                  Phillip Ruck  11 months back

                                                                  She put on makeup halfway through

                                                                  • E F
                                                                    E F  11 months back

                                                                    the little pup was the best of the whole video. he is such a beautiful Treasure. Best Friend Forever. Those big paws were so cute .

                                                                    • lauren ralph
                                                                      lauren ralph  11 months back

                                                                      What is the the name of the song I'm dying to know it

                                                                      • lauren ralph
                                                                        lauren ralph  10 months back

                                                                        Brock Klipsch thank you so very much luv

                                                                      • lauren ralph
                                                                        lauren ralph  10 months back

                                                                        Miranda Hooper thank you so much

                                                                      • Brock Klipsch
                                                                        Brock Klipsch  10 months back

                                                                        Justin stone let you i

                                                                      • Miranda Hooper
                                                                        Miranda Hooper  11 months back

                                                                        Music Provided by the Following
                                                                        ProleteR "Faidherbe square" Link:
                                                                        Flarve "Bounce" Link:
                                                                        (he usually links it in the bottom of the description)

                                                                    • Shadow100
                                                                      Shadow100  11 months back

                                                                      7:30 me when I realize I have school tomorrow

                                                                      • john schouten
                                                                        john schouten  11 months back

                                                                        what cute girlfriend and dog ....grt from belgium like your vids bro

                                                                        • April Hagar
                                                                          April Hagar  11 months back

                                                                          You both look sooo happy. Keep each other happy. You will make it.

                                                                          •   11 months back

                                                                            slow down in your talking, words run together

                                                                            • Vocal Defiance
                                                                              Vocal Defiance  12 months back

                                                                              Thats my drone give it to me back this is my number im in srilanka i came to do a footage in that river call me