Boeing 777X Door Explosion Stops Testing


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  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasil  3 days back

    Boeing ceased to be an airplane manufacturer a while back and is now a financial organisation looking for return of shareholder value.

    • David Edmundson
      David Edmundson  4 days back

      If a door came off during pressure testing, that could certainly be due to a "defective part" (door itself, latch, hinges etc) but it could also be due to excessive deformation of the fuselage, which is potentially a much bigger issue.

      • It’s Sprly
        It’s Sprly  4 days back

        Any1 notice the triple 7 takeoff nearly getting a tail strike

        • Dan Nunez
          Dan Nunez  4 days back

          ". . . een the past yee-uh"

          • steverino C
            steverino C  5 days back

            This is what testing is for, as you say.

            • Tsubasa
              Tsubasa  5 days back

              Boeing planes are never very structurally sound, are they? BOAC 911, 747 cargo door failures, TWA 800, 747 engines coming off, 737 roofs ripping off in flight sucking people out the plane, etc...this is why I fly Airbus and Japanese made aircraft!

              • yaiba yaiba
                yaiba yaiba  5 days back

                In short, quantity over quality.

                • R3Dash— Cloud91
                  R3Dash— Cloud91  5 days back

                  1:23 that wing flex tho

                  • Andrew Kyle
                    Andrew Kyle  5 days back

                    Always enjoy your videos!

                    • Left in The SmokeSD
                      Left in The SmokeSD  5 days back

                      What is this the 737 max or something

                      • James Allen
                        James Allen  5 days back

                        Optics aren't so good as of late.

                        • Johann
                          Johann  5 days back

                          They should ask Airbus how it’s supposed to be done 😝

                          • Michael Boyter
                            Michael Boyter  5 days back

                            A few questions for Boeing shareholders? Did the same outsourced coders who were paid $9 per hour that helped design MCAS also contribute to the cargo doors design team? Boeing have you fired those who were responsible yet? Starting with your CEO and your penny pinchers who put profits over passenger safety? Boeing will never recover until the do a complete house cleaning starting at the TOP.

                            • The Prophecy Cat
                              The Prophecy Cat  5 days back

                              I was watching a Boeing video and they were testing the 777 and they got a cargo door warning and they said it was probably nothing the sensors showed good pressure and they carried on testing. Wonder if they've deleted the video?

                              • christopher hennessey
                                christopher hennessey  5 days back

                                The McDD curse.

                                • Russ Fielden
                                  Russ Fielden  6 days back


                                  • hoaivu2010
                                    hoaivu2010  6 days back

                                    Another piece of trash developed by Boeing under dennis murdererburg...all this murdererburg do is make murderous and shitty kill people..prosecute this dumbass and replace with another ceo , now, else

                                    • Matt Weller
                                      Matt Weller  6 days back

                                      If it's Boeing, I'm not going.

                                      • kipe
                                        kipe  6 days back

                                        It's new plane,new material so issue like those is normal

                                        • D K
                                          D K  6 days back

                                          You people don’t have any clue about product development, new planes will always have issues that show up. Not everything goes to plan. That’s why there are test phases. Remember the Airbus plane that flew itself into a bunch of trees? Give Boeing personnel a break.

                                          • Peek
                                            Peek  6 days back

                                            In Boeing’s case I think “Testing is about papering over cracks” is more accurate than your sentence “Testing is about ironing out cracks”.

                                            • supersix Jones
                                              supersix Jones  3 days back

                                              @Peek The martinis are affecting your low IQ.

                                            • Peek
                                              Peek  5 days back

                                              supersix Jones oh and, yes I’m also happy to report that with an IQ of 131 on a good day - your description is accurate. Kisses💋

                                            • Peek
                                              Peek  5 days back

                                              supersix Jones In the last 24 hours I’ve spent 14 hours doing just that, with a very, very dry martini in Business Class bar of two A380s. I’m happy to report that the martinis were well up to snuff.

                                            • supersix Jones
                                              supersix Jones  5 days back

                                              Want to talk about papering over cracks genius? Look at the a380s wings.

                                          • Peek
                                            Peek  6 days back

                                            Boeing press statement reads as follows “ooops”.

                                            • Helicopte_pilot EC120
                                              Helicopte_pilot EC120  6 days back

                                              Boeing makes absolute garbage

                                            • foXen fox
                                              foXen fox  6 days back

                                              That's why Boeing must build all new airplane...not only 'modification' their old aircraft design to make like new aircraft..
                                              Case? 737 max

                                              • Jackson Brown
                                                Jackson Brown  6 days back

                                                The look of the small wings makes me nervous. I always wanted wings big enough to allow the plane to glide if engine power is lost with control.

