How Neil deGrasse Tyson Feels About the Hawaii Telescope Protests | Joe Rogan


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  • Nunnha B
    Nunnha B  4 hours back

    AKA the 'who loves the sound of their own voice more-a-thon'

    • BattyBitz
      BattyBitz  7 hours back

      I actually really liked Neil in this clip...until the end. I don't think he knows that he doesn't understand extreme mountain conditions or mountaineering even a little bit. Joe didn't seem like he was trying to argue with him but he took it that way and refused to let himself get checked, even though it was a check mate in the end.

      • Chris Klemens
        Chris Klemens  9 hours back

        Progress is progress and it should NEVER be stopped for superstition, no matter what. Empirical facts are important, personal beliefs are not only unimportant, when they stand in the way of facts or the gathering of them they are actively bad things. In 200 years a random indigenous group is not going to still be there, revering a mountain, but the scientific discoveries we make will be valuable for all time. The past just has to give way to the present and anything else is truly, fundamentally, unethical.

        • Mike Scott
          Mike Scott  9 hours back

          Joe looks sick.

          • Sitting Bull Sitting Bull

            Rogan you overthink things

            • llever
              llever  11 hours back

              Sean Carroll kicks NDTs ass

              • Bowser from Sonic
                Bowser from Sonic  14 hours back

                Just build the telescope it’s for the greater good, people swear like their building a McDonald’s on the mountain. We all have to make sacrifices in life, and I understand that it’s “sacred” but we’re already destroying this planet as is, with all the pollution and overpopulation on the planet. Their worrying about the wrong things, so stop being selfish and self centered and help the process of advancement.

                • AL K
                  AL K  15 hours back

                  “Native hawaiians embrace because it’ll create good quality jobs”
                  Then why are they bringing workers from the US?

                • Bingo Wing
                  Bingo Wing  19 hours back

                  Universities are the biggest lobbyists in the world, short of central banking. Here in uk they are using the guild to get an opinion poll from students to use funds to push a second referendum for brexit. The poll is so they dont alienate the students - wtf are they getting involved in politics for? Fucking disgraceful.

                  • Marc Thomas
                    Marc Thomas  1 days back

                    Not a democracy. A republic

                    • Zlatan
                      Zlatan  1 days back

                      i'm sure they would let them climb big ben. it would probably make shit ton of money.

                      • Darth Tater
                        Darth Tater  1 days back

                        On Everest there’s tons of human waste and tons of wasted humans

                        • griplimit
                          griplimit  1 days back

                          Fuck all the Neil haters!!!

                          • Darth Tater
                            Darth Tater  1 days back

                            Does the telescope have to go on that particular mountain, I agree with NDT , have the locals vote and if they turn it down there are plenty of locations on earth for the telescope

                            • Abraham Wilberforce
                              Abraham Wilberforce  1 days back

                              I find this natives issue a bit odd.
                              The question of who is a native is partially racist.
                              Here in Germany you can apply for citizenship (and with it voting rights) when you lived here for 8 years, speak fluent German, pass a citizenship test and have work in the US it is kinda similar.

                              If the German Government would now take voting rights from citizens because they were not born here or dont have a long enough lineage in Germany this would be a deep and worriesom violation of the Constitution.

                              Or consider a guy from California moving to Virgina, living there for a long time, but gettig no voting rights because his ancestors did not fight for the south in the civil war.

                              This whole support for the natives thing is sketchy, and people are pro native depending on wether they like the people or not and not wether being pro native is a good idea.

                              I gues a "Rightwing" guy is really pro native, when talking about caucasians in Europe but is against it when talking about native americans.

                              • Aspiring Runner
                                Aspiring Runner  2 days back

                                Neil Tyson's response to the Mouna Kea telescope plans is very very fair. He is providing information and respectfully leaving it to the locals to decide what happens to their holy ground. He just wants them well informed of why it's being considered.

                                • crownpanda
                                  crownpanda  2 days back

                                  Tyson is right, the study of the cosmos is sacred. They are not building a hotel or some tourist money trap. This is using a sacred mountain for a sacred study that will advance thought the world over.

                                  • changbooger J
                                    changbooger J  2 days back

                                    13:48 why does joe say “sure” why cant he just say why?

                                    • elodens4
                                      elodens4  2 days back

                                      Neil's story is really good. Unfortunately, i would suspect that the protest is really just about land rights and money.

