Found Knife, Razor Blade and $50 Swimbait Underwater in River! (Freediving) | DALLMYD


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    DALLMYD   2 years back

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see another river treasure video tomorrow! Appreciate the love and support as always guys <3

    • Christopher Wolfe
      Christopher Wolfe  1 months back


    • willie romero
      willie romero  1 months back

      Why is there tooth pas

    • Patricia Mank
      Patricia Mank  6 months back

      Why does it sound like you're breathing when you're under the water finding treasures???

    • Charles River Survival
      Charles River Survival  8 months back

      Dude you are one of my favorite youtubers I also like jiggin with jordan and yappy twan twan my favorite diver and 4th favorite fisherman

    • Magnetic g
      Magnetic g  8 months back

      1:57 they are off baitcaster reels

  • firefighter3b
    firefighter3b  2 days back

    Be nice to be this young again! U guys are hilarious! Oh yes! All the skittles your going o get now, hope y’all have your dentist on speed dial lol!

    • Brigham Randall
      Brigham Randall  2 weeks back

      I sent you skittles

      • christopher quesenberry

        Claytor lake Dublin Virginia or new river in Radford Virginia come scuba dive these places

        • christopher quesenberry

          Haha funny you said that cause I said the samething

          • future photographer
            future photographer  2 weeks back

            Not to be rude but your braces give you a lisp

          • Anna Goodrich
            Anna Goodrich  2 weeks back

            i love how jake just boops the turtles

            • chris waddell
              chris waddell  3 weeks back

              65 dollars

              • Tony Howard
                Tony Howard  4 weeks back

                If you get a cramp in your foot stand on a firm surface like rock

                • Nephilim Research
                  Nephilim Research  4 days back

                  Low magnesium too. Not so much magnesium in that serial and skittle diet they have ^_^

              • more tim
                more tim  4 weeks back

                He can’t resist the turtle butt

                • Fornite
                  Fornite  4 weeks back

                  Nice vid

                  • Hawk Over Michigan
                    Hawk Over Michigan  4 weeks back

                    Come Clean/Dive the Ausable River in Michigan, Lots of good stuff in the river here

                    • Acid Guy plays
                      Acid Guy plays  4 weeks back

                      The title should be I found a $50 turtle

                      • Rich Gran
                        Rich Gran  1 months back

                        Hey, is that really really tough line or a dull knife? In either case awesome vid as usual, you guys have inspired me to quit my job as well.

                        • การ.เวลา ที่รอคอย


                          • Michelle Schlafer
                            Michelle Schlafer  1 months back


                            • Laura Kitching
                              Laura Kitching  1 months back

                              2019 anyone??

                              • Monsters of the Water
                                Monsters of the Water  1 months back

                                I know randy Howell he came in Watson’s marine

                                • Blorps _
                                  Blorps _  1 months back

                                  This may seem like a silly question but do you use a diving knife or a stainless steel knife

                                  • Simon Parfett
                                    Simon Parfett  1 months back

                                    Are you guys sober?

                                    • mcbrand06
                                      mcbrand06  1 months back

                                      Jake needs to sharpen his knife. Having a hard time cutting the fishing line 😆

                                      • Cassidy Anthony
                                        Cassidy Anthony  2 months back

                                        Tries to catch catfish lightly boops a turtle

                                        • srah cretul
                                          srah cretul  2 months back

                                          Yall so hilarious

                                          • SpiffyVidz
                                            SpiffyVidz  2 months back

                                            You inspire me to do this!! I kinda do it in my pond by throwing things in it and trying to find it, I would go to rivers and try to find stuff but sadly I'm just a kid and my parents work and there and very many public or popular rivers near me. But I do have goggles and some money so I do plan to buy a pair a flippers!! Thanks for inspiring me, I subed!!

                                            • Shaggudoo
                                              Shaggudoo  2 months back

                                              If anybody plays disc golf you will know why Jake found a vibram disc.

                                              • Linda Schumacher
                                                Linda Schumacher  2 months back

                                                What job did Tristan quit?

