Brett Brown | Postgame Media Availability vs Los Angeles Lakers (1.29.19)


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  • ness35tc
    ness35tc  8 months back

    Brett Clown

    • Chris Wilson
      Chris Wilson  8 months back

      WTF is eddie maguire doin there?????????????

      • Chris Wilson
        Chris Wilson  8 months back

        a tv personality from oz...............tends to polarise peeps ..........but he also chairman of an aussie rules club collingwood .he must be doin TV productions in the US for later in 2019. .............bandwagon jumper!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • the sports guy with common sense
        the sports guy with common sense  8 months back

        Chris Wilson who is that

    • Isaak Dury
      Isaak Dury  8 months back

      Eddie McGuire the basketball journo!

      • Chris Wilson
        Chris Wilson  8 months back

        obviously jumping on bens wagon...............

    • Lou Headman
      Lou Headman  8 months back

      weird to see brett just snap into Australian basketball talk

      • fleshconfetti
        fleshconfetti  8 months back

        Lou Headman I’m Australian and didn’t really want to hear it. Wanted more on the 76ers.

    • Cardi B
      Cardi B  8 months back


      • Dominique Brown
        Dominique Brown  8 months back

        Mike muscala is getting way too many minutes

        • Ryan Porter
          Ryan Porter  8 months back

          Going forward we need minutes from him and Bolden for some sort of rotation for the playoffs. Better he gets them now than later. This next week is critical to see what Elton Brand does before the deadline. We also have to be players in the buyout market as well. We all have to keep an eye out for Fultz, Patton and Zihare to return.

        • zane french
          zane french  8 months back

          I agree, but we have no one else!
          we need a starting 4, and move wilson to the bench. we also need a decent backup 5 who can guard the rim when embiid is off