Examining the so-called 'Pink Tax' in drugstore essentials l GMA


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  • Ggamer 7
    Ggamer 7  3 days back

    I can’t believe my car costs so much more than my wife’s car. They both have engines, wheels and are made of metal. Both have air conditioning, electric windows and seats. I MUST be getting ripped off

    • Ziron
      Ziron  1 weeks back

      So... 20 differents ingredients... Maybe they cost alot more money ?

      • ccap3211
        ccap3211  2 weeks back

        How is this a “tax”? Still confused.

      • Jacky Lin
        Jacky Lin  2 weeks back

        No, please do more research.

        • rima
          rima  3 weeks back

          products arent the same… nobodys stopping u from buying mens products… jesus how stupid can u be

          • arjit awasthi
            arjit awasthi  4 weeks back

            men doesn't care about their products when women buys for an example for a shampoo they need the the most fancy shit men doesnt care about the fancy stuff . company target these type of women give them fancy stuff at high rate compare to men and they buy that .no one forcing you that .you can buy blue razor and be happy . PINK TAX IS NOT REAL

            • Max Xam
              Max Xam  4 weeks back

              Equivalent products ≠ the same products
              And if you really think they're the same, get the product for men.

              • xxlCortez
                xxlCortez  1 months back

                Is male and female skin identical? If so, use men's product as it wont ruin your skin.

                • Curry4sizzle
                  Curry4sizzle  1 months back

                  "I have a men's lotion here" *holds after-shave* just stop

                  • Lewis Barry
                    Lewis Barry  2 months back

                    This has been debunked so many times. Prices are lied about. Products have different ingredients. It's all BS. If women REALLY were "Pink taxed" and this came out....like it has...you really think these products would still be selling? Or are you implying that women are too dumb to know better? Also, same goes for the wage gap. If it were true, don't you think greedy, toxic masculine, male CEO's/business owners would be hiring ONLY women? It's called LOGIC. You might want to try it.

                    • Temporary Turd
                      Temporary Turd  2 months back

                      If they are "the same" then buy the cheaper one for men dummies

                      • Jeremy Lister
                        Jeremy Lister  2 months back

                        I forget who equality do men have that women want? I mean wage gap is false and pink tax is bs

                        • OH Yeh!
                          OH Yeh!  2 months back

                          Hey ladies go to the dollar store it’s a dollar for everybody

                          • OH Yeh!
                            OH Yeh!  2 months back

                            I wonder if Chanel said to moisturizer is more expensive than old spice moisturizer?

                            • Elvin Lam
                              Elvin Lam  2 months back

                              Why is men’s car insurance higher?

                            • Austin Carter
                              Austin Carter  2 months back

                              They compare Olay, a brand that is known as a name brand and also as a higher quality, and Neutrogena, a brand that I’ve been using for years since it’s cost efficient and gets the job done. They didn’t compare women and men Nuetrogena products because it’s more or less the same price/ingredients.

                              • sabin97
                                sabin97  2 months back

                                where exactly am i legally allowed to pay women less than men for the exact same work with the exact same results?

                                • sabin97
                                  sabin97  2 months back

                                  if i was a woman i'd be very offended at being told "you're stupid enough to choose to pay more for the EXACT SAME product".....or maybe they are not the exact same product and that's why women CHOOSE not to buy the less expensive ones?

                                  • Edgy Assassin
                                    Edgy Assassin  2 months back

                                    Jesus Christ it’s no wonder almost everybody is Atheist nowadays, look at the shit that we have going on right now, there is no God, because supposedly God doesn’t make mistakes, well guess what, if there is one, he fucking did!

                                    • Steven T
                                      Steven T  3 months back

                                      2.5k on a channel with over a million subs? That’s just sad!

                                      • KeiFresh
                                        KeiFresh  3 months back

                                        It sucks that these people are FORCED to buy the women’s product, we should probably pass a law that makes it so you could buy whatever you want

                                        • tntgames 1116
                                          tntgames 1116  3 months back

                                          Lol just get the men's then like wtf. Problem solved

                                          • Brandon Pederson
                                            Brandon Pederson  4 weeks back

                                            Or an even better solution would be to buy a gender neutral product. I actually can't believe this video didn't offer a solution like this, a perfect time for it would be at the 2:20 mark.


                                        • DK x Mace
                                          DK x Mace  3 months back

                                          It’s not a pink tax. It’s companies taking advantage of people for the price of beauty. Just buy men’s Lel

                                          • Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch
                                            Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch  3 months back

                                            This is so GOD DAMN stupid. There are real reasons why female products cost more...
                                            For one, MEN won't pay as much for stupid shit like lotion..
                                            Second, I can almost guarantee that there are more expensive ingredients in female products..
                                            I feel stupider having watched this joke of a segment. It's just more women complaining about useless shit.

                                            • Jesse Cruz Salas
                                              Jesse Cruz Salas  3 months back

                                              I would image the design of the packaging is included in the price jump. Designing an Olay packaging looks original and the copyright is unique to them. Also most men don't buy a lot of products so they lower prices to appeal to male demographics. If women want they should buy product that is targeting for men.