                                              • James Key
                                                James Key  2 months back

                                                100 sub no video's

                                                • Bepz BeCute
                                                  Bepz BeCute  3 months back

                                                  Question?! Why do you have toothpaste in your bucket in many of you videos?! Just curious! Lol

                                                  • Bepz BeCute
                                                    Bepz BeCute  3 months back

                                                    @TheGhostBeast Ahh, I see!! Thanks for the reply, I'm relatively new to these guys channels and saw that they often carried it so I couldn't help but wonder the reason behind it?!! Lol 😂

                                                  • TheGhostBeast
                                                    TheGhostBeast  3 months back

                                                    Bepz BeCute you can use it to keep your mask from fogging up. It’s a cheap alternative to a $15 bottle of no fog

                                                • Hunter Craft
                                                  Hunter Craft  3 months back

                                                  What's the ending song

                                                  • Emma DeDomenico
                                                    Emma DeDomenico  3 months back


                                                    • Charlie murphy
                                                      Charlie murphy  3 months back

                                                      He really quit his job ? That was pretty dumb

                                                      • Peyton Mcbee
                                                        Peyton Mcbee  3 months back

                                                        8:35 that’s called a co2 cartridge.

                                                        • linda causo
                                                          linda causo  3 months back

                                                          I love how he tries to grab the catfish but he only boops the turtle shells

                                                          • Metal Belle
                                                            Metal Belle  3 months back

                                                            Hey so any disc golf discs you find if they have a name and number on them it's bad luck to keep them. Also, send them my way if they don't. 😂😂

                                                            • mitch anable
                                                              mitch anable  3 months back

                                                              Swimming, chasing fish, stop for a quick moment to boop a Turtle and ge is off again, I love it

                                                              • Amber Skinner
                                                                Amber Skinner  3 months back

                                                                i know this was posted in 2017 but at 8:39 that tube thing is called a nang people use it as a drug

                                                                • Amber Skinner
                                                                  Amber Skinner  3 months back

                                                                  @Peyton Mcbee its also known as nangs here in australia i have friends who use them to get a kick

                                                                • Peyton Mcbee
                                                                  Peyton Mcbee  3 months back

                                                                  Amber Skinner its a CO2 cartridge.

                                                              • Bernis Ginzalez
                                                                Bernis Ginzalez  3 months back

                                                                Hi, what is the best o better snorkel tube for you ?

                                                                • Zoe Haydon
                                                                  Zoe Haydon  4 months back

                                                                  I LOVE ALL OF UR VIDEOS!!!

                                                                  • Gerard Way Is A Frog Dad
                                                                    Gerard Way Is A Frog Dad  4 months back

                                                                    Why, out of all people, doesn’t Tristen have a waterproof phone case

                                                                    • Gerard Way Is A Frog Dad
                                                                      Gerard Way Is A Frog Dad  4 months back

                                                                      Why do you feel the need to boop every turtle

                                                                      • Gerard Way Is A Frog Dad
                                                                        Gerard Way Is A Frog Dad  4 months back

                                                                        Wow remember when Tristen quit his job to go diving with Jake and Brandon. What a mood.

                                                                        • Fuzzy
                                                                          Fuzzy  4 months back

                                                                          I'd think of all people you guys would have waterproof phone cases

                                                                          • THE S.C.M.M FAMILY
                                                                            THE S.C.M.M FAMILY  4 months back

                                                                            I watch your vids every day I would love to do what u guys do

                                                                            • Sarah Hatfield
                                                                              Sarah Hatfield  4 months back

                                                                              When you yelled about the catfish I cracked up . Literally me 🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

                                                                              • liv hancock
                                                                                liv hancock  4 months back

                                                                                Im still confused why he has toothpaste

                                                                                • Lps Weird 2
                                                                                  Lps Weird 2  4 months back

                                                                                  THAMZN it’s to unfog his goggles :)

                                                                              • Sar M
                                                                                Sar M  4 months back

                                                                                You can’t calm your breathing if you quit your job.

                                                                                • Carson Wood
                                                                                  Carson Wood  4 months back

                                                                                  Love your videos

                                                                                  • TINY BIBS
                                                                                    TINY BIBS  4 months back

                                                                                    Awwwww u left your job for your friends 😊😊😊😊