                                      • Abraham Wilberforce
                                        Abraham Wilberforce  1 days back

                                        Cough, cough. NoDAPL.

                                        When financial interests use protest du jur and outrage as fuel.

                                    • Patrick Norris
                                      Patrick Norris  2 days back


                                      • AmmarSuper001
                                        AmmarSuper001  2 days back

                                        This is a trainwreck of a podcast but I don't know why I sat through 20 mins of it lol

                                        • Fernando Amador
                                          Fernando Amador  3 days back

                                          6:28 - 6:32. Huge relive fart

                                          • Chris Dunigan
                                            Chris Dunigan  3 days back

                                            New drinking game - drink a shot every time Neil DaAss Tyson says the word "so". 'NDT' the world's most annoying physicist.

                                            • gibby jones
                                              gibby jones  3 days back

                                              i live on the big island (kama'aina). the concept of 'sacred' is one of the biggest violence-inducing scams
                                              of humanity. in the name of my god, i must kill you. the europeans used this against the natives of
                                              north america, and now the 'natives' of hawaii are using it against the haoles (white people). same old
                                              bullshit to mask what each other really want, and are gonna try to do anyway. there are two 4wd roads
                                              that semi-circle mauna kea. if you want to commune with your sacred mauna-kea god, that's great.
                                              get a reliable 4wd, and go on these roads. you will be amazed at this special mountain, at the big
                                              island, and at yourself for succeding in just being up there. (it's rugged, 4wd is expensive). this is
                                              direct experience of what 'sacred' really is : pure goodwill and reverence for all humans and all things.

                                              • dannyb20 vtec
                                                dannyb20 vtec  3 days back

                                                Neil is the dumbest smart person ever.

                                                • Harvy King
                                                  Harvy King  3 days back

                                                  Ideology divide.. "natives" dont want the discoveries if that means continuing the genocide tendencies. The choice made is a demand to be recognized and historically, the hipocracy and lack of integrity of the University of Hawaii requires the international process in order to mediate the issue. "Minority" pssshhhh.. Uncle Neil just became a pundit to commercial interests and sympathizer to crimes against humanity. Build it in space.. pack a lunch...

                                                  • Harvy King
                                                    Harvy King  2 days back

                                                    @Sunny Sied

                                                  • Sunny Sied
                                                    Sunny Sied  2 days back

                                                    @Harvy King There is only one definition of genocide, but, hey, agree to disagree...

                                                    The history of Hawai'i is just a microcosm of all human civilization. The Hawaiian archipelago was first settled by the Marquesians in 300 CE. Then there was a second wave of migrants from Raiatea and Bora Bora. The Tahitians showed up and took control of all the islands and became the 'new' Hawaiians. They forced the kapu system on the other inhabitants. The islands were carved into chiefdoms. Kamehameha did his thing. Then another seafaring people showed up and took the islands. There was desecration of many souls along the way. No people are more pono than the other. The land is still the land. Maunakea was there long before us and it will be there long after we all perish. Flags come and go. When people think of genocide, they don't think of a telescope. Aloha.

                                                  • Harvy King
                                                    Harvy King  2 days back

                                                    @Sunny Sied very good sir, we clearly fall on the category of an ideological divide. You can chose to only adhere to the slaughter-definition of genocide but the missionary tactic of smearing the host culture in order to gain land and water is a genocidal tendency by fact of attempt to erase the culture, which again, has happened to indigenous people all over the world. The "All is fair in love and war" narrative is still ignorant to those missionaries who teamed with Hewahewa, Kamehameha's high priest, to dismantle the kapu system ideologically. I'm certain you are aware that the big island lineage was more appropriately a darker tahitian line, that was not altogether the original inhabitants, better associated to Maui and of the Kanalu class priest who existed more prominently between Kauai and Oahu.. you're also aware, on maui existed Kahekili, known better as the demigod god of thunder who very well may have been Kamehameha the 1st's father and the genuine Hawaii royal bloodline would be under his dynasty, which he did brutally kill the chiefs of Oahu, only after King Kahanaana killed Ka'opulupulu, the last high priest of the Kanalu line. Holding petty putrit low lifes accountable for their actions is very much how the kapu system was intented and, although often abused and almost lost, is reemerging currently. Kahikili paved the way for Kamehameha. The advancements of steel and bullets cannot undermine the centuries old cultural heritage that existed and is reemerging. The greatest desecration is the desecration of the soul. Kapu Aloha stands on the Mauna. Mauna Kea IS Mt. Olympus. It is not for sale. Its Crowned lands and Sovereign, DHHL is comprised, it's a fake state registered out of Washington DC. An ideological alternate reality. Thank you but no thanks... Aloha Always.