                                              • CraigVFX
                                                CraigVFX  3 months back

                                                This honestly hurts my brain

                                                • TheWingedPotato
                                                  TheWingedPotato  3 months back

                                                  If they AREN'T literally THE SAME PRODUCT, there is no reason they should cost the same.
                                                  If they ARE literally THE SAME PRODUCT, then why not just buy the cheaper one anyways?
                                                  Also, I wonder why the ointments that come in glass containers are more expensive than the ones that come in plastic tubes? Couldn't possibly be because it's more expensive to make/transport or anything. It's just sexism!

                                                  • xxlCortez
                                                    xxlCortez  1 months back

                                                    Its almost like it takes more effort and more expensive ingredients to take care more sensitive skin.

                                                • Hue Hue
                                                  Hue Hue  4 months back

                                                  So, Women should just buy Men's Products then.
                                                  If they must have the fancy women's then Supply And Demand Economics apply.

                                                  It should also be mentioned GREATER DEMAND allows for higher charging.

                                                  If you don't like the cost, reduce purchasing. Thus reducing Demand 😅 Supply will build and plop Discount.

                                                  • Hue Hue
                                                    Hue Hue  4 weeks back

                                                    @koda Togo

                                                  • koda Togo
                                                    koda Togo  4 weeks back

                                                    Hue Hue and their is more ingredients to work better women’s softer skin

                                                • Jordi Gutierrez
                                                  Jordi Gutierrez  4 months back

                                                  That initial analogy is fucking stupid and not the a valid argument whatsoever and misses the issue. These products are only similar and not the exact same. Stop complaining about you falling for marketing tactics. If you want a better price buy the cheaper moisturizer, that doesnt it's just as good. Have you ever tried a men's product. They're fucking awful. They don't do shit half the time and leave you smelling like boiled cat placenta, moldy wood and some other undistinguishable chemicals. Women's products are the shit, like fuck me my tatcha water cream slaps so fucking hard I wouldn't trade it for some nutrogeona bullshit marketed to men just because it says penis only.

                                                  • saroicna
                                                    saroicna  4 months back

                                                    the opposite is also true ‘tho, a lot of men shampoo and body wash is more expensive then women’s

                                                    • Totally
                                                      Totally  4 months back

                                                      MAYBE and this is just an idea. That there's gping to be a difference in price when you buy it from different brands or ones that have less ingredients

                                                      • Kay Dunton
                                                        Kay Dunton  4 months back

                                                        This is a ridiculous story because there are many cheap moisturizers and skin creams for women that are in the 10 dollar range and by the brand nutregena too. There is no pink tax. There are cheap brands and then there are expensive brands. Take make up for example. I as a women could go to Sephora and spend $50 or $40 on a face powder or I could go to Ulta and buy face powder from Europe that is actually just as good for around $3. Please!! It's just the stinking brand you get.

                                                        • Browning .308
                                                          Browning .308  4 months back

                                                          The reason women's moisturizer cost more is becuase it's higher demand. I cannot tell you the last time I heard a man talking about the type of moisturizer he wears because we don't wear it. Also the cost like they said in the video goes into the packaging a woman's moisturizer goes into an expensive glass or plastic bowl with a screw-on top while the men's goes in a cheap squeezable tube. If you want to save money women don't wear makeup men don't.

                                                          • Hey Stopthat
                                                            Hey Stopthat  4 months back

                                                            I wouldn't buy that crap any way. The stuff from Asia is MUCH better quality with better ingredients tgat actually work. And yes I would pay a pretty penny for those products because they actually work. American products as crap compared to the stuff you see in Asia.

                                                            • G Watsittoyaa
                                                              G Watsittoyaa  4 months back

                                                              So its not possible the other 20 chemicals involved cause alot of money ???

                                                              • Bold Counsel
                                                                Bold Counsel  4 months back

                                                                Just stop. Men don't care about facial moisturiser. Women do. (And the women's ingredients are more expensive) A company would go broke selling $30 facial cream for men. We wouldn't buy it.

                                                                • sabin97
                                                                  sabin97  2 months back

                                                                  @Alex Dennie

                                                                  are you a troll?
                                                                  why the fuck wouldnt targeted marketing be acceptable?
                                                                  will you bitch and moan about all those ads for tools directed at men?
                                                                  people who wanna sell things do their research. and they try to convince people who might be convinced.
                                                                  nobody is forcing you to do anything.

                                                                • Alex Dennie
                                                                  Alex Dennie  2 months back

                                                                  @sabin97 still shouldn't be acceptable

                                                                • sabin97
                                                                  sabin97  2 months back

                                                                  @Alex Dennie

                                                                  of course.
                                                                  they want to make more money.
                                                                  and women are the ones willing to buy the more expensive crap....so they try to make it as appealing to women as possible.
                                                                  it's still not a tax. it's targeted marketing.

                                                                • Alex Dennie
                                                                  Alex Dennie  2 months back

                                                                  @sabin97 doesn't change the fact that what they market towards women costs more

                                                                • sabin97
                                                                  sabin97  2 months back

                                                                  @Alex Dennie

                                                                  good .
                                                                  so you know there's no "pink tax".
                                                                  if we both go to the same store, and pick the same items, we pay the same price.