Frozen 2 Official Trailer


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  • Sonia Negi
    Sonia Negi  28 minutes back

    Olaf's missing flurry is an indication that it's all snow and no sun, again....

    • abu hassan
      abu hassan  1 hours back


      • Raini G.
        Raini G.  2 hours back

        ......who could want this for its own children? (and I have two of them somewhere...)....but thats how they want and have made the majority of population....

        • bahamutskingdom
          bahamutskingdom  3 hours back

          Perhaps after this Disney could try something like making an original film.
          Screw the sequels, prequels, and remakes.
          Something new would be nice for a change.

          Hand drawn would be even batter.

          • Jhan Lourd
            Jhan Lourd  4 hours back

            my 14yo self is shaking !! def watching this, omg. ps: *i'm 20 now lol*

            • Guygaffney Gaffney
              Guygaffney Gaffney  5 hours back

              Great another annoying song what I have to hear

              • Prettycutepanda
                Prettycutepanda  6 hours back

                who's here before 100 million views??? like below

                • Mae Lin
                  Mae Lin  9 hours back

                  Frozen 2013: all sweet and easy going

                  Frozen 2019: the opposite

                  • Fiona McLean
                    Fiona McLean  9 hours back

                    in 2011 we were already running away and changing our phone number.... but there was no away.But let's stick to the "official" pretext or whatever, okay?

                • Spencer Gentle
                  Spencer Gentle  13 hours back

                  I hate this movie so much. I wish it was never made.

                  • Fiona McLean
                    Fiona McLean  8 hours back

                    I am just happy nobody in my family is a sociopath.... and for the next 8 years all I am thinking about 24/7 is putting these for real sociopaths in prison where they belong.

                • Chris Wactor
                  Chris Wactor  13 hours back

                  I hope Elsa isn't gay. Disney would be messing up if they did this. People love the good old fashioned mom and dad relationships

                  • Fiona McLean
                    Fiona McLean  9 hours back

                    sociopaths work for Disney Bro. Nice pretext to be a for real fucking sociopath with the "mom and dad relationship" thing or whatever. Do you have any idea of the crimes these sociopaths are guilty for? Like oh here.... forget everything it's a fucking love story now. Um, and we were just your mom and dad so just forget everything....Like these sociopaths have absolutely nothing to do with my mom and dad, and they fucking belong in prison for a veeeeeeeeeeery long time! And my mission in life is to make sure they go to prison! So jam on that Disney sociopaths who think this is all one big fucking joke. And I say "fuck" because these so-called artists are some of the most vile people on the planet ... so I don't use the word lightly.

                • Maria Ticona
                  Maria Ticona  13 hours back

                  1:29 valente

                  • guilherme noqueiramatos
                    guilherme noqueiramatos  14 hours back

                    2013: frozen magic of ice 2015: frozen the kingdom of the fever 2017: frozen the olaf is in danger 2019 frozen the final battel begins

                    • GachaApple쇼
                      GachaApple쇼  14 hours back

                      I forgot this was just a fan made thing but I was wrong!

                      • Andressa silva martins
                        Andressa silva martins  15 hours back

                        #Frozen ll

                        • Vitoria francisca
                          Vitoria francisca  18 hours back

                          Gente eu quero pedir para que vcs sescreva no meu canal e Vitoria francisca vai ter varias coisas legais daqui pra lar em tão não sse preuculpe

                          • Smxll• Bean
                            Smxll• Bean  18 hours back

                            Wait....Is Elsa a lesbian? That's what I'm hearing

                            • Smxll• Bean
                              Smxll• Bean  18 hours back

                              @Fiona McLean and mabey a girl friend?

                          • Ayza Gull
                            Ayza Gull  18 hours back

                            Anyone plz ask elsa to make glaciers and stop global warming😂😂

                            • Ayza Gull
                              Ayza Gull  9 hours back

                              @Fiona McLean daayum that was just a joke to make glaciers in the north pole😂

                            • Fiona McLean
                              Fiona McLean  18 hours back

                              FYI.. the problem is "extreme weather events".... not global warming. But here's an idea for glaciers....
                              # psychological operations complete with mind control
                              but first you need a prison... so you "manufacture" one with covert military technologies

                          • Fiona McLean
                            Fiona McLean  19 hours back

                            these are the waves

                            • Roxana banana
                              Roxana banana  19 hours back

                              Im so happy

                              • Fiona McLean
                                Fiona McLean  19 hours back

                                Rocks. Ana. Banana. All of this because Disney sociopaths have access to technologies that regular people don't have access to; and cannot be given to the police as we are protected by civil rights. Jam on that. The opposite of violence is not non-violence, it's a positive way to say I AM HERE AND i HAVE RIGHTS LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.
                                Great story Disney

                            • MobileLegends Infinite
                              MobileLegends Infinite  19 hours back

                              Damn she looks like she’s from the
                              X-Men with that clothes :v

                              • Macy Smith
                                Macy Smith  19 hours back

                                took 6 yrs

                                • Fiona McLean
                                  Fiona McLean  19 hours back

                                  "You like it .... text it" LOL.
                                  After trying all means of escape.... walking away, walking away again, changing my phone number... etc....
                                  no more creepy voyeur electronic prison for you." LOL
                                  # psychological operations

                              • boule de glace
                                boule de glace  19 hours back

                                elsa:froze a whole kingdom
                                rockman:I hope it s enough
                                like if u want this to be a new meme

                                • Fiona McLean
                                  Fiona McLean  19 hours back

                                  "You like it .... text it" LOL.
                                  After trying all means of escape.... walking away, walking away again, changing my phone number... etc....
                                  no more creepy voyeur electronic prison for you." LOL
                                  # psychological operations
                                  # Disney sociopaths for prison

                              • Dasani Water bottle
                                Dasani Water bottle  21 hours back

                                Elsa has frost strider basically

                                • Mera
                                  Mera  23 hours back

                                  New trailer tomorrow! I’m so excited!