                                                  • Sunny Sied
                                                    Sunny Sied  2 days back

                                                    @Harvy King You claimed there was genocide in Hawaii, but there was no deliberate killing of the kanaka. There was no genocide. However, the Hawaiian culture was affected by Western social, religious, political, economic and military ideas. Kamehameha had help from _Western weapons and advisors_ when he conquered all of the islands. Also, he fought a long war for over a decade to force his enemies to submit to his rule. He conquered the island chiefdoms and stole there land. During the Battle of Nu'uanu, Kamehameha and his na ali'i koa forced his enemies off the Pali where they fell to their deaths. In 1898, people found 800 skulls of the Oahu warriors that were killed. Is that not an atrocity? Kamehameh stole the aina and mana of other islanders. Is that not a war crime? Should the international community intervene to restore the eight islands back to their chiefdom glory? Kamehameha was an imperialist who took from others with force and built the Hawaiian Kingdom on sand soaked in kanaka blood. People often selectively choose what parts of history they acknowledge. They're willfully ignorant of the unpleasant parts. Yes, the United States conducted a denationalization program to incorporate and assimilate the Hawaiian people and culture. That's true. What did King Kamehameha II do? He banned the kapu system and the spiritual religion and idolatry. He forbade those practices. Did a Hawaiian King erase part of their culture? Yes. The kapu system was a terrible system and the kanaka are better off without it. When the United States had kekei pledge of allegiance, it's no different than when the maka'ainana submitted to the ali'i and kahuna OR the royal monarchy and nobility. Kamehameha conquered the islands with 12,000 men and 1,000 war canoes over a ten year bloody war campaign. The Committee of Safety took the islands with 1,200 men in a single day without killing anyone. Who was closer to being 'genocidal'? Kemehameha conquered. The haole colonialized. There was no haole genocide on Hawai'i. If you want more answers, look at the bottom of the cliffs, ma braddah. The dead still speak.

                                                  • Harvy King
                                                    Harvy King  3 days back

                                                    @Sunny Sied there is no way out if the purposeful and systematic damages made in effort to erase the culture. Hawaii is not alone, this is true around the world over. You are both very biased and ignorant. The reason it still exists is purely out of the percervering will against the oppression that the Queen ensured would be successful by surrendering to the coup, so the bloodshed would not be absolute, so the Kingdom would remain under the attempts to demolish it. Hawaii represents the capitol of an oceanic people. The colonialist take over in Hawaii is the reason the United States is the geopolitical superpower it is today, it achieved at gun point not by request. You are greatly misinformed or straight seeking to maintain a false narrative. The Reciprocity treaty is the reason pearl harbor exists therefore establishing geo-strategic apex powers, therefore USA owes everything to Hawaii commercially and militarily. What does USA do with it ? Bombs it's most sacred areas(*cough*genocidal) red hill fuel fuel storage spills jeopardizing the drinking water, falls in debt, has no viable means to maintain its economy outside of starting a trade war with its Capitalist counterparts or by force. Supremacy over Hawaii is a fallacy, Ku Kane Kanaka like scrap ma braddah. No stay shame. U no da kine cuz?

                                                • K Singh
                                                  K Singh  3 days back

                                                  What would be the issues with putting the telescope in space, apart from price point, weight and maintenance?

                                                  • Sunny Sied
                                                    Sunny Sied  3 days back

                                                    Space telescopes are much more difficult to fund, engineer, construct, deploy, maintain and upgrade than earth telescopes. Also, they have many more risks associated with them (such as launch explosion or deployment problems). Earth telescopes have many more advantages.