                                                • BLUE
                                                  BLUE  6 days back

                                                  Well at least they own up to it and not covering it like like someone else

                                                  • Ambergris
                                                    Ambergris  6 days back

                                                    Seems like there's at least one thing that Boeing hasn't learned : transparency.

                                                    • Douglas McDonnell
                                                      Douglas McDonnell  6 days back

                                                      Even a 30 or 40 years old McDonnell Douglas is way better than a brand new Boeing now

                                                      • Xiang Yu
                                                        Xiang Yu  6 days back

                                                        If 787 can do whatever 777 can do and more effciently, why not adandon 777 program to focus on 787?

                                                        • Brian
                                                          Brian  4 days back

                                                          The 787 is too small to replace old 777s and 747s. The 787 replaces the 767. The 797? will replace the 757. Boeing will be back on top in a few years. If not they will get a bail out.

                                                      • OreoToonz
                                                        OreoToonz  7 days back

                                                        Dc-10: "Congratulations Boeing 737max and Boeing 777x you're following in my footsteps".

                                                        • Natsumei
                                                          Natsumei  7 days back

                                                          last week it was engine problem, now it has pressurization door explosion issue.
                                                          this plane smells like bad luck

                                                          • LM
                                                            LM  7 days back

                                                            Boeing is going down. All the smart engineers are leaving the company. You be amazed to see how many dumb and young engineers are there. mistakes are being made at unprecedented numbers. Basic things they miss... it’s sad to see this tragedy happening... too big, too complacent, high level positions outsourcing without responsibility. They just don’t know how to manage the whole monster...FAA does not control them anymore... it’s a BIG mess...

                                                            • edylapeste
                                                              edylapeste  7 days back

                                                              The Boieng legacy is slowly fading

                                                              • timothy chung
                                                                timothy chung  7 days back

                                                                Airbus it is...

                                                                • helmethead72
                                                                  helmethead72  7 days back

                                                                  If it’s a Boeing I ain’t going.

                                                                  • Bad Santa
                                                                    Bad Santa  7 days back

                                                                    Just put some Marine -Tex on it.

                                                                    • peterk814
                                                                      peterk814  7 days back

                                                                      At least they’re finding these issues on the ground

                                                                      • Roger Russell
                                                                        Roger Russell  7 days back

                                                                        I've become glad that the 797 hasn't been developed more under current Boeing management, I have no confidence that they can do it right. Why hasn't the board cleaned house?

                                                                        • Bryan H McCalister, Ph. D.

                                                                          The prototype 777 had this same issue with the L4 Door during a static test. While the door did not open, the seal was not sufficient to maintain pressure to certify the test. A temporary fix was made and the test was passed. A permanent fix was developed during the remainder of the test program.

                                                                          • Graham Young
                                                                            Graham Young  7 days back

                                                                            I have worked in the aircraft industry for over 15 years and although Boeing has had some sad and tragic setbacks, Boeing makes a great product and their quality surpasses Airbus. I know I will get bombed for that comment by Airbus supporters....oh well!

                                                                            • Ethan Fairweather
                                                                              Ethan Fairweather  7 days back

                                                                              Am I the only one not wild about the 777x having folding wings? It seems like an accident waiting to happen and when it does, all hell will break loose.

                                                                              • Frank Field
                                                                                Frank Field  7 days back

                                                                                Mechanical safety does not come through testing. Satisfactory software (e.g. MCAS) does not come through testing. Quality must be integral to the design process. Testing merely verifies certain aspects of design. Skimp during design and no amount of testing will produce safety. Silicon Valley consistently gets this wrong and consistently offers the milquetoast solution of "we will test better". It's sad to see that a national treasure like Boeing has joined the crowd.

                                                                                • WhatWho Me
                                                                                  WhatWho Me  7 days back

                                                                                  Isn't that why they have these tests?

                                                                                  • Ok
                                                                                    Ok  1 weeks back

                                                                                    It’s better to avoid Boeing newest airplanes because Boeing became old and is now dying.

                                                                                    • fg fg
                                                                                      fg fg  1 weeks back

                                                                                      Boeing had accident again....

                                                                                      • Joe Joe johnson
                                                                                        Joe Joe johnson  1 weeks back

                                                                                        Fiat chrysler, GM ,boeing.

                                                                                        • Deltaflot1701
                                                                                          Deltaflot1701  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Better having blowouts now, on the ground, than in the air like the deHaviland Comet.

                                                                                          • GH1618
                                                                                            GH1618  1 weeks back

                                                                                            This what ground testing is for. It’s routine.