                                • Itz.Summerx Lm
                                  Itz.Summerx Lm  23 hours back

                                  I think there trying to find there mum and dad

                                  • Ongsa0310
                                    Ongsa0310  24 hours back

                                    My big sister is exited to watch this

                                    • Rory Mc
                                      Rory Mc  24 hours back

                                      I hated the first movie

                                      • Mesbahul Abed
                                        Mesbahul Abed  1 days back

                                        We have been waiting since many years,
                                        When heard about frozen 2 we shed many tears,
                                        The tears are for joy,
                                        Frozen 2 you come and give us enjoy🎶🎵🎶

                                        • Tan Shi Li
                                          Tan Shi Li  1 days back

                                          *I BET THIS WILL BE RELEASED IN THE KINGDOM HEARTS III RE:MIND DLC*

                                          • F.A.D. PoKeMoN
                                            F.A.D. PoKeMoN  1 days back

                                            can't wait to see this movie (ᗒᗩᗕ)

                                            • Browl Tierlis
                                              Browl Tierlis  1 days back


                                              • Fiona McLean
                                                Fiona McLean  1 days back

                                                voyeurs... gotta watch you at 2am. Cause how else can I make a movie?

                                            • Ethan Broderick
                                              Ethan Broderick  1 days back

                                              I feel a feminist man-hater movie coming... Oof

                                              • Fiona McLean
                                                Fiona McLean  1 days back

                                                Nothing to do with gross violations of "Civil Rights" and "Safe Space"..... and the fact that you need permission for all of it.

                                            • vaiga
                                              vaiga  1 days back

                                              love you elsa what elsa to be real if yes have a like
                                              if no have a comment

                                              • Fiona McLean
                                                Fiona McLean  1 days back

                                                so is this the "official" pretext for gross violations of Civil Rights and safe space?

                                            • Ricardo Milos
                                              Ricardo Milos  1 days back

                                              Can't wait for this movie and new trailer tomorrow

                                            • DarkBenjamin19 T-Pose Slayer 2

                                              This is will be epik

                                              • Person With issues
                                                Person With issues  1 days back

                                                The trolls are EVIL. It wouldn't makes sense if they weren't

                                                • Fiona McLean
                                                  Fiona McLean  1 days back

                                                  exactly. the "only" problem here is ........

                                              • Łukasz
                                                Łukasz  1 days back

                                                I remember when my now 6 year old daughter watched Frozen a few years ago with that sense of wonder and amazement in her eyes, same when I wathed Jurassic Park in cinema when I was a kid. Since then she grew quite a bit, found different interests and laughs a lot about her old "self", thinking it was "childish" of her to be that excited, since now she's so big and everything... I can't wait to go with her to the cinema in November and see that sense of wonder in her eyes once again!

                                                • Mr.Thorngood
                                                  Mr.Thorngood  1 days back

                                                  Ever had the idea of making another cartoon lion king. But in Scars' story. Cuse I can't be the only the one who doesn't what to know whys he's like evil and hates everything and everyone.

                                                  • Fiona McLean
                                                    Fiona McLean  1 days back

                                                    2 people who are straight up fucking sociopaths.
                                                    # psychological operations fail
                                                    # bribe culture
                                                    ha ha.
                                                    # education is for self-defense

                                                • Chandler
                                                  Chandler  1 days back

                                                  Ha, since it came out in 2013 I can say I’m an O.G.

                                                  • Cole Mcfanny
                                                    Cole Mcfanny  2 days back

                                                    1:41 this is going to give kids night mares Disney!

                                                    • Pablo De Vera-Drew
                                                      Pablo De Vera-Drew  2 days back

                                                      I hope this wins in the Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature.

                                                      • Mafalda Silva
                                                        Mafalda Silva  2 days back

                                                        has ANYONE else noticed that from 1:26 to 1:30 Elsa and Anna are ALONE but on 1:31 Kristoff and his deer show up for some reason :/

                                                        • Freshy Greg
                                                          Freshy Greg  2 days back

                                                          i can't wait to hear let it go 2

                                                          • poliana silva
                                                            poliana silva  2 days back

                                                            To loca pra ver

                                                            • Justin Plays
                                                              Justin Plays  2 days back

                                                              Disney what are you doing!?! I thought you stopped making sequels and now your giving my flashbacks of hearing let it go a million times over and over and over and over again

                                                              • fun stuff
                                                                fun stuff  2 days back

                                                                why are u hiding from Elsa from stranger things my kids are older thanks for making my kids wait a lot

                                                                • Sam and colby _wdw
                                                                  Sam and colby _wdw  2 days back

                                                                  I was 8 when I saw the first frozen. Here I am 6 years later, and im 14, and I'm excited for it too!😁❤❤

                                                                  • pusheenicorn magic
                                                                    pusheenicorn magic  2 days back

                                                                    Does it bother anyone else that Elsa ties her hair in a ponytail when it was already in a braid