                                                • Erlyk Dalkien
                                                  Erlyk Dalkien  3 days back

                                                  It's odd for me to see Tyson this, seemingly, combative. He has been dealing with some crazy shit and he has a lot on his shoulders. Still weird though. Spirituality as it pertains to natural formations is something I almost never consider other then the ones I personally care about. I'd have to think more on it, however I would also like to know who the person at the heart of the anti-telescope thing, is. That's important, as usually it's not about their spirituality, it's usually about their business interests. (I fully hope to be wrong)

                                                  • Lars . Tron
                                                    Lars . Tron  3 days back

                                                    I hate NDT. He likes his own voice and is condescending.

                                                    • Jeffery Hopper
                                                      Jeffery Hopper  3 days back

                                                      Neal don't speak on what he don't know gotta respect that

                                                      • Frost Fowler Films
                                                        Frost Fowler Films  3 days back

                                                        The intent for building the telescope is for nothing much than to make profit, none of that “for the benefit of humanity and exploration bs”, it’s always in the nature of this predatory force that’s invaded the Western Hemisphere to explore for the single goal of how can we make money of of......, back then it was looking at the lands of the Americas with dollar signs in their eyes, the they use religion to justify it and now it’s under the guise of “science”, have they considered listening to the Indigenous knowledge of the universe? No because the colonizers superiority complex won’t allow them to factor in what they consider “primitive”..

                                                        • Russell Popham
                                                          Russell Popham  3 days back

                                                          Imo, fuck those idiots, while they have a right to believe in whatever foolish BS they want, they shouldn't be allowed to impose their beliefs on others nor insist that others respect such crap. Who are they to say that building such an object is interfering with or affecting some nebulous manifestation they subjectively label as "sacred". A small handful of natives shouldn't be allowed to prevent use of an entire mountain, it should be up to the entire population of the state of Hawaii.

                                                          • Jamie Lee
                                                            Jamie Lee  3 days back

                                                            At the end I think "Joe* was talking about actual human shit as in feces while *Neil* thinking he was talking about the camps & trash left behind

                                                            • The Meditative Native awa

                                                              Dumb shit it is mount Olympus, I'd love to debate with you, put you in your place

                                                              • The Meditative Native awa

                                                                Your not as smart as think you are, our ancestors know all you know and more all the way to source knowledge, wake up, you bring us closer to the knowledge of spirit? My family have done this for thousands of years and didnt need a telescope for it

                                                                • breathing is cultural appropriation

                                                                  Really? You are going to protest something that can help the world? If they do that then noone from Hawaii is allowed into space ever!!! Lol yeah they don't get to decide for the world just because they live there...

                                                                  • rosegold breyers
                                                                    rosegold breyers  4 days back

                                                                    Why don't they just bring doggie bags and pick up their poop like dogs

                                                                    • Muff Slayer
                                                                      Muff Slayer  4 days back

                                                                      My mans already said years ago he doesn’t argue, I guess I can kind of see where/how this episode had the potential to become so awkward

                                                                      • J Rodriguez
                                                                        J Rodriguez  4 days back

                                                                        FOH 😂😂

                                                                        • Non-Agglutinative Krenak

                                                                          Since the problem with fecal matter garbage and fluids is so high measuses should be taken such as weighting all individuals, supplies and equipment and making them pay for any loss of weight by the time they return. And perhaps individuals making the trip and not their support staff have to carry their own garbage and their waste (in some type of freeze dried container) until they return. The costs of cleanup do not make it economically viable to continue the trips otherwise

                                                                          • KingDave Durosier
                                                                            KingDave Durosier  4 days back

                                                                            Don’t know why it bothers me the way he said brethren at 10:11.

                                                                            • Plugs Plug
                                                                              Plugs Plug  4 days back

                                                                              NDT: Okay

                                                                              • Mellow Yellow
                                                                                Mellow Yellow  4 days back

                                                                                Get to the point already.

                                                                                • Martin Gonzales
                                                                                  Martin Gonzales  4 days back

                                                                                  Understanding the perspectives of native folx still seems further away than the cosmos

                                                                                  • justdiditwithurgirl
                                                                                    justdiditwithurgirl  4 days back

                                                                                    Erosion is why you can't climb these places duh

                                                                                    • Will Pack
                                                                                      Will Pack  4 days back

                                                                                      Holy bot syndrome!

                                                                                      • Warren Costa
                                                                                        Warren Costa  4 days back


                                                                                        • Lyanna Dimas
                                                                                          Lyanna Dimas  4 days back

                                                                                          Joe, you need to have a discussion with Hawaiian native scholars on your show in this matter.